Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Scared

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Submitted: January 23, 2014



…………………….. I kept my head down until we boarded the flight and I’d managed to ge my seat right at the back of the plane took a seat right at the back Alfie and Kerion flanking me like some sort of body guards as Kerion sat on the other side of the aisle. Pete was already gripping the seat with his fear of flying… well flying was the wrong thing really he had a fear of taking off and landing the bit in the middle he was fine with.


“So what happened with Dimi?” he asked through clenched teeth, his eyes squeezed tightly closed “You said on the flight” I nodded I had to fill them in because I know they were worried


“Well for a start he didn’t know there was a picture” I sighed “and he didn’t deny anything either”


“Did he even give a reason?” Pete pulled a face I shook my head “And it’s pretty hard to deny the picture evidence”


“I know” I chewed my lip “I told him what had happened with my kissing Chad and he went ballistic. Dimitri thinks I jumped into bed with Chad, so he gave me a few choice words about bed hopping and…” I hesitated “he brought Arron into it”


“Okay even if you had cheated on Dimi which you didn’t by the way he fucked it up first, that’s out of line” Alfie snapped “way out of line” I shrugged and lowered my voice as more people sat down around us


“Yeah, well I told him I wasn’t willing to be in another relationship where I was being controlled and…” I rubbed my head “I told him we were done”


“What? You dumped him” Pete’s eyes flew open then quickly snapped closed again as the engine noise increased and the plane began to rumble down the runway before the nose lifted and we were in the air.


“Yes… I don’t even know if he still considered me his girlfriend at the time but… look guys can we just drop the subject, you all know what’s going on and I promise I’m going to be okay” I smiled at them. I settled back putting on my I-pod and closing my eyes letting the songs pull me away from the ache in my chest. Alfie got up as soon as the seatbelt sign went out and Marie slid into his seat.


“So how’s your hangover?” She asked as she tugged out my earphones


“It’s gone” I smiled ‘Oh and thank you for getting me out of my clothes last night” I felt a little embarrassed


“It’s okay we all need to blow off steam sometimes” she got a twinkle in her eye “Hell that’s how I found my husband”


“What by getting his drunk ass undressed” I giggled


“No… Well not on the first night anyway” she nudged me “No I was tending bar for money in Cali and this bunch of Marines came into the bar and I know it sound cheesy but damn for me it was love at first sight” a wry smile played on her lips “He was right out of a long assed Deployment and well let’s say he and his friend almost lived at the bar for three days” she reached into her bag and pulled out her wallet and handed it to me  I opened it “We got married a week after that”


“Damn he’s cute” I looked at the picture of a younger looking Marie and a guy in Camo grinning like Cheshire Cats


“That’s Michael 25 years we’ve been together” she ran her fingers over the picture


“How do you make it work…?” I asked trying to understand why she could do it and Dimitri and I couldn’t “I mean how do you do what you do and still have a relationship?”


“You make the most of the time you have together” she chewed the inside of her lip “He will come out and see me when he can, and when I’m home he knows I’m always there waiting for him if he’s away”


“And he’s not bothered you touring with rock stars?” I frowned “The reputation of some of the things that goes on is pretty well known”


“Nope he knows… I love him unconditionally no other man comes close to my Marine” She looked at me and got up “Dimitri is a hot headed Russian like his Momma” I opened my mouth to say something “Let him realize what he’s lost in you Honey. Don’t be too mad at him he’s not struggling with your success he’s struggling with this” she put her hand over her heart “People make mistakes, Kinda like you and Chad” she took a deep breath “I need to go talk to Lukas about more stuff for you guys” she walked away leaving me with my mouth hanging open in shock that was one hell of a talk that somehow ended up with a little bit of judgment being handed out……… I got lost in my music until we landed , Lukas literally herded us along through customs with Nickelback.


“Chris… Hey” I looked around as Chad shouldered his bag and caught up to me “You okay?”


“I will be if everyone stops asking” I shrugged


“Sorry” he laughed and held up his hands


“I do need to talk to you” I looked up at him


“Please tell me my brother didn’t make you want to quit did he?”Mike asked putting his arm round my shoulders and grinning… alright so everyone knew about the kissing


“No… but” Alfie leant in between Mike and I and handed Chad his phone with the TMZ story and picture in full view. I felt my cheeks get warmer


“Ahhh, the down side to the Fame” Chad shrugged a smile spreading across his face, he looked at me “I can tell you this is not worth getting worked up over… I promise you they’ll make shit up before they’ll print the truth”


“He’s right” Mike hip checked me “We’ve all had crap written about us, but if we let it bug us it becomes destructive”


“So you’re okay with this?” I asked relieved that Chad wasn’t angry


“We know the truth right?” Chad sighed “We know Kerion was on the other side of you and we’d just been doing the ‘Off to see the wizard’ dance from the Wizard of Oz” I started to laugh suddenly remembering us doing it and arguing over who was which character. Chad’s voice dropped “the only people that know what happened between you and I, is my band and yours and Marie”


“And Dimitri” I hung my head  and winced a little


“You told him?” Chad got wide eyed as Mike whistled


“Yes I told him and dumped him after I left you this morning” I looked up as Lukas was heading toward us Mike moved his arm from me and walked to intercept him leaving me to talk with Chad.


“Is that why you were late?” I nodded


“I needed to clear my head, so I went for a walk and lost track of time…”


“Understandable” he tipped his head and looked at me and narrowed his eyes “I have to make sure, the TMZ thing as long as you know it’s not true and I know it’s not true that’s what counts people will make up crap no matter what you do or say”


“I was scared that you’d have a shit fit when you found out” I sighed


“No way… I told you this morning I get… we get protective and considering you’re having a rough time right now, we’ll all pull in round you and take the crap with you” he hugged me to him “Okay don’t be scared to come to any of us and Dimitri must be stupid to let go of you”………………..



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