Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Emotional roller coaster

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Submitted: January 22, 2014



............... I walked out of the dressing room scene leaving Alfie pacing, Pete trying his hardest not to throw up and Kerion was going over and over the beat of the first song tapping it out on every available surface to include Alfie. I headed into the wardrobe room to get ready I’d given Marie the woman who controlled wardrobe like it was a military operation instruction tonight I wanted balls to the wall. I pushed open the door to find Mike was in there going through a heap of shirts. He looked up at me


“Hey shouldn’t you be ready by now you’ve only got 10 minutes” He smirked tipping his head slightly


“I had to wait Marie wanted to go shopping for some new things for me” I laughed as Marie popped out from behind a rack of jeans and jackets


“And I did, now you get a shirt and scoot” she pushed Mike to the door pushing a grey shirt into his hands “Girl getting changed in here?” she closed the door “I hope you’re ready to take a risk tonight you said balls to the wall right?” she rubbed her hands together and got an evil twinkle in her eye.


Marie was at least 50 and had bright blue and pink hair and dressed well like she was 18 but all the guys loved her and she could dress everyone like a million dollars.


“Okay, I know I said balls to the wall but how balls are we talking here?” I narrowed my eyes at her and pulled off my t-shirt. The pre-show nerves and the lack of off stage confidence in myself had gotten me almost regretting telling her I was good with risky.


‘Oh you know we’re in Europe and they push the limits” she walked away waving her hand dismissively at me and giggled


“I mean I’m not going to be half naked am I?” I groaned


“No but the boots are back” she pulled out new Black over the knee boots and laughed as I felt my eyes get wide “I have cute black shorts for you”


“Okay” I took the shorts and pulled off my jeans and put the shorts on “Well good job I shaved my legs” I laughed as I took the boots she held out for me “Hell I need to be greased up to get these on” Marie was laughing as I rolled around on the floor pulling on the boots. I flopped back and panted “Okay tell the guys I’m too exhausted to get on stage, these fit like a second skin” I smiled at her as I lay on the floor she offered me a hand and pulled me up


“Hell no… you look stunning… well you will do when we put on…” she chuckled and picked up something from the case and held it out to me “here’s what I’ve actually had made for you” she whispered “Don’t tell Lukas it wasn’t cheap” her eyes twinkled she turned away and turned back with a red and black boned corset


“Wow that’s underwear” I looked at her


‘Honey you’re a Rock star hanging out and living with rock stars” she turned me around and quickly wrapped the corset round me and started to lace it as I took off my bra underneath it “You need to look the part and still be you… you’re a very pretty girl with a figure to carry something like this off and heel have fun with dressing up” she put her knee in the middle of my back as she tied it off “Okay can you still breath to sing?” She turned me back to face her as she slipped the bracelets onto my wrist, I took a breath and started to sing the first few lines of the song surprisingly it was as comfortable singing in this as when I was sound checking in a t-shirt


“Wow I thought I’d have trouble” I nodded “But I’m okay”


“Good” she pulled out her camera and snapped a picture “You’d better go and you look amazing” she scooted me out of the room “Break a leg sweetheart”


“Thanks and in these boots I probably will” I felt a hand in the middle of my back on of the stage crew hurrying me to the stage. I could see the rest of NeverWest already at the stage I pushed in my ear pieces as I walked.


“Nothing like cutting it fine” Joey laughed handing me the microphone as the roar of the crowd made my heart beat faster “And Damn girl you look hot” he held out his hands as he stepped back and moved to walked to the middle of the floor.


“Thanks that was creepy but thanks” I called after him as I hurried up the steps. Joey was at least fifty and had been a roadie for years never settled down but had kids scattered all over the world. I got to the top of the stairs to find Chad and Dan standing off to the side of the opening.


“Damn” Dan laughed


“I know… I’m late blame Marie” I smiled as I ran my hand over the corset “I just know Lukas will be on my ass”


“We’re not talking about that” Chad smirked as they both looked me up and down “Marie really went to town with you tonight” I held out my hands proclaiming my innocence in the matter as the drum beat sounded and there was a flash from the pyro. I stepped away from them and started to sing. As I walked down the stairs all I could think of was the reaction I was getting form the guys I knew and the roar of the crowd meant I was making the right choice and the conversation I’d had with Dimitri made me push harder and it made my voice stronger than it had ever been. I felt my resolve waiver once as I sang a verse of a song Alfie had written it felt more pertinent to Dimitri and my relationship and he’s thrown it back in my face and didn’t truly care


‘I haven't known you very long

But that's not the way I feel;

I've told you all about me

I have nothing to conceal.’


The lights dimmed leaving the stage in darkness the roaring of the crowd the only thing I could hear other than my beating heart. I felt fingers link with mine on each side and the lights came back up and we took our bow before walking off the stage. I took the towel from the Security guy at the side of the stage and I crouched down resting my fore head on my knees, I’d given everything in that show, everything I had and I didn’t have anything left at the moment I was exhausted


“See that’s what I mean by giving a hundred and fifty percent” I looked up at Lukas and really had to bite my tongue not to take his head off like I had earlier.


“Hey back off” Kerion, Pete and Alfie stood in front of me “She’s having a rough day” Pete shook his head and put his hand on Lukas’s chest.


