Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - F**K with the paparazzi

Submitted: January 23, 2014

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Submitted: January 23, 2014




.................. We walked back out to where the others were all waiting looking a little worried.


“You guys in trouble?” Xander asked apprehensively.


“What... oh no we’re going to a warzone” I smiled  


“What?” Jackson pulled a face as we walked to the back doors. A whole group of fanswere waiting Security made a path for us to get to the limo Jackson and Xander getting inside first while we signed a few autographs and had a few pictures taken. I slid in as lady like as I could with Alfie shoving me from behind. “What were you saying about a warzone?”


“We’re doing so shows for the USO” Kerion beamed “two at the Airbase in Germany…”


“Ramstein” Alfie Pete and I chimed in making Kerion smile even wider


“I hadn’t finished Jeez” Kerion flicked the finger as we heard shouts and cheers from outside the limo “Looks like we’re waiting for the others” we could see Nickelback doing the same as we had just done


“Dude warzone?” Jackson pleaded.


“We’re doing three shows in Kuwait and two in Afghanistan “ I laughed as the door opened and the others piled in Ryan sitting on my lap “Okay we need to get a party bus not a damn limo” I groaned I pushed him off of me only I ended up getting wedged in the corner between him and Jackson


“So you think you can rock a Kevlar corset?” Daniel Laughed as the limo pulled away from the arena


“I don’t know you’ll have to ask Marie” I pulled a face


“You’re really going to go there… I mean to a warzone” Xander swallowed “Isn’t that…:


“Dude we’re not going to be out there with them on the front line… we’re in the bases” Chad laughed “We’re all safe”


“Excuse my cousin, he’s a pussy sometimes” I shook my head at Xander


“Hey, I’m having to deal with the fall out at home from you leaving so watch it” he glared at me


“Okay I’m sorry” I held my hands up the last thing I wanted was to fight with Xander over Dimi.


“So if you’re cousins then what are you?” Chad askedpointing to Jackson and making him stutter like a fool.


“Er… I’m… er…”


“He’s our friend and the Quarter back of the school football team” I laughed “and I think he’s a little star struck with you guys being in here”


“What little old us” Mike laughed


“Yeah, old being the operative word” Kerion teased as we pulled up to the club “Just the way Chris likes em….”


“Oh Snap” Dan chuckled


“Okay see the heel on the shoe” he nodded “If you don’t want to see it up really close… as in through the eye zip it” everyone started to laugh


“Hey Chris you want to fuck with the press?” Chad laughed looking round at me and distracting me from killing my band mate




“You want to screw with the guys that are trying to screw us?” he shrugged


“Sounds painful” Alfie grinned as the driver opened the door. “Don’t you need lubricant for that” we all looked at him


‘Wow” I hung my head


“No… they want a story to make up, then we can give it to them and probably boost your record sales at the same time” Chad shrugged


“Er… we don’t have a record out yet” Pete pointed out


“You do it drops in the US Tomorrow and Europe next week” Dan winked “why do you think we were working so hard in the Studio when we were in Manchester?”


“No one said” I shook my head “surely we should have known?” this was a shocker


“Okay if it bombed would you want to know” Chad asked “would you really want to stress over it’s release while you were just getting started?


“I don’t know” Peter scratched his head


“Hey believe us it hurts like a bitch when you’re trying to start out and you get knocked on your asses” Mike reached over and closed the door again “Hell we had so many rejections before we got any sniff of a break… this time we’re in charge and we’re going to give you guys every chance to make it”


“Are we going to go in the club or sit here talking” Ryan whined “And come on you have to tell them the truth”


“What truth?” Alfie scowled


‘Nothing, he’s got a mouth and he wasn’t listening to the conversation” Mike opened the door and stepped out the others all following him. Chad looked back at me


“So if you’re not too pissed with me you still want to fuck with the paparazzi?”


“I’m not pissed. I’m confused” I sighed “and I’m wearing pink shoes which doesn’t help” he threw his head back and started to laugh he reached for the door and closed it again “Okay now, I’m really confused” I pulled a face “are we not going inside?”


“It’s okay, they can’t see in through the windows right?” I nodded “and most of your band has gotten out and most of my band has done the same… leaving…” he gestured to himself and then to me


“Ah okay I get it” I smiled I leant back he reached for a bottle of Jack Daniels and poured us both a drink and handed one to me. He moved sat opposite me stretching his legs along the seat. “So why hasn’t Elena said anything about the song?”


“Well that was one of the reasons she had to go back to the US” he took a drink “Look I know we should have probably told you guys, but like I said a while ago you all have something that is just… right” he sat up “You have an amazing voice and the guys gel with you to make what you do unbelievable” he held out his hands “and if Elena didn’t have the vested interest in you because of her son” he tipped his head a little “then I’d… we’d be managing you guys but that’s another story”


“What’s Dimitri got to do with anything?” I shook my head and took a drink


“Chris, she’s a Russian Mother bear who wants the best for her cubs. You are in her eyes the perfect girl for her son a meal ticket for want of a better word, and she’s willing to do what it takes to stay close to you so you and he are bound to keep bumping into each other” he shrugged and topped both of our drinks.


“Why do I feel like a puppet” I knocked the drink back and pinched the bridge of my nose


“Chris… You’re not I swear to you, you’re here because we all want you here. And we want you to pack the arenas like we do who knows one day we’ll open for you guys” he clinked his glass with mine. “Okay part two of the plan” he chuckled changing the subject quickly. He handed me his glass and pulled off his shirt.


“What are you doing?” I swallowed hard my voice rose as he sat half naked in front of me


“Getting naked” he laughed watching my face “I’m kidding Chris” he turned his t-shirt inside out and put it back on again and quickly messed up his hair a little I was now laughing he was devious I had to give him that. “Right you need to kiss me”


“Excuse me… I’ve only had two drinks… I think the last time I’d had more” I cried trying not to laugh


“No I mean… Hey what do you mean you’ve only had two drinks” he looked at me with wide eyes “So wounded” he put his hand on his heart


“I’m kidding, I know what you mean you need a lipstick trace right?” he nodded I reached into my purse and quickly put a fresh coat of the pink lipstick on and looked at him “Right keep your gum to yourself okay” I grinned


“I’ll try” he chucked with a wink leaning in and kissing me lightly, just enough to get a smear of lipstick on his mouth he pulled back and reached for the door “Ready?”


“No wait, and don’t look” I pulled my skirt so it rode higher “okay” he reached for the door again “No wait” I leant forward and kissed his neck catching the neck of his shirt as well as his skin. He looked at me with wide eyes


“Okay you’re getting scary good with this scheming” he looked at me and shook his head “I’m creating a monster”


“What is it Lukas says Go big or go home” I shrugged as he opened the door. the flash bulbs went into over drive lighting the night as he reached for my hand and helped me out of the car his arm slipping round my waist as we walked inside he bent his head to whisper in my ear


“Okay let them go make a story and we get to laugh at the fiction they come up with”………..



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