A Man in Uniform (Marines part 11)

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - release

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Submitted: September 18, 2012



…………. I Looked from Aly to Max and then to the floor


“Willow please” I looked at my hand as Max lifted it “She scares me” he smiled weakly looking at Aly


“She should she’s a Marine wife” I took a deep breath


“Can we get away from here please I don’t want mom and dad coming up on us” Max nodded and the three of us walked in silence to the truck I put my hand on the door handle and watched as  a familiar car pulled into the parking lot. I glanced at Aly and mouthed ‘Jake’ to her before I opened the door and slid across the seat. Max got in and started the engine and Aly closed the door after us.


“Where do you want to go and talk?”


“I don’t know” I pinched the bridge of my nose


“I’ve got a hotel room in town we can go there it’s neutral ground” Aly looked over at him


“Sounds good” I zoned out as Aly and Max filled the silence with chatter. “Hey earth to the red head” Max laughed giving me an elbow to the ribs I jumped and looked at him


‘Honey your phone is ringing” Aly smiled  I pulled it from my purse and felt a sudden burst of butterflies in my stomach


Me * hi

Zack * hey beautiful... I just got the voice mail from my Mom, what’s going on?

Me * it’s hard Zack, My sister just had the baby

Zack * it’s okay sweetheart


I could tell he was struggling with wanting to be with me


Me * thank you for calling your Mom

Zack * she’s the next best thing to me being there unless she brings my family with her, so what’s going on

Me * I’m not as tough as I thought I was

Zack * You need to give them the tough you and you can break down on me as soon as you get home


His voice was cracking


Me * I’m trying I’m really trying


Zack * sometimes being a Marine sucks… I can’t just get a flight and come to you


Me * I have part of you with me


My hand went to the ring


Zack * you wearing it


Me * wearing it and holding it every time I get scared or nervous


Zack * I love you… and I find out in a couple f days  where I’m going to be posted next


Me * you still want to do it


Zack * every time I think of you


Me * I was meaning living together


Zack * so was I… well sort of, we need to tell my Mom we’re doing it


Me * she knows, I told her


Zack * I take it she was okay with it?


Me * yep


I was feeling so much more at ease jut with the sound of his voice


Zack * have you seen your ex?


Me * briefly and he just showed up at the hospital I don’t think he expects people to be there


Zack * Mom will wipe the floor with him if he tries anything


Me * I know she stared him own in a bar earlier and she’s scaring Max


Zack * Well that’s my mother for you


Me * I’m coming home as soon as I can


Zack * I’ll be waiting for you


Me * I love you


Zack * I love you too baby and tell Mom I’ll call her after I’ve had some sleep okay


Me * I will, Love you Marine


I hung up the phone and realized the car was stopped and Aly and max were both standing outside of the truck waiting for me. I got out


“Zack okay?” Aly smiled


“He’s worried but I told him I’d be home really soon” she linked her arm with mine and the three of us walked into the hotel lobby and to the hall which lead to Aly’s room. Max closed the door behind up


“Okay I need to know what the hell is happening” max said quickly before anyone else could speak “You couldn’t wait to hold Reese when he was born you’re his favorite Aunt even being overseas, why wouldn’t you hold Elliot?”


“Because it’s painful” I blurted out as Aly kicked off her shoes and sat on one of the beds “Because I went to France to stop it hurting” max frowned at me


“For god sake Willow talk in understandable sentences because it’s horse crap that’s flying out right now” Max had never had patience for anything and he was getting irritated.


“Hey back off a minute you might be her brother but she’s your baby sister and she doesn’t need this”


“Aly its okay” I looked at her before looking back to Max.


“You want to know the real reason I didn’t go ahead with the wedding”


‘What other than the fact you were spread eagled on the hood of a car with Haydon between your legs” he snapped


“Yes other than that fact” I bit back “A lot lead up to that, that was me fighting back and retaliating hard” I felt the tears burn my eyes

‘Talk to me Willow you always used to” Max grabbed my hands


“I didn’t want to get engaged to start with I was out growing the high school sweetheart deal Jake and I had going on but we’d been together for so long people especially here expected us to do I so I couldn’t say no and the wedding was planned before I even had time to think” I stepped away from him and sat on the chair, I felt like I’d run a marathon already and jet lag had no choice than to hit the back burner


‘So you should have said something about it”


“I tried” I shrugged “but it’s like shouting into the wind no one listened… Why do you think I had nothing to do with arranging it, why do you think I was put in to that god awful dress of Moms, why do you think I didn’t come back until the day before?” he shook his head looking truly puzzled


“Willow it’s okay” Aly reached over and squeezed my hand


“Are you going to tell me?”


“I walked into Jakes house the night before we were supposed to get married and he was in bed with another girl” the tears obscured my vision “He was fucking her in the bed that was ours” Max lost all the color in his face.


“He did that” Max muttered I nodded “Why the hell didn’t you say anything I’d have ripped the two of them apart” he yelled making Aly get up and put her hands flat in the centre of his chest and push him in to sitting on the bed


“You wouldn’t”


“Willow I love you your’ my little sister for god sake” he sounded lost for a minute


“he was in bed with Lori Max… Jake was in bed with our little sister” Max hung his head “Who do you think the baby looks like Max Huh? He already looks like his daddy” I wrapped my arms round myself “You wonder why I don’t want to hold him… you wonder why I hate being here” Max got off the bed and walked over to me and pulled me up from the chair and hugged me to him letting me sob and break down finally letting go of this was like seeing it all over again………………

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