“I know” Lukas tipped his head “I talked to her before… I was just pointing out…” I groaned and pushed up from the floor


“I’m okay” I stood up and put my hand on Pete’s arm “I’m going to call my sister” I walked away from them as Nickelback came from their dressing room heading for the stage


“You blew it out of the water tonight” Ryan high fived me as he went past “Nice job Chris”


“Alec will come get you before burn it to the ground if you’re still up for it” Chad called walking backwards as he spoke to me


“Sure” I nodded still trying to catch my breath. I pushed open the door to our dressing room and picked up Alfie’s and my robe and I put it on over my costume to stop me from getting. I dialed home and sat down with a bottle of water.


Dad * Christian Sommers

Me * hey Dad

Dad * honey how’s it going?

Me * good and bad… we just got of stage and it was a hell of a show

Dad * where are you now?

Me * Paris, France.

Dad * wow, seeing the world Huh?

Me * something like that

Dad * so why don’t we sound happy about it

Me * I’m so happy with the tour and what I’m doing every day but it’s Dimi


There was a deep sigh from my dad at the other end of the line



Dad * Chris you can’t let someone hold you back from this opportunity… this is too huge

Me * I know Dad, and Elena’s going to be…

Dad * yeah she called and spoke to your Mom. We’re going to dinner at their house on Saturday. You guys are doing okay aren’t you?

Me * we’re doing really well… but I think Jess is going to me pissed with me

Dad * okay you want to give me the heads up so I can let her down gently?

Me * we’re not going to be coming home in two weeks

Dad * right I’ll brace myself for an extremely upset little girl then


Okay a little irritation crept into his tone I looked at the ceiling  and tried not to be bothered by it


Me * I know but you guys are still flying out to see us when we get to Spain right?

Dad * well Jess and I will be your Mom’s leaving on Sunday for a four week book tour of Canada

Me * when did this happen?


I looked up as the guys walked in laughing  then fell silent as they saw me on the phone


Dad * she got a call yesterday

Me * I’m sorry I can’t help out with Jess


It stung a little that my Mom hadn’t taken the time to come see us doing this I knew she could have postponed part of her book tour just to… I wasn’t going there and I really should think about not using a phone again because the calls at the moment all sucked.



Dad * hey we’ve got it covered Xander’s helping along with Miranda, she’s a good friend to you Chris

Me * good and I know she is Dad… is Jess there?

Dad * no ,she stayed at your Aunt and Uncles last night I had to stay late at work. I’ll get her to call you when she gets home from school she’s got gymnastics till 5, will that be okay?

Me * Sure it’s only a couple of hours from now?


 I looked at the watch on Kerion’s wrist


The door opened again and Alec looked at me and wiggled my microphone in his hand I nodded at him


Me * sorry dad I have to run. love you and kiss Jess for me

Dad * okay honey we love you too



I hung up and took a deep breath.


“Chris we have to hustle” Alec held open the door for me I got up and handed Alfie his phone and took off my robe looked at the other


“Go show him how to sing it properly” Alfie grinned “We’ll be here…” I had to smile the three of them looking at me with the you need to snap out of it look “…Ready to Party”


“Chris” Alec was looking at his stop watch


“I’m coming” I hurried out taking the microphone, I watched Nickelback on stage handling the crowd so well that was something we had to practice. The all too familiar beat began for the beginning of Burn it to the Ground. I waited till Chad was half way through the first verse before walking out across the stage for the chorus Mike winked at me and nodded as we finished the Song. It felt amazing to be onstage with them learning all the time.


“Guys our amazing Christine Sommers” Chad Called out as He gave me a hug before I walked  off the stage giving the crowd a wave as I went letting them get back to doing what they do best.


I Opened the dressing room door and took off my stage makeup before I went into the shower. I came out of the bathroom dressed in the dress Elena had left. I leant on the vanity as I put on my make up. I caught the three of them looking in the mirror at me.


“What?” I slicked on my lipstick and turned to face them as Alfie walked over to stand next to me


“So you going to call him?” Alfie leant into the mirror putting on more eyeliner.


“Who?”  I frowned


“Dimitri, dumb ass” Kerion sat down and put his feet up on the table.


“No my phones broken remember… I just had to borrow Alfie’s to call home” I shrugged


“Nope it’s fixed” Pete picked it up from the table and threw it at me “Just be careful it’s fragile” he laughed


“Thank you…” I looked at the phone I my hand and back at my guys “What am I going say… Hi it’s me and by the way I’m still not coming home feel free to go screw Abby again” I walked to the couch and sat on the arm and pinched the bridge of my nose “Look guys, I’ll let him cool down and then I’ll talk to him but right now I’m to wound up and really I’d say something I’d regret”


“Maybe it’s what you need to do” Alfie suggested as he changed his t-shirt “We hate seeing you like this”


 “I promise you I’ll survive. I’ve been through worse” I smiled at them “and now I have you guys around me and we have the world to….” My phone buzzed in my hand as a text came in. I opened it up


***New Picture Message***Unknown***Always thought my sister was lying but damn*** 9.18pm


I opened the attached picture and felt like I’d be slammed with a sledgehammer. I put the phone down on the seat of the couch and focused on to a spot on the wall I wasn’t going to cry… if it killed me I wasn’t going to cry……………………



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