Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Tabbloid fodder

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Submitted: January 23, 2014




………………… My Thoughts carried me along the noise and bustle filled Parisian streets. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket over and over. Should I ignore it? The ringing started, I sighed and stopped walking and pulled it out of my pocket and saw Alfie’s picture.


Me * hey

Alfie *Chris thank god, where are you? You left here almost 2 hours ago.

Me * I’m just walking.


I looked around not knowing how I’d gotten where I had


Me * I’m somewhere by the Eiffel tower.


I leant on a wall and looked up at the steel tower in front of me


Alfie * we’re supposed to be heading to the airport in an hour

Me * shit…

Alfie * look just get back here as soon as you can, and don’t get to mad when you open your cases because Kerion and Pete are in the middle of throwing all your things into them and it’s not a pretty sight

Me * I’ll grab a cab and I’ll…

Alfie * hey… are you okay? I mean you and Chad only did kiss right?

Me * Alfie, I swear to you we didn’t do anything other than kiss. I just needed space for a while, I’ll tell you more later.


I hung up and walked to the curb and flagged down a cab giving the address of the hotel. Lukas walked up and opened the door of the taxi and handed over cash as I got out.


“And here I was thinking we were going to have to find a replacement for you” he chuckled as he walked after me


“Lu back off” Ryan called out to him as he walked over to get in the limo “Morning Chris” I nodded and smiled at him


“I’m kidding” Lukas held up his hands, he stopped me from walking looked at me “I’m sorry Chris” I shrugged “You and the guys riding on the bus or do you want to go in the limo?”


“I need to talk to my guys so we’ll do the bus” Lukas caught my arm as I turned to walk away


“Chris are you okay?” I looked up as Chad and Mike walked out of the hotel.


“I’m fine… I’m going to be fine” I nodded “It’s some stuff from home the guys understand better than anyone else” I smiled as convincingly as I could


“Okay” Lukas nodded I stepped away from him, I walked over to where Kerion was leaning on the side of the bus. He grinned at me making me feel like I was going to be alright


“I was expecting to see a red raw line round your mouth” he laughed I shook my head it hadn’t taken Alfie long to fill them in, “I got this text from Dimi” Kerion handed me his phone I felt my face fall a little as I focused on the screen


***you guys look after Chris make sure she has fun*** Dimitri


“You need a hug?” I nodded as I had to fight back the urge to cry he wrapped his arms round me “Alfie said you were going to talk to Dimi” I moved back from him and ran my hand through my hair. Kerion tipped his head waiting for me to fill him in.


“I did… can we do this on the flight” I sighed “It’s not for here and now” he nodded. I moved round him onto the bus and sat down next to Pete.


“Hey Miss. Kissy face” I groaned and shook my head “Here you want to read this?” He was scribbling in the note book that I knew he used for writing songs, he handed it to me. I looked down at the lyrics on the page and turned back to Pete.


“Are you trying to make me cry?” I handed it back to him


“Yeah… because I’m a bitch like that” he smirked as he looked back at his scrawl on the page “so what do you think?


“It’s awesome I can hear it in my head” I nodded “You’re getting good”


“Good because this was basically my home work from Mike… and I thought we were done with school but he doesn’t think so” he closed the book and put it back in his bag


“Where did you get the inspiration I wonder?” Pete started to laugh


“Hmmm, I have no idea where I’d find it. I mean a song about trying to please everyone and only ending up hurting yourself” he rubbed his hand over his jaw. “I don’t know anyone like that” he glanced at me


‘Yeah well I think you’ll be writing a new one soon, about a band that rocks the world and doesn’t worry about what people do at home” I looked out of the window as Paris passed by. My phone started to ring and I pulled it from my pocket and showed my Mom’s picture to Pete who just shook his head.


Me * hey Mom

Mom * oh you sound tired sweetie,

Me * we went out last night after the show

Mom * Sounds like a blast honey… Anyway I’ve just landed in Rome for a book signing thing and I wanted to tell you all the stuff that’s happened with you has given me so much inspiration for a new Stephanie Sanders book

Me * Mom really… and I thought you were going to Canada not Rome


I looked at Kerion and Alfie who were both sitting up looking over the seats at me and I rolled my eyes


Mom * Oh It changed last minute and honey come on you can cash in on the whole thing with me. Just wait until people know I’m your mother we can do interviews that you’re the girl my muse behind Stephanie

Me * Mom you had her doing drugs and drinking heavily in the last book as well as all of the other bad things. I don’t think that’s really what I need when I’m trying to do…

Mom * OMG you’re on TMZ.

Me * Mom… wait what?


Did she just say I was on TMZ


Mom * hmmm who’s the hot guy

Me * what? What hot guy?

Okay I was really confused now


Mom * I’m in the airport on my laptop honey, and I’m looking at a photograph of you walking out of a club with your arm round a guy and his arm round you


I groaned and hung my head


Mom * well hello hot stuff… yummy

Me * Mom please


 I reached over Pete and took his phone from his pocket and pulled up TMZ on line. I felt my eyes get wide as I looked at the picture of me walking out of the club the night before with Chad. What the picture didn’t show was the fact Kerion was on my other side. In the picture my hand was out of the shot where I was holding on to him.


But tabloids don’t work if it looks like friends were having a good time together where’s the gossip in that Chad had his arm round my shoulders and was moving his head to say something to me but it looked more like he was going for my neck and I had a smile on my face like I was the cat that had got the cream.


Mom * Christine isn’t he…

Me * Mom I have to go I’m about to get on a flight


I hung up the phone and turned it off.


“You okay honey?” Marie  had gotten up from her seat across the aisle from us and was getting ready to get off the bus reached over and touched my arm “You look a little pale”


“I’m… can you divorce your parents?”


“Yep” Kerion nodded as we walked off the bus and into the airport. “Why?”


“My mother is I think about to do something stupid” I put on my ball cap and shook my head “oh and this” I handed Pete back his phone; he started to laugh Listen to this.


“Who is the hot young thing with Chad Kroeger?” he read out “Sources say the young girl that seems to have caught the Nickelback front mans eye is none other than the lead singer of the band that’s is currently on tour in Europe with them. Christine Sommers is just out of school but obviously age isn’t an issue for these two… Well Chad all we have to say is there’s going to be people wondering how you did it!!!!”


“Wow” Alfie tried not to laugh “All that from a photo”


“I know and it’s from before I even kissed him” I took off my hat and put my things in the boxes to be scanned at security “This I think might get messy”………….



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