A Man in Uniform (Marines part 11)

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - Bartime

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



……………. I walked over to the bar trying to ignore the few slack jaws and shocke expressions.


“large Captain and coke” the guy behind the bar narrowed his eyes and looked at me


“Willow right, I was in Math class with you”


I know you were ca I just get my drink plase” I rubbed my hand through my hair


‘Sure, we thought you’d left town for good last thing we knew you’d gone to live in Europe”


“Yep” I tossed a fifty on the bar “Keep them coming okay” I picked up my drink and walked over to a table and sat on the stool and pulled out my  phone.


*You still up???*9.45pm


I hit send and prayed to every deity known to man that Zack hadn’t gone to bed yet within seconds of it flashing up delivered my phone started to ring


Zack * okay not good getting a text like that

Me * I should have listened to you… I’m sitting in a bar after fighting with my drunk off his ass dad and my dumb as a box of rocks brother.

Zack * is it that bad?

Me * I knew it was going to suck but I’ve got attacked from the get go… say it

Zack * say what I love you and I respect you for calling me

Me * well I was expecting more of the I told you so but I’ll take what you said

Zack * come home Baby

Me * I’m going to stay and see my Mom at least and let her get whatever she wants off of her chest

Zack * you have me with you as long as you’re wearing my ring

Me * I haven’t taken it off and I’m not planning on it either, it means everything

Zack * call me and if I’m on shift leave a voice mail okay

Me * I will, I love you Zackary

Zack * I love you too


I hung up feeling stronger than I had since getting off of the flight I sank the drink and started to look at getting a flight out within two days.


“I’m sorry” I looked up as Max sat down pushing a fresh drink at me and cradling his own beer “I shouldn’t take out my shit on you” he rubbed his hand over his jaw


“I’m sort of used to being the family whipping boy” I stirred my drink “Zack wants me to fly back to Paris”


“Are you going to?” he took a long drink from the bottle


“Well I told him I was going to stay and see mom first and let her kick me like the rest of you and then I’d be on my way back to him… only this time I wouldn’t be coming back”  I took a long drawn out breath “I can’t do it anymore Max”


“the whole wedding thing embarrassed them that’s all more than my fuck up and more than Lori’s” he put his hand over mine on the table “I’m sorry I’m an ass and I don’t stick up for you more like I should” I raised an eye brow at him “Your right I’ve sat back and let Mom and dad give you shit and not said anything but I’ve seen you hold your head up high and come out of this looking better than all f us… I’m proud of you sis”


“Damn I must really be drunk… you’re being normal old Max” I laughed


“I guess my little sister needed to chew me a new ass like she used to”


“She’s a tough cookie” I jumped and Max frowned


“Oh my god” I jumped off the stool and threw my arms round Zack’s Mom “Aly what are you doing here?”


“Well I have a worried Marine in Paris, and be thankful it was just me… because Ryne wanted to come  as well” I groaned and shook my head. Max coughed


“Sorry Aly this is my big brother Max… Max this is Aly, Zacks Mom”


“Like hell you’re some guys Mom”


‘And he doesn’t think before he speaks” I swatted him


‘Honey I’m used to men like that have you not meet my husband and my Dad” she rolled her eyes “And Zack has his moments” I grinned at her, Zack was sneaky because he must have called her as soon as he’d found put my flight times. “Okay I need a damn drink” she walked to the bar


“Oh hell she’s hot” Max watched her walk away “that’s one hell of a MILF”


“I will punch you in the head in about 10 seconds if you don’t stop she is my boyfriends Mom and her husband would eat you for breakfast” I hissed at him as Aly came back over and took off her Jacket making guys in the bar look round


“So how’s the visit going?” she asked cocking her head ignoring everyone else in the bar other than me and Max, her confidence intimidating most of the men in there


“Sucks ass” I chuckled “I haven’t even stepped into the house yet my dad didn’t seem all to happy to have me there”  I saw Max chew his lip, he and I got in to it and I ended up in here” I pointed my straw at Max “but we sort of always end up working it out”


“Okay” she nodded “so you knocked anyone else up?” Max stopped with the beer bottle half way to his mouth “You know you can stop that happening” she had the same twinkle in her eye that Zack gets when he’s trying to wind me up “it’s called chopping your dick off” I snorted and then choked as the rum burned my nose


“I… er… Well”


‘I’m kidding just be a man and look after the litter of kids you seem to be acquiring” Max truly looked stunned “You know your brother would look pretty cute in Camo”


I do when I hunt”


“I’m talking a real mans  camo honey”  she scrolled through her p-hone and held it out to him I walked round  and looked over Max’s shoulder to see a picture of Ryne Zack and Marek all in Camo.


“I thought she was kidding about dating a Marine” he smiled at Aly


“oh no she’s finally found a real man” she looked round the bar “That asshole in here?”


“No he’s not” I shook my head “and there is no way you’re going to have him pointed out to you either”


“Well honey he needs his ass handing to him because” I kicked her under the table and flicked my eyes to a confused looking Max “So I’m here for as long as you need me” she changed the subject and took a drink


“Thank you it’s nice to have someone that has my back without ties to this place” I couldn’t look at Max  because he knew I was hiding something from him…………

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