Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - All together

Submitted: January 24, 2014

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Submitted: January 24, 2014



....................... Even in my sleep my head pounded, I heard a thud and running footsteps then I felt a thud as Jess leapt on top of my covers and started to tug them from over my head.


“Chris… Come on we’re supposed to be having breakfast” Jess whined as she bounced up and down making my head protest, I groaned at the pain inside my skull and my stomach felt like it was trampoline  


“Jess I’m sick” I tugged the covers off of her and pulled them over my head again. She huffed and yanked them back and got in my face.


“No you’re not Xander said you drank too much beer” she screwed her nose up “you know Alcohol is bad right?


“Where’s dad?” I pulled the pillow over my eyes and tried to control the urge to throw up


“By the pool talking to Dimitri’s Mom and that Lukas guy” she lowered her head next to my ear “He’s weird”  I moved the pillow and looked at her. She smiled at me, I pushed her gently rolling her off me and shakily I got off the bed and walked to the window and looked down to see the three of them sitting at the table talking and having breakfast. I clenched my fists as I watched Elena laughing with my Father keeping him sweet


“Hey good morning sunshine” Alfie walked in with a grin on his face “Damn you were drunk last night, mind you at least you didn’t kiss anyone” I shot him the look he just laughed at me


“Hey you have any idea why the hell that’s happening” I pointed out of the window


“Chris I’m hungry” Jess whined. “can we goooooo”


“Jess just wait a minute please” I pleaded as Alfie peered over my shoulder and pulled a face


“I have no idea” he shrugged “Oh Xander and Jackson are in the other room” he whispered in my ear, I bit my lip and looked at him


“He tell you what he told me last night”


“Yeah and I’m sorry Chris” Alfie squeezed my shoulder


“I guess it was too much to hope for that I was going to find a good guy” I sighed looking back out of the window. “New Day… New Chris” I took a deep breath and groaned and put my hand to my head “Well new Chris with a mega hangover… I’m so glad we don’t have a gig tonight”


“We do tomorrow… the day these guys leave” he pointed to where Jess was now trying to walk in the shoes I wore last night and pose in the mirror “and we move to Barcelona’


“Oh kill me kill me now” I grumbled


“Go shower and I’ll go get you a coffee” Alfie put his arm round me and pushed me to the bathroom “hey Jess you want to find my sister and tell her to hurry up if she wants to come join us” Jess kicked off my shoes and hurried from my room shouting  for Alfie’s sister. I closed the bathroom door and looked at my reflection with a groan


“Bride of Frankenstein looks better than you do right now” I muttered, I turned on the water and showered trying not to throw up as I did. I got out and dressed and put on my sunglasses I grabbed two Advil and took them before I even ventured into the others in the adjoining room.



“Morning Chris” Kerion smirked pulling on a t-shirt “How’s the head?”


“Ask me after coffee” I mumbled I looked at Xander “I’m sorry for taking it out on you last night”


“Hey if you can’t lash out at me then who can you lash out at” he smiled and hugged me “You okay?”


“I’m alright and I’ll only get better and as long as no one talks about the ??? ?? ????(son of a bitch) we’ll all be fine” I picked up my purse and walked out with the others as Jess turned back up with Alfie’s sister.


“Guys hey wait” we looked round as Xander pressed the button for the elevator, Mike walked down the hall toward us “Well for one damn I’m surprised you’re even on your feet this morning” he hip checked me making me groan and hold my head


“She’s a little tender” Jackson laughed


“After the gig tonight, we’re all going to have a sit down meeting in one of the conference rooms here” He put his hands on his hips


“Why?” Alfie looked confused Mike looked at me


“You haven’t said anything ye?t”


“Nope, I was a little passed out last night when they got home. I will do though and I’ll call you” he nodded


‘We have a press thing so text and one of us will call you back” he started to walk backwards down the hall “Oh and Chris grab a paper on your way out… it’s a blast if you get a translator for the Spanish” we all looked at each other as we got into the elevators.


