Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - What a night

Submitted: January 23, 2014

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Submitted: January 23, 2014



...................... I pulled on my boots and stood up and looked in the mirror and shook my head  as I twisted and took in the new costume.


“Hey we’ve got a sexy pirate” Marie chuckled as she stepped back and admired her latest handwork she’d gotten together for me. “I love having someone to dress in something other than jeans and a t-shirt” she double checked the fastening on the corset


“Oh God don’t say that to the guys” I groaned She started to laugh “Damn I’m so nervous right now” I wrung my hands together


“Why, because Elena’s back tonight?”  Marie asked as she adjusted the skirt hiking it up a little more


“Oh crap… I forgot she was back tonight” I slid down the wall I hadn’t spoken to her since I’d ended things with her son “I was talking about the show” as I put my head on my knees


“Hey up young lady” she chastised me pulling me up and turning me to adjust the back of the corset yet again “So you stressing that your family will be out there tonight?”


“Yes… this is what the tenth time we’ve done this show and tonight I’m terrified because my Dad and little sister are going to be out there in the crowd” and my manager was going to probably be out for my blood, I thought in my own head.


“What about your Mom?” Marie folded her arms over her chest as she stepped back “She’s in Europe right now isn’t she?”


“I’ve been screening my calls and not talking to her” I sighed the door opened and Lukas walked in


“Here you are. I wanted to talk to you and the others before you went on tonight” he put his hands on his hips looking like he normally did pissed and like he’d got a stick up his ass.


“Sorry that would be my fault we got talking as she got ready” Marie said quickly as the door opened again and one of the stage managers put his head round


“Chris two minutes” he smiled, I nodded


“We can walk and talk” I said “Thanks Marie” I walked over to the door and out in to the hallway with Lukas not far behind me


“Okay go get the guys” Lukas nodded at our dressing room door as he answered his phone. I opened the dressing room door


“Lukas wants to talk to us as we walk” I rolled my eyes at the guys making them laugh; I knew they were as nervous as I was to think our families had almost had to charter a flight for them all to get here. I stepped back as they came out Kerion tapping his drumsticks on his legs as we walked to the stage.


“We’re going to make a detour before we head to Italy and Greece” Lukas smiled, we all looked at him “I hope you guys are patriotic”




“Patriotic” Pete wrinkled his nose


“Guys it’s time… sorry Boss they need to be onstage” the Manager tapped his stop watch and handed me my microphone, Lukas nodded and stepped back leaving us still none the wiser of why he wanted to talk to us.


“Go show them what you guys do best” he called as the guys stepped out and I went up the steps to my usual starting place. I turned to smile at him as Elena walked up behind him and shot me a huge smile. Oh the relief she smiled at me, at least she didn’t look like she wanted to kill me for breaking up with her son and sticking my tongue down the throat of the guy that gave us our big break. I took a deep breath and looked back to the opening at the top of the steps.


 The drum beat started and I stepped out into my sanctuary, my escape from the real world and into the spotlight, my happy place. I put everything I had into tonight till it got to the penultimate song when Alfie and Kerion got to leave the stage for a few minutes leaving me and Pete and two stools and the song that Mike had written with Pete helping him for us. It was one of those songs that I don’t think would leave a dry eye anywhere if you watched a video of people leaving loved ones.


 A stage hand brought on two stools as I picked up my water and took a drink. I looked into the front row of the crowd and spotted Alfie’s Mom and Dad and sister all grinning. I scanned along the row till I saw Dad and Jess. I said something to Pete who smiled and nodded. I looked back out into the darkness.


“Okay this one is a song that I think means the most to all of us, after leaving people behind that we love to chase our dreams” I walked back to the front of the stage “but tonight we have some very special people here and one of those people is my little sister” I crouched down and tapped one of the security guys and pointed to Jess who was now wide eyed as he lifted her over the barrier. I held my hand out to her and helped her up on to the stage she clung to my hand for dear life. “You see guys my little sister calls me every morning and every night so you can say we’re very close. I led her to the stool next to where Pete was sitting and patted it. Jess got on looking like a deer in the head lights Pete winked at her and gave her a hug “so Jess this one tonight is for you” I dropped a kiss on her head as Pete began to strum the opening chords of ‘When I miss you’ I swear Jess was going to cry as the song ended I put my arms round her and lifted her up and hugged her “I missed you” I whispered to her.


“I missed you Chris and that was mean” she grinned as I put her down


“Can you go and wait back there with Elena” I asked pointing to the side of the stage where Elena was standing Jess nodded and hugged Pete before running over to Elena. Alfie and Kerion came back on for the final song of the night it had actually gone better than we could have ever wished. We walked off the stage and were handed towels.


“Nice job guys” Mike walked over and high fived us like every night before he looked me up and down “and Chris, Jack Sparrow called and asked where the Pirate queen was”


“Hey” I swatted him “Blame Marie… next time we all go out I’m wearing it” I laughed


“Well we’d better make sure it’s on a sailing ship” Chad laughed ducking as he ran past me.


“Okay being the only girl here doesn’t to pick on me” I called after them walking backwards.


“You know you’re mouth still runs away with you” I jumped and was face to face with a grinning Xander I felt my eyes get wide


“Oh my god” I threw my arms round my cousin and hugged him tight “What are you… I mean why… since when?” I was flustered right now


“Okay Ew… you’re all sweaty and I thought you could use a friendly face” he smiled at me as he let me go


“I have tons of those round here” I laughed linking his arm “and I’ve just spent the last 60 minutes on a stage I’m bound to be sweaty, but I’m so happy you’ve come… I need to get showered and changed and then I’ll come to you guys” Xander nodded as the others were already stripping off shirts hurrying to shower and see their families. I smiled and started to fetch off my bracelets


“Hey Wisconsin” My mouth fell open as Jackson appeared “Wow girl you’re amazing” he grinned looking me up and down


“Jackson” I croaked Oh this was getting better that I had both of the guys here


“Christine” I looked round to see Elena standing with her arms folded across her chest smile not so much there as it was earlier, Damn how to burst the bubble, Time to face the music no pun intended………




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