A Man in Uniform (Marines part 11)

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Getting to Parris

Submitted: September 24, 2012

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Submitted: September 24, 2012



…………… I  Opened the trunk of my car and put Max’s bag in and closed I t


“You’re a bitch Willow how can you even say things like that about the man that loved you more than anything in this world” I stopped as My Mother came flying out of the house “hateful things to say to try to cover up because you couldn’t keep your legs shut” Her hand came up and slapped my face “And I don’t know wht you’re trying to do bad mouthing your sister” I touched my hand to the side of my face as I looked at her


“You’ll find out as soon as the police question her, Lori’s going to have to own what she did for the rest fo her life” I pulled open my door “Don’t even think of trying to get in touch with me because you all could be on fire and I wouldn’t pee in you” I got in the car and fired up the engine not taking my eyes from her as my Dad’s truck pulled into the driveway and she went running over to him. I put the car in  drive and moved round his truck not even looking at him as I went by but leaving a spray of gravel as I pulled out on to the road. I glanced in the rear view mirror as a Police car indicated and turned into the driveway of the house. I headed for the hotel and parked next to Max’s truck. Aly and max were sitting on the bench outside.


“How did it go?” Max Looked up


“Oh you don’t want to know but I think I’m now off the Christmas list” Aly narrowed her eyes and looked at me


“Is that a hand print on your face?”

“A little leaving gift from my Mother” I sighed sitting next to her “She’s pissed you’re leaving but she’s thinking I’m really bad person because I’m mean to Jake” I rested my elbows on my knees “I want to get the hell out of here”


“Well Max and I were talking and I’m going to drive his truck because he can’t see properly right now” I nodded “and I worked it out we can get to Parris island within 18 hours if we push it”


“I’m ready to go keep be plied with red bull and I’ll get there” I looked round at her “I don’t want to be here a minute longer”


“Well let me go and check out and we can load up with caffeine and rock it out” she got up and walked inside the hotel Max moved up the bench and put his arm round me


“You really okay?”


“no but I will be as soon as I see my Marine” I lean back and put my head on his shoulder “Cops pulled in to mom and dad’s as I left”


“I still think that was over the top you calling the cops” he sighed “but I understand why you did it”


“I’m done if they want to think of it like I’m a bitch then that’s their choice”  I shrugged “Paris has taught me how to stand on my own two feet Max, I know I can make something of myself” I got to my feet “and I’m going to use the degree I got to do what I want” Aly walked over putting her phone into her pocket


“Well Ryne has notified the gate we’re coming and he’ll be waiting with the coffee pot filled” she smiled


“Thank you for this” I looked at her “I know you could have flown there”


“Well you do what you need to don’t you” she hugged me to her “Let me know if you need to stop okay?”


‘I will” I walked back to my car and got in. The truck and the car ate the miles easily my head working over everything that had happened we stopped a couple of times to re fuel and eat. Getting to Parris Island as the sun was coming up. I followed Aly to her house Ryne opened the front door as she stepped down fom the truck


“Damn Mrs. Stockwell, I missed you” he pulled her to him and dipped her and kissed her


“Well I missed you to Marine” she giggled as he stood her up right


‘Welcome back sweetheart” he smiled at me “and whoa damn that’s one hot car” he tipped his head as he looked at the Camaro


“Thank you” Max got out of the truck “Oh Ryne this is my big brother Max, Max this is Ryne Aly’s husband”


“Nice to meet you Sir and thank you for letting me come here”


‘Damn what fight did you get into?” Ryne laughed


“The other asshole looked a lot worse” Max looked at me as Ryne shook his hand


“You should have called in the Marines” Ryne smiled


“Yeah that would have been all we needed after all the drama” Aly yawned “Guys I’m sorry I need to shower drink some coffee and then crash”


“You go in baby I’ll show Max and Willow to their rooms… well Willow you’re in Zack’s room and Max you’re in his brother’s room”


“Won’t he mind?” Max looked at him


“Well he’s in the barracks over there so he really doesn’t have a choice right now” Ryne shrugged “Come one grab your things and we’ll go inside”…………..

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