A Man in Uniform (Marines part 11)

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Blurt it out girl

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



***Okay I know this is super short but it has to be or it’ll get lost… you’ll see what I mean ***

……………… My phone started to ring I looked at it and sent it to voice mail,

“You know any good hotels” I looked at the floor

“I do, but unless you’re going with me I’m not letting you go anywhere” he frowned at me “What’s wrong”

“My Family is what’s wrong, my life is what’s wrong” I threw out my arms “I’m sorry I screwed you over ad I’m sorry you had to bring me to meet your family…” I felt like I wanted to cry I could feel my lip trembling

“It’s overwhelming isn’t it”

“Not just that… I don’t think I can…”

“Zackary” we both looked round as his Mom walked over “can you give me a few minutes with Willow”

‘Mom not…”

“Zackary I’ll rephrase the what I said… I want to talk to willow go inside and talk to your family” she cocked her head He looked at me

“I love you okay” he murmured “Mom be…”

‘In Zack” she pointed to the door. He walked away “I have to apologize first of all I forget how intimidating the family can be and we sort of took you by storm didn’t we?” she linked her arm with mine and we started to walk “Zack was protecting you, you do realize that he was raised to be a tough Marine but a gentleman all the same”

“I know but he also knows that my brother is having a few issues right now and it wasn’t his place to go off on him… I called to try to calm Max down and got…” I took a deep breath “I’m sorry to come here and I’m sorry your son fell for me he needs to find someone better” I stepped away from her

“You know I hoped he’d found the girl that could handle his Marine ass because the girls I thought could do it never did” she caught my arm and turned me to face her “But you obviously can’t take on a man that goes off to war… you obviously aren’t tough enough to stay strong when you don’t know if they’ll come home walking, injured, or in a pine box wearing the stars and stripes” I looked at her “I thought red heads were rip your throat out and ask later”

‘we are”

“Then why would you even go there with a man especially my son and hurt him”

“You think I did this intentionally… You think it’s easy for me I fell in love with him faster than I ever thought possible, but he’s such a good guy I don’t deserve him” I shook my head

“Why?” it wasn’t so much of a question as it was a demand

“Because I left my fiancée at the altar and fucked his best friend” I turned on my heel and strode away from her trying to resist the urge to run flat out………………….

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