Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Two can play that game

Submitted: January 22, 2014

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Submitted: January 22, 2014





............  I took a deep breath and felt eyes on me, I handed Kerion my phone


“Well it looks like my mind just got made up for me” I got up “I don’t think Dimitri will want to be bothered by me take a look at the last message” I walked out of the room; the sound of the crowd dying down as the show had ended. I could hear Nickelback laughing as they walked to their dressing room I sat on a packing case just in the shadows and closed my eyes.


“I know its stupid question but are you doing okay?” Alfie sat next to me


“I’m fine… I think I just found where I stand” I looked at him as I ran my fingers through my hair “I was stupid to think anything different with the way we’ve been arguing recently, but after what Arron did I just…”


“Hey its okay we’re here if you need a hug” Alfie frowned I nodded and put my head on his shoulder


“I know and I love you guys” I took a deep breath


“I think you take tonight and just blow off steam” Alfie said quietly “You don’t need bullshit around you Chris you’re better than that and it’s his loss” I looked at Alfie and smiled “So come on I know you haven’t cried so we don’t have to redo the makeup but we do need to have a blast” he got up and pulled me to my feet  and hugged me before leading me back into our dressing room. Pete was sitting on top of Kerion


‘Do you want us to leave the room again” I smiled as Kerion squirmed under him


“I had to take his phone away he wanted to call Dimitri and yell at him” Pete smiled getting up from Kerion


“It’s not worth it” I picked up my purse “but thank you for the thought” I kissed Kerion’s cheek as the door opened


“Are you guys coming or not?” Ryan walked in “We’re heading to a club”


“Well I’m not dressed like this to go to bed” I smiled brushing off the image in my head as best as I could. I walked out of the room and into the back of the arena where a limo was waiting the driver opened the door and I slid in.


“And here we were hoping you’d be out in the stuff you wore on stage” Chad laughed I just shook my head at him as Mike popped the top off of a champagne and poured us all glasses and handed them out.


“I think I just found out why people say they need a drink” I moved over as the others got in as well as Lukas “Great the thorn in my side” I muttered making Pete snort champagne down his nose as the limo smoothly pulled away from the Venue


“Damn that burns” he choked


“Okay dude we know you’re not used to drinking, but the point is you swallow” Dan banged him on the back my cell started to ring my guys feel instantly silent and looked at me.


“Is it… please let me if it is” Kerion almost growled I looked at the number and shook my head before I answered it.



Me * hey how was gymnastics?

Jess * awesomely awesome I made the team for the completion this weekend


She was so excited it made me feel so much better just talking to my little sister


Me * awesome I’m proud of you, you’ll have to get Dad or Xander to take video for me

Jess * Oh they’re going to… but you’ll be home soon won’t you?


I cringed a little


Me * I need to talk to you about that when you come out to see me next week.

Jess * you’re not coming home are you


Her voice began to crack and it made me almost choke on the lump in my throat


Jess * you’re going to be like Mom aren’t you… not around for anything

Me * Hey don’t you dare make me out to be like Mom. I’m there when you call, every time you call even when I’m supposed to be sleeping I wake up to be there for you Jess


She fell silent for a moment apart from the odd sniff


Jess * I know but I miss you Chris

Me * I miss you as well but sweet heart… but I need to be here tossing with Alfie and Pete and Kerion and I promise you can come visit me more than just next week.

Jess * I’m going Dimi just came over. He’ll be mad with you as well for not coming home..

Me * Jess don’t okay and why the hell is he there?

Jess * he’s helping Dad with something… Hey Dimi Chris is on the phone you want to talk to her?


I groaned and put my head down as I heard him in the background


Jess * he said he’ll call you later

Me * tell him not to bother I got the picture

Jess * what?

Me * Jessica I love you but I have to go. I’ll talk to you tomorrow

Jess * okay I love you


I hung up and my phone was taken from my fingers


“We’ve had to get this fixed once already today” Kerion tipped his head “and you’re bound to hit one of us in here if you throw it again”


“I’m fine” I held my hand out and took the phone back and pushed it into my bag as the limo stopped outside of a club. I knocked back the champagne as the door opened and the flash bulbs started to go off.


 Lukas and Chad got out, he stopped and offered me his hand. I took it and got out followed by the others and walked into the club past the lines of people waiting to get inside. The bass was thumping as the dance floor seemed to heave with bodies moving and gyrating together in a swell like the ocean. Mike offered me his arm with a smile as we were shown up the VIP section with its own bar and cozy couches and chairs. Our tables already had bottles of Champagne, vodka and whiskey on.


The drinks flowed and it felt so good to relax without having to think about going on stage or the drama at home. I was dancing with Ryan and Pete and looked round to see Alfie and Kerion talking to Chad and Mike they all looked at me with worried expressions. I went over to them Alfie handed me a drink as Chad got up and took my arm and led me over to another couch and sat me down he sat next to me and faced me


“You okay?” he frowned


“I’m fine” I shrugged as Mike walked over and sat down on the table in front of me with three beers “What’s this, a let’s see if Chris is going to break thing”


“No… but I know Lukas was giving you a hard time again and you’ll be glad to know he’s flying on to Spain on the red eye tonight” Mike sighed picking up his beer “Those guys told us about the picture you got tonight” he nodded to where Alfie and Kerion were watching us. I opened my purse and took out my phone and opened the picture and handed my phone to Chad.


“Damn Chris, I’m sorry” he put his hand on my back and rubbed it as he handed the phone to Mike showing him the picture of Dimi kissing Reba’s in the ocean with her legs wrapped around him.


“I’ll be fine” I picked up the beer and sank half of it “Hey no more distractions right” I smiled nervously “Look can we just have fun and not dwell on the fact that my boyfriend is now screwing his ex’s sister” I got up and finished the beer “and I hope you guys don’t mind me getting drunk off my ass” I walked away


“We need to keep our eyes on her” Chad sat back and shook his head as Mike got up and sat where I had been “It’s either going to be all good or all hell will break loose”


The rest of the night turned into pretty much a blur as we all left the club a little after three in the morning and arrived back at the hotel singing some old song I knew about a ship wreck in Lake Superior


“Chris come on” Kerion held the elevator as I spoke to the girl on reception while she got my messages


“I’ll be there in a while go…” I waved them away as the door closed I got the things from the receptionist and turned to the elevator, Chad was leaning on the wall “I thought you’d gone” I slurred a little as I tried to stand up right and not sway


“No I’m going to make sure you get to your room” he pushed the button and the doors opened for us to step inside, the doors slid closed and he looked at me. “Chris promise me one thing” he was slurring as much as I was


“What?” I held onto the bar that ran around the elevator to stop from falling down as it moved upward


“Don’t let him get to you… and don’t bottle it up” he ended with a slight hiccup and a long blink


“Who?” I started to giggle


“The Russian” he laughed “You have way too much talent and you’re too pretty to let a guy get to you” the elevator stopped and the doors opened and a couple got in I moved so I was stood next to him. I looked down for a minute as his words sank in


“I’m just a band geek nothing special” I shrugged, he caught my chin in between his thumb and forefinger


“Really so why are you making mens jaws drop when you walk on stage and why are you rocking the world with a bunch of Canadians making bank” He looked pained for a minute


Something crazy went off in my head as I thought about seeing the guys in the crowd whistling and smiling at me on stage, Dimitri didn’t deserve me. I had no idea why I did it but I looped my thumbs through the belt loops of Chad’s jeans and with the shoes I had on was almost as tall as he was I pushed up a little on my toes and pressed my lips against his, with in a split second he was kissing me back as if there was no one in the elevator with us …………..



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