Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Did we???????

Submitted: January 22, 2014

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Submitted: January 22, 2014



…………………. I tried to open my eyes but it felt like I was lying under the drum riser and Dan and Kerion were going to town in my head there was a drum beat raging in my head, I groaned and rolled over. A chink in the curtains gave the room enough light for me to see that it wasn’t mine.


Oh Crap… What the hell happened last night? I moved my hand to my face where my mouth felt raw. DAMN I sat bolt upright as the images of me kissing Chad in the elevator ricocheted into my frontal lobe. I put my head on my knees. Bad Vodka…bad bad vodka making me…


“Coffee?” I jumped at the sound of Chad’s voice I felt the heat rise in my cheeks


“I’m dead” I groaned into the covers, I really didn’t want to face him.


“Okay coffee and Advil then” I felt the edge of the bed dip as he sat down I peeked up at him. He was sitting wearing one of the hotel robes his hair wet from the shower “It’ll help I promise” I lifted my head slowly. And took the coffee he offered he reached for the Advil from the night stand and tipped two into his hand and gave them to me


“Thanks” I took them “Okay can I ask something?”  he nodded as he took his own drink “Where am I ?’


“Paris” he pushed his tongue into his cheek and smirked


“Smart ass” I groaned


“You’re in my room” Oh god this wasn’t good…. he got up and pulled back one of the curtains letting in more light. I squinted against the bright sun and looked around my dress was over the back of a chair.i felt my eyes get wide and I peered under covers, sighing that I still was wearing my underwear at least “You sort of passed out on me” he sat back down


“I sort of passed out?” I furrowed my brow


“Yes and your guys were dead to the world and in no fit state to make sure you were okay so being the gentleman I am I brought you here” He grinned “I was drunk but I still knew what to do with you” I felt my jaw go slack and I got nervous all of a sudden


“So we… I mean how… did I get… who?” I struggled to find the right words, and hated the look of amusement on his face “Chad”


“Marie” he chuckled  holding up his hand “Ryan went and got Marie when I brought you back here and she got you out of the dress and we put you to bed” the wave of sheer relief washed over me I let out a sigh


“SO we didn’t…”


“No” he shook his head and looked at his coffee “Yes I kissed you back when you kissed me… I had one of those ‘damn I have a hot girl right here’ kinda moments hell I’m a man” he bit his lower lip and thought for a minute, I sipped at the coffee and felt the blush again “Chris I love you” I choked on the coffee “You’ve all become close with us… only with everything you seem to be having to deal with I’m… we’re a little more protective over you”


“I’m sorry” I put the cup on the nightstand “I shouldn’t have kissed you…”


“No you shouldn’t” he sighed “But… and I’m not justifying anything, you were hurting, that was all too obvious all night. You can’t hide much Chris” he did the same as the night before catching my chin in his fingers and lifted my head so I was looking at him


“I’m as bad as he is”


“I’m not going say either way because I could have easily taken advantage of you. he let go of my chin “hell I know guys that would have even with you being passed out taken you to bed. You need to talk to him about it and admit what you…” he stopped and corrected himself “we did”


“I don’t even want to talk to him” tears pricked my eyes “I have a life that he can’t handle…”


“And he’s scared he’s not good enough for you” Chad moved closer to me and turned to face me “Chris, Dimitri is just one insecure guy… I’ve known his Mom for at least 10 years now and she talks about her family a lot when we’re away” he sighed “Niko is the positive one that has no trouble with confidence”


“Dimitri’s the same”


“No he likes to come across that way, Chris come on you’ve seen him at his worst and how he’ll put up a defense when he’s scared, pushed into a corner or just doesn’t like the situation” Chad made perfect sense


“How do you know all this?” I narrowed my eyes


“Like I said Elena talks about her boys” he chuckled “and for a guy to get up on stage and do that poem he did to you back in the US then…” he stopped and got up and walked to look out of the window


“I can’t talk to him yet” I shook my head “all I see is him with her… after I trusted him… after what he knew I’d been through”


“Okay you want me to talk to him?”


“Hell no he’d flip” I flopped back against the pillows “I’ve fucked up haven’t I?”


“No you just have to learn how to make things work but you have to be happy yourself first” he sounded resigned “I’ll go grab you a robe” he came over and bent and slowly kissed my forehead “Remember you have the four of us if you need us…” he walked to the door of his room and turned round “Just no more kissing okay” I pulled the pillow over my head as he laughed walking out. He was right I had to learn to juggle everything if I wanted and right now it was a slim want, to have Dimitri in my life… even if he would want me after I’d been kissing with Chad Kroeger…………………




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