Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Coming to a head

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Submitted: January 27, 2014




.............. The nerves ramped up as we all walked down the hall toward the meeting room. Dan opened the door; Elena was already inside and had got herself situated at the top of the table with her back to the windows that over looked the city below. Her phone and laptop on the table in front of her, she watched each of us walk into the room. Lukas pulled out a chair for me to sit down before walking to the chair at the opposite end of the table facing Elena. Alfie sat next to me on one side with Kerion on the other Pete sat next to him Nickelback lining up across from us. I kept my eyes focused on the flower arrangement in the center of the table and wished to god I was back on the stage.


“So who’s going to get this started?” Elena asked the anger seeping into her voice her accent making her sound like she’d never even visited the US.


“Ladies first” Lukas smiled as he moved forward in his chair his eyes fixing her with a stare that made me feel nervous as all hell.


“Why? Why do you want to take away MY band I found them… I created them” She banged her hand on the table making me jump Kerion looked at me and smiled a ‘I want to run outta here’ kinda smile


“No, you admittedly found them and brought them to our attention” Lukas was cool and calm and didn’t raise his voice “I organized the contracts for them”


“They are down to me” her accent seemed to get heavier “They are MY BAND”


“Excuse me” I half put my hand up making Chad smirk at me “I think you’ll find that our music teacher found us, it was him that put the four of us together” I looked at her “you’re sons asked you to have us sing at the party you were having” I emphasized the word sons, Ryan leant in and whispered something to Chad who just nodded as they watched us as. Elena narrowed her eyes and stared at me like I was something that had fell out of a cows butt.


“Well you would know all about both of my son’s wouldn’t you” a wry smile etched it’s way on to her face “Dimi told me about what happened with you and Nikolai” I groaned inwardly her innuendo made it sound like I was screwing both of them in the same bed at the same time, all eyes fell on me “There are words for a girl like you”


“Hey. We’re here to talk about you walking away with a fat paycheck” Chad’s turn to slam his hand down “Your personal feelings to Chris should have nothing to do with any of this… Its business” she turned her head slowly to look at him


“You’d understand all about that wouldn’t you” she threw the paper on the table the picture of Chad and I from the night before. It spun to a stop in front of Chad he didn’t even glance at it


“Like I said this is about NeverWest not any feelings anyone has on a personal level” he tipped his head and looked at her. My heart was in my throat right now and was pretty close to choking me.


“There was a get out clause in the contract” Lukas said ignoring what had just happened and getting in before Elena could have another shot “you get this” he slid an envelope across the table, she put her hand on it stopping it going anywhere “And you’ll get another $100,000 in six months time” Elena lifted the envelope and put it in her bag. “Bear in mind we only owed you one payment and we are giving you two”


“So she sleeps with Chad and you push me out of the picture” she looked back at Chad and then at me,


“Wow” Alfie rubbed his temples  and Kerion hung his head, Pete shot me a look of did she really just say that, I felt my hackles rise as her accusation sank in


“Hey” I got to my feet, Alfie held onto my wrist I glared at Elena “I haven’t slept with anyone, since some Russian son of a bitch swore black and blue he wouldn’t hurt me, but so help me God now I’m single who I sleep with is going to be my business and my business only…If I want to bang Chad or anyone else off of every surface of every venue it’s going to be up to me” all the guys round the table looked at each other and backed away slightly. “Now sign whatever it is you need to sign and stop trying to make me the perfect girl for your son because I’m not, and I’m not going to let myself be in a relationship like that again where he can do what he wants but I have to do what he says” I was glaring at her over the table as she reached for the contact and signed it.


“We trusted you…” Pete said as Kerion and Alfie pulled me back down into my seat “We trusted you but you used us to keep Chris part of Dimitri’s life, do you know how sick that is to try to control all of us?”


“I hope you’ll all be happy” she got up ignoring Pete and put her things into her bag, I reached over Kerion and squeezed Pete’s hand as the nerve in his “I want to talk to Christine alone”


“Hell no” Kerion got up and shook his head vigorously


“It’s okay” I got up I had more confidence now she’d signed our lives over to people that gave a damn about us for the right reasons I walked to the door that lead to a second room There were some looks on all of the guys face that showed that they weren’t happy about me doing this, Elena followed me and stepped over to the windows and looked out before rounding on me.


“You think you’re it don’t you” she growled “You are nothing but a dime store whore” she walked round me like a wild dog about to go in for the kill “Chad’s written song’s about girls like you on their knees” Her voice was low her accent making it hard to understand some of what she was saying “You used Dimi to get to me to get to where you are”


“You’re delusional” I shook my head at her “How the hell did you work that out. He never talked about his parents at school and I found out what you did on the way to your party… I never thought I was good enough to be professional would I have liked a chance hell yes who wouldn’t, but I was happy doing what I was doing. We never sought out an agent or a manager” I turned on her “I’m not some sort of puppet for you to dangle in front of Dimitri because you think I’m going to be the good wife and his cash cow, while he screws around behind my back”


“You have the nerve to talk about him screwing around you got his brother naked” She literally screamed in my face


“Yes I did, because I thought it was the right way to get back at Arron for what he did I thought all I had to do was find a guy and fuck him” I got in her face “But at least you have one good son and he made me see sense” I was going to let her know that Niko was the more moral out of her boys


“No Nikolai has taste… He just doesn’t like whores that get pregnant and are weak against their men like you and the farm boy” The red mist descended like I’d never known before and my fist balled up and swung


“Whoa no you don’t” Dan’s voice cut the air and I was grabbed round the waist and turned round so I was facing Lukas. Alfie pulled me over with him and the others the three of them crowding round me not letting her get close “We don’t need an excuse for her to issue a law suit” Dan shot me a smirk


“I don’t care” I yelled I lunged at her only to get Kerion and Pete grabbing me around the waist and pulling me backwards “You bitch. You god damn bitch… I lost that baby because of what the farm boy did to me… yes I shouldn’t have been pregnant when I was 17 but shit it happens and I didn’t ask for the crap to be kicked out of me because he’d got me pregnant”


“Get Chris to your room” Lukas barked the order at Alfie “keep her there… Chad can you go get hotel security to have Mrs. Carpov escorted from the building” Alfie nodded and pulled me out of the door with Pete and Kerion on our heels


“My pleasure” Chad followed us out in to the hall and over to the elevator “Chris you okay?” I just gave a single nod as I paced angrily waiting for the doors to open


“We’ll make sure she’s okay” Kerion sighed


“Good, we’ll be up there in a while” Chad walked back down the hall with two of the hotels security guards.


“You’re not going to hit one of us are you?” Pete asked with a slight tone of relief in his voice as it sank in to all of us that she was out of our lives, we stepped in the elevator


“No, but just give me a few minutes okay” they all knew that I meant just don’t talk to me and let me calm myself down and get things sorted out in my own head I felt my muscles and every part of me was as tense  as if I’d had a jolt of electricity through my body……………….



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