Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Done

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Submitted: January 22, 2014





……….. I opened the door to my room, my dress and shoes in my hand and my purse was tucked under my arm as I went in a quietly as I could, the sound of snoring resonating from the mounds under the covers of two of the beds in the room. I pushed the connecting door open and stifled a squeal as I was face to face with Alfie making coffee he turned and we both looked at each other awkwardly for a moment.


“You want a coffee?” a smirk spread across his lips as he turned back to the coffee pot. I put my shoes and dress on the bed “I have to ask you are you trying to get back at Dimi?” I groaned and sat on the bed and rubbed the back of my neck


“No I’ve had a coffee, and I don’t know, but I do know Vodka makes my judgment take a leap from the nearest window” he sat on the other bed and cocked his head to the side.


“Right… you show up wearing one of the hotel robes carrying the clothes that you were wearing last night…” he narrowed his eyes “And you didn’t take off your makeup”


“Jeez, Alfie you’re worse than a woman” I sighed he ignored me, His eyes suddenly got wide


“Damn girl you have razor rash on your face” he leant forward and stuck out a finger at me and poked at my lips ‘All round your mouth…” I swatted at him as he laughed and bit his lip “So who’ve you been sucking face with?” oh well in for a penny so to speak.


“Chad” Alfie spat a mouthful of coffee everywhere I wiped it off my robe and looked at him, as he pulled a face


“Okay Chad the catering guy with the pot belly and bad comb over or Chad as in Kroeger Lead singer of Nickelback?”


“Wow Alfie… I really go for guys at least 20 years older than my Dad. It’s the comb over that gets me” the sarcasm just flowed from me, I got up and walked to the window


“Damn Chris you knocked boots with Chad Kroeger” Alfie scrabbled to his feet “Oh Damn girl Chad Kroeger and you…” he paced the floor “I mean you with Chad Kroeger I thought that he…”


“Okay the more times you say his name won’t change… hey whoa I didn’t knock boots with him… all we did was kiss” Alfie opened his mouth to say something “I swear to you… I was so mad with Dimitri and with the alcohol” I turned to face him and leant against the window “I don’t know why but I kissed him in the elevator and he kissed me back” I took a deep breath “we ended up in his room after I passed out”


“But he didn’t… I mean he could… did he?” he did a strange head bob at me


“No nothing happened, other than the kissing… I’m sure of it” I smiled “He got Ryan to go get Marie to come get me out of my dress I think he even slept on the couch” Alfie cringed “What?


“Wow you got knocked back by a rock star” Alfie whistled “He’s not Gay is he?”


“Dude” I walked over to him and Gibbs slapped him and started to laugh “He could have taken full advantage. I literally threw myself at him but he didn’t and in the light of day I’m glad… he’s too… well he’s Chad… and know he’s not gay  he’s a damn good kisser” I regretted that as the words left my mouth I took Alfie’s coffee from him and took a drink just to shut myself up


“He’s a few years older than you” Alfie chuckled pushing his tongue into his cheek


“Okay enough with the analyzing what happened to me last night” I picked up a photo from the dresser from when we’d gone up to the top of the Eiffel tower  the four of us looked like we were having the time of our lives “Damn Alfie we have everything right now and I feel like I’m losing everything”


“You want to go home?” he asked the conversation becoming serious


“No… Yes… No” I threw out my arms “No… hell No,  I’m not going to give up on my dream… our dream” I looked at him “I won’t do it to myself and I won’t do it to you guys… I need to talk to Dimitri” I opened the dresser and pulled out jeans and a hoodie


“But after the picture he sent” Alfie shook his head as I headed to the bathroom


“I know but I’m going to be the bigger person and tell him what I did last night”. I showered quickly and pulled my hair into a messy bun. Alfie was in the other room talking to Pete and Kerion. I took my purse from the bed and left the room; I curled in one of the overstuffed arm chairs in the lobby and took a deep breath. I hit the speed dial number for Dimitri my hands shaking a little as I waited for the ringing to start.



Dimi* WHAT it’s three in the morning, you’d better have a good reason for this

Me * sorry I forgot the time difference


I wanted so badly to hang up right now


Dimi * Chris… It’s okay… I thought… well I thought you were… What do you want?

Me * to talk

Dimi * okay

Me * there’s a few of things, first I got a picture last night from Reba and If that’s what you wanted…


I had to take a breath my chest was getting tight


Me * …couldn’t you have just ended it with me? And what does Abby think?

Dimi * what picture?

Me * the one of you and Reba half naked in the ocean you’re wearing the shorts I brought you before I left Florida

Dimi * there was a picture!?


I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose; he didn’t even try to deny it


Me * I got mad after that and I…

Dimi * are you sure there’s a picture?


I groaned and pulled the phone from my ear and sent him the picture muttering under my breath as I did it the last thing I wanted was to keep looking at the picture


Dimi * oh I…


I cut him off quickly



Me * Dimitri I kissed someone else last night

Dimi * say what?

Me * I kissed Chad

Dimi * you kissed Chad Kroeger… the guy you’re working for Chad Kroeger???


Why was it the guys wanted to say his name in full this morning


Me * yes. Like I said I was angry after seeing the picture and we all went out after the gig and well I kissed him

Dimi * he good in bed as well Chris?


Wow that was like a knife in the gut


Me * All we did was kiss I’m trying to be honest and tell you I screwed up and I made a mistake

Dimi * you can say that again


He was mad as hell


Me * oh but it’s okay for you and Reba to get into it and you don’t think it’s a big deal but I readily admit what I’ve done and…

Dimi * no, he’s your Boss… is that how you got the extension

Me * Hey you’re Mom is my Boss and really you think that?

Dimi * I thought after Arron you wouldn’t be so quick to bed hop, but I guess I was wrong or did you cry wolf Chris

Me * Gee thanks for that… I was in two minds as to calling you, but I thought I wouldn’t lie and cover anything up but shows how wrong that choice was. People are right you are a sad insecure boy that doesn’t like not being in control…


I heard him take a breath but I didn’t give him the chance to say anything


Me * I was so in love with you and I miss you like crazy but I’ve been controlled before and it ended in pain and heartbreak and the loss of a baby… I can’t do it again Dimitri I WON’T DO IT AGAIN… We’re done

Dimi * why so you and the old man… sorry CHAD can…

Me * NO… so I don’t have to keep hurting. I don’t want… didn’t want anyone other than you… but I have the chance of a lifetime and I’m going to be selfish and not give that up to be a dutiful girlfriend and follow you where ever because I was heading to Madison for college any way  while you were wanting to go to Miami


Okay that wasn’t technically true but hey what the hell



Dimi * you never said

Me * I know, I was scared that you’d… would you have gone to Madison with me?

Dimi * hell no, I don’t like the cold anymore I thought you’d have come to Miami to be with me

Me * see you wouldn’t even entertain moving with me, but you’d expect me to change where I was going

Dimi * Miami is more fun and that’s what would have had to happen for us to be together You in Miami with me or nothing


I smiled and shook my head



Me * it doesn’t matter about college now.

Dimi * I guess not


I calmed down


Me * thank you for being there and being someone I could lean on when I needed it

Dimi * I guess… so I guess I’ll see you around

ME * maybe… bye Dimitri



I hung up the phone and got to my feet and walked out of the hotel and down the street, tears threatened to spill over. I had no idea where I was going but I needed to let the hustle and bustle of Paris sweep me along for a while and let me not think……….



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