A Man in Uniform (Marines part 11)

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - downhill fast

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



………………. I sat on the wall and watched Zack pace


Max * so what’s this Marines name, how old is he, and how’s the head?

Me * hello is the normal greeting you know

Max * and my sister is in a foreign country to far for me to kick the dude into touch if he fuck up

Me * you’ve been drinking

Max * no I haven’t but I worry about you

Me * I’m fine, he’s hot and my head is feeling way better, so stop worrying and how is my nephew doing?

Max * okay telling me a guy is hot jut makes me worry more because that’s what Lori said about the ass that knocked her up.

Me * hey Diana used to say that about you till you did the same to her and I’m a big girl who happens to know what birth control is and I only met him yesterday I’m not about to drag him round the back of Notre Dame and bang the ass off him, even if it’s a rally sweet ass

Mom * so nice to hear honey

Me * could have told me I was on speaker jack ass.

Max * sorry Mom just walked in the living room while you were ranting and Reese has his first little league game tomorrow night

Me * Sorry I’m not there to see it


I felt suddenly home sick and wrapped my arm round myself


Max * hey, don’t get sad

Me * I’m not

Max * bullshit I know my little sister too well and her nephew is her weakness

Me * well you shouldn’t have such a damn cute kid, look give him smooches from his Aunt Willow and tell him I love him and to hit it out of the ball park for me and I’ll catch the ball in Paris

Max * I will, and please be careful with the solider

Me * you make it sound like I’m playing with a GI Joe

Max * oh that’ is just so wrong… oh and call Lori as well she’s not feeling it right now

Me * well she hung up on me last time why should I run to her

Mom * because she is your sister and she needs you

Me * hey she told me she didn’t need me when I offered to take her to the clinic when she got with douche canoe and get her covered, she told me she didn’t need me worrying about her while I used all your and Dad’s money to swan around Europe for a year, so right now she can bite my ass.

Dad * Willow

Me * oh god… hey Dad… look guys I love all of you I really do and I miss you but right now I’m on a date I have the back of my head glued together and am not up for a fight on the state of my relationship with my sister

Max * Okay Sis… call me if you need me and I’ll send you pictures from Reese’s game tomorrow

Me * Thanks I love you

Max * Love you too


I hung up the phone and rubbed the back of my neck


“Do I need to be worried?” I jumped at the sound of Zack’s voice.


“Worried about what?”


“Whoever you just told you love them” he watched as I pushed my phone into my purse


“Only if you hurt me in some way” I shrugged “Max is a little bullish where his sisters are concerned”


“It was your brother” a smile twitched on his lips.


“Yep” I tipped my head and looked at him “I’m not in the habit of going out to dinner with a guy when I have a boyfriend” he frowned again “and Jealousy is an unattractive trait”


‘Did I just get my ass chewed?”


“Call it whatever you want I’m just not going to end up like my brother and sister stuck with having to deal with assholes for at least the next eighteen years” I looked up and down the street “I want more from my life”


“Glad to hear it” Zack reached for my hand and linked his fingers with mine “You want to know who I was just talking to?” we started to walk again


“Santa?’ I smirked


“No but I do have a line to him but only for good girls” he laughed “I made a call to my Mom?” I raised my eye brows “Well, you’re a novelty”


“S’cuse me” I pulled a face


“In my family a girl like you is a novelty”


“Wow I felt hot in this dress now I’m feeling like a circus sideshow gee thanks, what happened to the gentleman and hot Marine” okay where the hell did the word hot come from I mentally Gibbs slapped myself.


“Oh I’m still right here and thank you by the way for the hot part” my cheeks flushed the same color as my lipstick “But none of my family has reached outside of Marine brats in a long, long time and the relationships that did come from outside fell apart” okay irritation was taking over now


“Seriously we went out for dinner, as a thank you for your helping me out and yes I’m attracted to you, but I’m a long way off a long term relationship with you” I dropped his hand and shook my head “calling Mommy what for…? To get permission to go near me? It’s a little sad isn’t it?”


“I don’t need anyone’s permission to date a girl I like” he snapped a little “I was looking for advice”


“Well I hope you got the advice you need… my headaches back thank you for being company for dinner tonight… Good luck with how ever long you’re here in Paris” I stepped away from him and flagged down a cab I got in reciting my Aunt’s address quickly I caught sight of a shocked looking Zack standing curbside as we pulled away. I chewed my lip as I watched the city streets roll by, hell I thought he was something different but if he had to call his Mommy to talk about me the first night we went out with each other then it really didn’t bode well for a full blown relationship………………….


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