A Man in Uniform (Marines part 11)

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Chapter 50 (v.1) - Things coming together

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Submitted: October 09, 2012



* Sorry these are lame fillers but things are so busy right now i will get better i promise*




…………… “Hey baby” I felt lips press on my temple “Coffee is on the nightstand I have to leave” I groaned and rolled over and squinted against the light


“What time is it?”


“Five am” he sat on the side of the bed “I wanted to tell you I love you and have a good day and good luck with the interview”


“Thank you” I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Zack had his head tipped and was watching me “What?”


“I’m just holding the picture of you in here “he tapped his head “For the rest of the day”


“What with bed head and crinkly face” I stretched


“You look so good in the morning it makes me know I want to wake up with you every day I can” he got up and lent in and kissed me “Now I have to go”


“I love you” he turned at the door and looked at me


“I love you too, I’ll try to give you a call later”


“Okay” I flopped back against the pillows as he closed the door after him. Damn I had one hell of a man. I got out of bed and headed into the bathroom and showered and got ready for the job interview.


“Morning Willow” Ryne was putting his things into the dishwasher as I walked in “Looking very… professional today” he grinned


“Job interview” I sighed as I refilled my coffee cup and leant on the counter


“Oh right” He nodded “you said about it last night… I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you Honey if you can’t get Zack on his cell phone call my office and I’ll get them to route the call through the firing rage”


“You don’t have to do that”


“You’re part of the family and this is a big thing for you” he put an arm round me and hugged me to him “It’s what we do we support each other so even if you don’t think you did so well we still want to know so we can be there for you” he dropped his arm and picked up his car keys “Aly went to the Gym and said to tell you she’s set up and appointment at the dress place at two”


‘Awesome thank you” he nodded and turned and walked out of the house


I went through my paperwork and rechecked my appearance in the mirror. This was it this was me taking total charge of my life and doing something I had to and wanted to I slicked on a light coat of ple lipstick and grabbed my purse and my file and walked out of the house…..




………….. I sat in the car in the parking lot f the school and pulled my phone from my purse and hit the redial and waited to see if Zack picked up. I kicked into his voice mail. I hung up and hit the number for Ryne’s office.


Secretary* Col Stockwell’s office

Me * er… hi the Col told me to call I’m

Secretary *  Miss Roberts I’ve been told to put the call through to the range as soon as you called, bear with me for a moment. The phone clicked onto hold before it was answered.


Zack* Range…

Me * damn you have a sexy work voice

Zack * I sound the same at home


I smiled at the chuckle in his voice


Me * no you don’t

Zack * you want me to go all DI on your ass

Me * please

Zack * oh damn girl… okay lets got of thoughts of you naked in bed and how about you tell me how the interview went.

Me * well they seemed to like me and the liked the fact I’m ready to start as one of the teachers just had some health problems. They said they have a few more people to interview but they will let me know by the end of play tomorrow if I have the job.

Zack * call me bias but hell I’d give you the job you’re hot you’re hot and you have a brain.

Me * I love you but I don’t think being hot is a requirement of being a kindergarten teacher.

Zack * Okay I’m having bad thoughts right now

Me * hey Marine mind off the weapon in your pants and on the weapons you’re firing

Zack * Ouch you’ve spent way too much time with my mom

Me * hell yes I ha and I’ve got an appointment to look at dresses for the ball with her in just under an hour.

Zack * not wedding ones

Me * Sorry I’m going through a TUNNEL you’re breaking up right now

Zack * I love you and I’ll see you tonight

Me * love you too


I hung up and put my phone in my purse and headed back to the Island. Aly was waiting in the driveway talking to one of the neighbors as I pulled in. she walked over to the car and got in.


“So how did it go?” she smiled as I backed back out


“Really well, fingers crossed that by the end of tomorrow I could have a job” I sighed “I didn’t realize how much I wanted it till I walked into the school and saw some of the classrooms” I leant my arm on the ledge in the car “I think right now we’ve got the apartment I know Zack’s loving his job now it’s my turn” I looked over at her.


“Well I’m sure you’re going to be in with a good chance at the job, you’re a good person”  she twisted in her seat a little “But now you need to push it to the back of your head and think about having some  fun and knocking the boots off your Marine at the ball because you’ve not seen him yet in his Dress blues”…………..

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