Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Confrontation

Submitted: January 23, 2014

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Submitted: January 23, 2014




………………….. Elena walked into the wardrobe room I followed feeling like I was walking to the electric chair. Marie was sitting talking on the phone while folding clothes.


“You did an amazing job tonight, much improvement has happened while I’ve been gone” Elena turned and looked at me. My heart was pounding as she looked at me Damn I’d hate to play poker with this woman her face was stone hard, without a flicker of emotion “One thing we do not do ??????? (child) is mix business with our own pleasures” I leant against one of the packing cases and looked at her. I think I was about to get my ass well and truly chewed. She reached into her bag and pulled out three of the tabloid magazines from the US “I picked these up at the airport” she opened two of them and dropped them next to me on the top of the case, each one had the same picture as TMZ had shown. “And then there’s this one” she pulled out another one. My eyes got wider. This was a picture I hadn’t seen before, it was a shot of me and Chad kissing inside the elevator his hands on my ass mine under his t-shirt. The realization hit me people had gotten in the elevator with us that night I groaned and put the magazine down. Marie hung up the phone and came over and started to unlace my corset “You want to explain?” Elena tapped her foot and crossed her arms over her chest


“I kissed Chad. End of story” I took the robe Marie offered me and wrapped it round me I wasn’t going to go roll over without a fight “I’m surprised your son didn’t tell you” I pulled off  my boots and the skirt under the robe and handed them to Marie


“Oh he did… But the last thing I was expecting was to find it splashed all over the gossip rags” she shook her head “what the hell were you thinking Christine?”


“What was I thinking?” I almost laughed at that “What the hell was Dimitri thinking when he was screwing Reba” I had never ever wanted to drag Elena into the relationship I had with her son but she was giving me no choice “I was hurt… I was faced with the fact that Dimitri doesn’t want me doing what I do best. And the fact the minute he didn’t like something he acted like a petulant child threw a tantrum and had to get even and went and  jumped into bed with Reba.” I threw my hands up “It obviously wasn’t enough to bed her sister, he had to do both of them” Elena’s face showed the first signs of emotion and the nerve in her cheek twitched  “he knows how Arron controlled me and how terrified I was and he was the one that made me feel safe after I was raped in the bed of a truck in a parking lot” I yelled, the tears were streaming down my face, everything I’d wanted to say and yell at Dimi I was now unleashing on his Mom “Chad was there but it could have been anyone that night I need to not feel worthless which is how I felt after seeing the picture of Reba and Dimitri”


“Elena” Marie said quietly “Nothing other than the kiss happened with Chad and Christine” Elena looked at Marie “They had all been drinking and kicking back, I was the one that put Chris to bed that night” Elena looked back at me and sighed


“I’m sorry” She rubbed my arms “Christine I don’t want the papers to make your life hell” she stroked the side of my face “I don’t want people to think the only reason that you are on tour with Nickelback is because of something that might be going on with you and Chad” I sat down and put my head in my hands “To be honest I’m proud of you that you didn’t bend and buckle and you’re willing to stick out to follow whatever dream comes your way” I looked up at her and raised my eye brows “Dimitri… I love him but right now I do not like my son very much and Nikolai won’t even talk to him” She pulled me to my feet and shocked me by pulling me close to her hugging me tightly “Go shower go see your family and I’ll do the damage control and talk to Chad” the last thing I wanted was her getting in Chad’s face over something that was utterly my fault.


“Elena it’s alright… Chad and I are good, we’ve talked and he understands why I did what I did” Marie handed me a huge fluffy towel and jeans and a t-shirt and hustled me toward the shower getting me away from Elena and with hope of diffusing the situation. I closed the door after me and turned on the water and stepped under the hot stream letting the tears and frustration cry out of me.

 “Did you really have to give her a hard time?” Marie walked over to a case and pulled out a bottle of Vodka and two glasses


“I didn’t mean to. I just see so much talent in her that I don’t want stupid choices ruining it for her or the boys” Elena sighed as Marie poured one for her and one for Elena


“And would it have been so bad if things had gone further with her and Chad. For god sake he’s a good guy unlike my godson at the moment” she clinked the glass with Elena


“Yes it would she is still Dimitri’s’ lover after all this…Does Chris know?’ Elena asked reaching for the bottle and pouring another “about you being Dimitri’s god mother?”


“No but I’ve seen how she’s tried to hold it together and it’s taking everything she has right now” Marie poured another drink “It’s not fair on her Elena”


“Dimi is going to go to his Grandmothers in Moscow for a few weeks to try to get him away from this Reba” Elena’s lip curled into a sneer of distain “I never liked her sister, this girl isn’t even allowed in my home”


“Why would he throw Chris away like he has?”


“He thinks she’s going to get bigger and better offers than what he can give her and seeing these” she gestured to the magazine pictures “And hearing her tell him she’d kissed Chad sealed it for him… He’ll see sense I’ll make sure of it”


“Yeah, but I’m scared that it will be too late by the time his stubborn Russian ass works that out” Marie grinned “He gets that from you Elena you do realize that”


“I know” she laughed “He will be with Christine she needs a strong man with her give her time and maybe we should give Dimitri to Michael”


“What send him to the Marines” Marie took another shot before getting up and putting the corset in to the dry cleaning pile “That would be a thing wouldn’t it”…………………………….



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