Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - pushed to the limit

Submitted: January 20, 2014

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Submitted: January 20, 2014




…………………. I walked down the hall with Pete and to the breakfast bar in the hotel, it felt like I should be fast asleep and here I was in the land of coffee and Pastry. I poured two coffees while Pete picked up two large Danish pastries and we walked over to the table where Kerion and Alfie were already there pouring over the song Dan had wanted us to do at sound check. I sat next to Pete and wrapped my hand around the steaming coffee as Pete handed me a plate with a Danish on, Alfie looked up


“You put make up on to sound check?” Alfie grinned as he sat back “Who you trying to impress


“No one” I groaned  “and I want to feel human I think the jet lag’s beginning to hit me hence” I tapped the side of my coffee cup “and anyway you stole my eyeliner and you’ve re done your makeup so you can’t give me crap”


“No I didn’t” he frowned at me


“Oh you so did I found it in your bathroom next to your toothbrush” I took a bite from the pastry


“So how was Dimitri?” Kerion asked stopping the makeup argument before it really got started.


“Okay, not happy about going to school without me but…” I shrugged


“Let’s hope Abby and Reba doesn’t start… Ow god damn it Pete why are you kicking me?” Kerion pulled a face and rubbed his leg. Okay jet lag was making my temper extremely short those were the two names I really didn’t want to hear right now.


“Because I think you should think once before opening your mouth” I snapped as I got up. I tried hard not to think of Dimitri’s ex and her hell bitch of a sister. On stage I was untouchable I felt untouchable and nothing bothered me, but off it to many things had happened in my life knocking me down leaving me wide open and vulnerable to being hurt.


“Hey, Guy’s the cars waiting” Lukas put his head round the door of the restaurant. I walked over to the coffee pot and refilled my cup and put a lid on it and grabbed my bag from over the chair and walked out to Lukas leaving the guys at the table.


“Jack ass you had to mention those two didn’t you” Alfie moaned as they waited for the next elevator “You know the crap they gave Chris when she started to see Dimitri”


“I didn’t think” Kerion let out a huge sigh “She’s Chris she’s beautiful and she’s rocking the world.. well Europe she’s got nothing to worry about”


“Dude you saw the state she was in after that Arron guy did what he did” Pete shook his head “She trust very few people and we’re three of those people and you say shit like that about the guy she’s in love with”


‘I know… I really…”


“Boy’s are you ready?’ she grinned her eyes twinkling Kerion hung his head as Elena hurried to them and got in the elevator with them



“Yes Ma’am, if he stops pissing Chris off” Alfie nodded and nudged Kerion


“Okay what you do to her?” She looked at him And narrowed her shrewed eyes at him “Did you mention Arron


“What Hell No” He snapped his head up quickly to face her “I just opened my mouth without thinking” he sighed, Elena seemed to calm down at that


“Then you need to talk to her and say sorry you’ve got to live and work together for the next month at least…” she trailed off and the three of them looked at her.


“What do you mean at least?” Pete asked with a frown


“Nothing slip of the tongue… My English still is not perfect” she smiled and dug into her bag and pulled out her cell and dialed a number as the doors of the elevator opened in the lobby “You boys go… I will be there soon” She hustled them out


“Well that was strange” Kerion pushed his hands into his pockets as they headed for the door


“She scared the shit out of me” Pete chewed his cheek Lukas was waiting by the cars as they came over and got in sliding in on the seat next to me


‘Finally” I smiled as I pushed my phone into my purse


“Sorry the elevator took forever” Alfie explained Kerion looked out of the window as we fell silent


“You guys nervous?” Lukas asked


“Nervous, excited, scared, Terrified” Pete laughed “I think that about covers it for starters”


“Good it’s the way it should be” Lukas looked at the four of us “You do know that what you guys are doing some people only dream of”


“We know that and we’re still grateful for the chance” I nodded “ it’s still so crazy what and how this all happened” I looked out of the window as we drove through Manchester city center “I mean we’re in a different country and we’re about to be on stage in front of thousands” Oh well that realization made me feel sick my hands were shaking and clammy the more I thought about it Lukas laughed.


“You look like you want to throw up?” He said with a slight shake of his head


“I do and this is just sound check” Alfie butted in. We drove into the back of the MEN Arena and got out. It was like organized chaos it was a hive of activity, roadies pushing cases and boxes around unloading and setting up all of the equipment, dodging around us like we were in the way of them. The sound of shouting from guys up in the rigging as the lighting was put up along with the speakers. I was like a kid staring at those amazingly dressed department store windows at Christmas, I felt a tug on my sleeve I looked round at Kerion


“Can I talk to you? please” We stopped walking as the others went up onto the stage, Alfie taking his Guitar from one of the Roadies before he looked around and said something to Pete who was already strumming his guitar “Chris I’m sorry for even mentioning Abby and Reba” Kerion looked at me as he faced me “Dimi loves you and he’s not going to screw that up for anything and I think Xander and Jackson would kill him” I smiled at the thought of my Cousin and My best friends twin going off on him “We love you as well and hell I’m going to blame jet lag on my lack of filter”


“I know, I guess having a long distance relationship is one thing, but touring and trying to have one is a whole different level We’re already so busy and we’ve been out of the US for less than forty eight hours” I linked his arm as we walked up the steps to the stage “I’m relying on you guys to keep me sane same way you’re relying on me” I stopped as we looked out on to the stage “This is about us Kerion and fighting between the four of us is stupid”


“So we’re good and you forgive me?” He asked as a roadie walked over with two boxes and a set of Kerion’s Drumsticks


“Nothing to forgive” I hugged him tightly and let him go


“Lets do this” he smiled the happy Kerion was back as he took the ear pieces and pushed them in and he took the drumsticks I took the microphone and ear pieces that were held out to me. He winked at me and ran across the stage to Alfie and Pete and high fived both of them before sitting himself at his drums.


“Remember what I said, I want Side of a Bullet” I jumped at the hand was dropped onto my shoulder. My heart was somewhere in my throat scrabbling to get out


“Jeez really are you trying to scare the crap out of me” I looked round at Chad who was standing laughing


‘Sorry I didn’t think” he shook his head “Are you okay?”


“It’s… I’m fine” I said taking a deep breath “You want the whole song?”


“Oh yeah” He nodded taking a drink of whatever was steaming in the cup in his hand “Don’t hold back. We need to make sure you’re voice is back to how it should be” he gave me one last smile before he walked down the steps on to the arena floor.


 I stepped out onto the stage, the arena empty in front of me apart from people setting up. Chad walked out into the middle of the floor where the sound desk was I could see The rest of Nickleback was already out there Dan was sitting down his long legs over two chairs as he took a drink from a bottle of Beer. Mike and Ryan were pretending to sword fight with that looked like lighting tubes. They both stopped as Chad walked over to them


“Whenever you’re ready guys” The sound guy called out, I looked at the other and waited for the guys to start. The Beat and the bass pounded through me as I started to sing, this was such a guys song putting my twist on it was more than fun. My voice pushing the song and the song pushed my voice as I automatically moved round the stage this was my real love and I was discovering it properly…………………….



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