A Man in Uniform (Marines part 11)

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - Lovestruck idiot

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Submitted: October 10, 2012



…………… Conversation with Aly flowed easily as we headed into town.

“So I take it you and Zack are in a good place?” Aly asked as we got out the car, I frowned at her “Well I noticed that you play with the ring on the chain almost constantly”

“When we talked about it the other night he really through me for a loop” I shrugged and looked down at the ring “I mean I thought he was joking with me about what it meant” she shook her head with a smile on her lips “half of me was scared out of my tiny Midwest mind” I laughed “I thought this man has lost the plot, he’s insane that after a month he wants to marry me”

“No Sweetie he’s just a Marine and he’s like every other Marine him his family” She linked my arm “When they find the one person they know by their gut instinct will be their forever they go for it” she pulled open the door to the story most of the family were married by the time they were Twenty I have a feeling Zack takes more after me and he waited to find the right guy, I was twenty two when I met Ryne and I hated his ass but he bugged me and I fell hard”

“And you’re still together” she nodded

‘It’s not easy in fact it’s sometimes easier to give up but if you’re going to be a Marines forever it’s almost like an addiction and you can’t give them up, no matter what happens and how bad things get” Tears swam in her eyes “You stick at it and find away to get out of the dark places” I swallowed hard. Aly took a shaky breath and closed her eyes for a minute “Sorry” she opened her eyes and looked at me “I’ve seen the hard side of this life and I never want anyone to go through it”

“If I have any fears or questions I’m not sure of I know I can come to you” I smiled at her “I feel closer to you than the woman that gave birth to me” She tipped her head and smiled

“Well I saw how you were treated so I’m happy to step into the role of spare Mom to you” she hugged me to her.

I suddenly felt like everything was going to be okay and I could do this. Being close to and knowing this family had shown me I wasn’t on my own and what was in the past was in the past and they didn’t care, they didn’t hold it against me the things I’d done, or that my family were total fuck ups.

“Hey earth to Willow” I looked at Aly “Let’s go have some fun and get you the perfect dress for your first marine Corps Ball”……………..

…………. Aly and I walked into the house with bags and food for dinner Ryne was standing in the middle of the living room.

“Hey hot stuff” Aly walked over to him and smacked him on the ass he looked at me and raised and eye brow.

“They were giving out glasses of champagne at the dress store” I laughed ‘Aly had my share and then some”

“Well that explains it” he put his arm round Aly “How was the shoping spree?”

“She’s going to look amazing” Aly giggled “And when they finally get round to it she’s going to make a stunning bride”

“Something you’re not telling me” Ryne looked at me and then at Aly

“Nope just someone was trying to get me to where white to the ball and I said white was for my wedding” I grabbed the rest of the bags from the couch “Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get into something comfortable” I walked up the stairs with the bags and put the things to the side and hung the dress in the closet. I stripped down to my underwear and walked round the room packing a few more of my things ready to move.

“Well damn that’s what I’ve been thinking about all damn day” I looked over my shoulder as Zack stood in the door way his arms folded over his chest and a smile toying on his lips. “Good you’re beautiful” he walked in and kicked the door closed behind him and ran his hands over my back to my hips

“Do you think of anything other than getting naked and sweaty?” I sighed as his rough hands roamed over my skin, my back pressed against his chest

“Yes” he murmured his lips leaving a trail along my shoulder to my jaw “Living with you, Loving you” he nuzzled my ear with his nose “Making you mine and me yours” the butterflies in my stomach ramped up “I want you” he pulled back and turned me to face him “damn do I ever” he held my face in his hands “I’m sorry I sound like some love struck idiot”

“You do a little but it makes me feel amazing” I pushed up on my toes and kissed him his hands gripped my hips as the kiss deepened. My cell phone started to ring. “Leave it” I moaned into the kiss

“It might be the school” he pulled back a little. I felt myself get wide eyed and dove on to the bed scrabbling for my phone making Zack laugh.

Me * hello

Principal * Willow, this is Amanda Wright
Me * Hi…

I looked at Zack as he started to strip out of his uniform I put it on to speaker

Amanda * well I promised we’d let you know by this evening and we would very much love to have you here on staff with us as of this coming Monday… all the terms are as we discussed.

Me * That’ s perfect and amazing thank you so much and I’ll make sure you’ll know you made the right decision .

Amanda * I’m sure you will and you have a good night and rest of the week and we’ll see you around seven on Monday

Me * Yes Ma’am

I hung up and looked at Zack before jumping off the bed screaming and into his arms………….

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