Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Off on him

Submitted: January 21, 2014

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Submitted: January 21, 2014




………………. I turned the tread mill on ignoring the looks I was given by the people in there. Damn my phone was my lifeline and had all my music on it and it was lay on the floor looking like it had been run over by a Mack truck. I started to run trying to push what had just happened to the back of my mind as the speed increased and I took stride after stride.


I don’t know how long I’d been running but the sweat was dripping off me as a hand reached over and turned off the treadmill. I slowed instinctively to a walk and looked at who was holding out a towel to me Lukas cocked his head to the side.


“So you get the deal of a lifetime and you are already throwing a rock star temper tantrum” he held out the pieces of my phone. I stepped gingerly off the treadmill


“No just pissed with some self centered, egotistical, male chauvinist, Russian ass” I wiped my face and picked up my water bottle my legs were feeling like Jello as  I took a drink.


“You want to bail on the tour?” he smirked


“Is that what you want me to do? Because let’s face it you’re not exactly on our side are you” I Stepped up to him and put my hands on my hips, half of my brain was screaming to shut the hell up this guy cuts your check but the other half of me was over the limit and ready to vent at the first person dumb enough to come after me at this moment in time “I mean all that this morning that you have the guys best interest at heart…” He folded his arms across his chest and waited while I carried on “Please… don’t you think we want to give everything we have to repay them for what they and even you have done for us… We go out there every night and try to better the night before to show that yes you took a risk with us but…” he held up his hands


“Good” he chuckled


“What?” I was a little taken aback


“Good… First and foremost I do have to look out for the headliners of this circus they are the money makers you guys are a bonus for the crowd” his poker face was back “And we’ve had some people in the past not want to give there all thinking that hell Nickleback want us so we must be the shit. With NeverWest I wanted to make sure the passion for what you do is there”


“Don’t” I snapped my voice a low growl


“Excuse me” Okay his turn for his resolve to slip a little


“Don’t question the work ethic of Me or the rest of NeverWest” I poked him hard in the chest “If we ever slack off then we’ll leave”


“Damn… You’ve got a temper and a backbone” he chuckled


“When you’ve be crapped on from a great height time after time and beaten into submission, something has to snap” I walked toward the door of the gym and wrenched it open.


 I walked to the elevator holding it together till I stepped inside and the doors closed. I backed into the corner and slid down the wall and broke down. It felt like I was drowning with everything and knowing Dimitri was off and probably with Abby was tearing me up. I pulled myself together as the doors opened on my floor and some of the crew went to get in, I dropped my head and hurried down the hall to my room.


“Hey Chris there’s pizza left” Alfie called out


“I’m good, I’m going to shower” I pushed the connecting door open “Hey I know we hate to use the word but any of you geeks know anything about mending cell phones?” I walked in keeping my eyes away from the three of them


“What?” they all looked at me as I laid the pieces on the table “Okay why is your cell in pieces and why are your eyes red and puffy?” Kerion bent his head to look at my face


“I told Dimi about the tour” I leant on the door frame a little way away from them as Pete picked up the pieces of my phone “And he’s not happy” my voice dropped low


“Surprise surprise” Alfie leant back and put his hands behind his head “SO are we leaving?”


“No” I shook my head and made eye contact with him to make sure he knew I wasn’t going to go anywhere “I know I’d regret it and I can’t do that to you guys or the band” I sighed “I’ve got to face fact this is going to probably going to be the end for me and him” I swallowed the lump in my throat “I’ll see you in a while” I turned away and walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower and let the water run over me tears of anger and frustration spilling over, I heard the door knock “I’m in here” I yelled really not wanting to deal with a hundred and one questions


“I know, but the hotel does want some water left for the rest of us” I turned off the water at the sound of Chad’s voice. I got out and pulled on the huge fluffy hotel robe hanging on the door and pulled it open.


“Sorry” I walked past him Alfie quickly disappeared from the room “I take it you were summoned by the three stooges in there?” I asked rubbing my hair on a towel and looking at him through the mirror over the dresser as Ryan walked in as well “All of you?” My voice rose and octave


“Well Mike and Dan are doing a press thing and no it wasn’t your friends, it was Lukas” I groaned and sat on my bed “So I hear you laid into him?” Ryan smothered a laugh and leant on the dresser


“Yes and I’ll apologize when I see him” I groaned “He pushed the wrong buttons at the wrong time and when I let my temper go it’s not pretty”


“Hell, the next time you do it can you call us first” I looked at Chad “We’d have killed to have seen it” Chad sat down and nudged my arm “He’s a ruthless son of a bitch where business is concerned and he’s damn good at his job but he’s now under no uncertain terms to back off from you and the others”


‘Big brother syndrome strikes again” Ryan winked and struck a superman pose making me laugh


“Thanks… it means a lot” I relaxed a little


“No problem and who knows if Elena will give you guys up. I… er… We might try our hand at management” Chad got off the bed “I’m not going to ask about Dimitri, Pete filled us in, but I told once before true relationships and friends will still be there when the circus is done” I nodded “Take what hurts now in here” he put his hand over my heart “and bring it to the stage call it motivation”


“I will I promise” I smiled


“Good” Ryan pushed off the dresser “So you want to do Burn it to the ground with us tonight?” Ryan asked I looked at him and then at Chad who nodded and smiled


“Hell yeah” how could I pass up a chance like that


“Good” the two of them walked out the empty feeling in me was slightly less now I was going to bring it tonight I was going to be selfish screw Dimitri’s Attitude this was our lives now and we were  going to go for it ……….



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