“So I guess something went down last night” Pete said looking at me


“Yes and No… I found out a few things I’m really unhappy about…” I sighed as Jess held my hand, the elevator reached the lobby and we stepped out right into Elena and Lukas “…but we’ll get to that later”


‘Off for breakfast?” Lukas smiled


“Yep” Pete nodded, I looked at Elena this time she looked pissed and was fixing me with a glare the could sour milk


“Christine we need to talk again” she snapped “You can go to breakfast later”


“It’ll have to wait I’m doing something” I linked Jackson’s arm


“Christine” Elena snapped


“Sorry Elena I’m not at your beck and call right now” I strode across the lobby literally dragging Jackson and Jess with me, I heard a stream of angry Russian. I didn’t look back till I was across the busy street and into a restaurant.


“Right what the hell was that?” Alfie said sitting down as everyone else caught up with us. I took off my glasses and ordered a really strong black coffee. “Chris?” Jackson took Jess’s hand and walked with her to a seat letting me sit with the rest of NeverWest


“Last night when Chad and I stayed in the limo” I looked at  them “We were talking about the record being released and us not knowing and he told me that was the reason Elena went back to the US to sort out the release. Chad he apologized for not telling us what was going on and that if Elena didn’t have such a hold on us and me in particular then he and the other’s would love to be managing us” Kerion dropped his fork onto his plate making everyone jump.


“He’s said that in the past and I always thought they were messing round” Pete frowned, I shook my head


“No they’re serious” I nodded


“Okay… but the thing with Elena?” Alfie butted in and gestured over his shoulder to the hotel with his thumb


“Well apparently Elena wants to have a hold over me so I have to keep” I did quotation marks in the air with my fingers “bumping into Dimitri”


“What?’ Xander pulled a face “She thinks if you’re under her management she can bring him in and out of your life” Xander was getting pissed “Chris that’s not fair on you or on these guys”


“I know that… and believe me Dimitri Carpov is the last person I want to see right now” I picked up my coffee and took a sip of the almost mud like drink in my hands and relished the calming feeling it had on my stomach. “But according to Chad, Elena wants to keep me close because she thinks I’m right for her son… and I’m his meal ticket”


“Wow” Alfie sat back and shook his head a utter look of shock on his face


“This is insane” Kerion leant on the table “are we only here bec..”


“No” I cut him off  sharply “We’re here because we’re good at what we do according to the people that matter” I shrugged pushing away the plate of food as the smell turned my stomach “I went to ask Chad last night if they would still be willing to manage us… I know I should have talked to you guys first but I was angry and I felt like we were all being used” I looked at them “Look If you went to stay with Elena then we will but I can’t trust her anymore not when she doesn’t truly have our best interests at heart it’s all about what she can get”


“No I can’t trust her either” Pete  sat back “How the hell is it okay for her to think that she can play with your feelings like that does she not know what Dimitri’s doing? Let alone the fact she’s screwing with the rest of us”


‘She said she knows what he did with Reba and she doesn’t like her but to find out he cheated on me at least 6 weeks ago when he left us in Wisconsin after he’d done that Russian poem in the stage for me and all that bull shit…” the hangover took a back seat as I found the strength I the faces of my friends “there’s no chance for us now how the hell could I trust him again  he used me at the end of the day”


“I’m in having Nickelback manage us” Alfie put his elbows on the table


‘Me to we stick together right” Kerion put his hand over mine and squeezed his reassurance


“One in all in right?” Pete smiled


‘Thanks guys, I ‘m sorry you’re having to deal with this when we should be...”


“Hey don’t worry about it, Anyway when you get as drunk as you did last night it makes up for it… it’s free entertainment” Pete chuckled “So tonight we stick together right” we nodded at him “Okay lets eat and at least have some fun for the rest of the day before we have to go to work”…………………….



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