Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - First red carpet

Submitted: January 27, 2014

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Submitted: January 27, 2014



...................... Walking the red carpet was amazing. People were calling our names and the flash bulbs were going off like fireworks. Nickelback were in front of us doing what they needs to while we did our thing as NeverWest .It was a logistical nightmare with the amount of people on the carpet and the amount of press there covering it. Chad walked back down the carpet toward us and bent his head to say something in my ear making flash bulbs go off almost like strobe lights.


“I’m not saying anything… I’m just screwing with the press” he chuckled “Have you been asked about us?” I shook my head “Oh I have” he moved away and poked his tongue out and walked back to the others.


“Okay you and he are having way too much fun with this” Alfie laughed putting his hand in the small of my back


“Yes we are” I grinned at him as we walked up to the final interview post before going inside.


“So NeverWest is at Number one in four countries in the space of a week” the girl beamed at us “Congratulations”


“What?” Kerion pulled a WTF face, we all mirrored


“You didn’t know?”


“No we only flew in from Spain this morning and we haven’t seen anything” I said shaking my head “life is a little hectic right now I can’t remember what the day is most of the time”


“Well you’ve got number one in the US, England, Spain and Italy” she was one of Over the top ADHD kinda women with too many teeth for her mouth and boobs that looked like two hard beach balls under the top “and it’s looking like several other countries you’ll be heading their charts as well soon”


“Well that’s awesome, it’s all happened so fast but we have to say thank you to people who seem to like us, and like the single” Alfie laughed draping his arm round me.


“I have to ask this because we all want to know Christine if the pictures are anything to go by have you already netted yourself a rock star?”


“I’m the only girl in the two bands we’re with, I’m kinda surrounded by them” I smiled giving the politically correct answer.


“Oh come on you and Chad Kroeger” she grinned


“Yeah, he’s defiantly one of the ones I live with” I nodded Kerion was trying not to laugh. The reporter opened her mouth but was cut off.


“Okay we need to get them inside” One of the producers came up behind her making her look like she wanted to kill him.


“Okay well I must be losing my touch as neither Chad Kroeger or Christine Sommers would give us any gossip” she smiled into the camera as we stepped away and into the building the producer hurrying us to our seats I looked at the row our names were already on the seats.


“Nice” I laughed “you do this?” I looked at my name next to the seat where Chad was sitting he grinned at me with Mike sitting next to him laughing as he held out his hands, I moved along the row and sat down.


“Christine would I?” he smirked “Dan did it” I shook my head and had to laugh at them all trying to look innocent.


“You know when I said no to being asked about us” he nodded “Well I just was”


“The girl at the end with the teeth” I nodded “What did you tell her?”


“Nothing which frustrated the crap out of her” I smiled


“Nice job” he laughed high fiving me.


Half way through the awards we had to get up and change to sing the song that was now considered a hit. I was holding on to the door frame while being placed into the Black and gold corset.  Lukas was backstage holding on to the Bracelet and earrings while I went on stage. I wiggled my toes in the new boots and tried to remember the words to the song.


“Well you weren’t wearing that the other night” I looked over my shoulder Jon Bon Jovi was standing smiling in the hall “I had to come and tell you nice job again” he held out his hand. I shook it not knowing how to speak it was like meeting Nickelback all over again, cotton mouth reigned supreme. He put his head round the dressing room door and looked at the guys “I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys do live” I head a clatter of drumsticks and an ‘Oh Shit’ from Alfie. Jon backed out laughing and walked away Pete came over. As I looked down the hallway after him


“He spoke he actually spoke to us” He was shaking me making the wardrobe girl tut at him as she tried to tie of the ends of the laces


“I just realized something” Kerion said putting his head on Alfie’s shoulder, Pete and I looked at him “Normally when we’re on stage its fans… people we don’t know right?”


“Yeah and?” I frowned as my ear pieces were handed to me along with my microphone


“Tonight we’re going out there in front of people that we’ve been fans of ourselves” we all looked at him


“Shit” Pete groaned and hung his head


“All done” the wardrobe mistress patted my hip as the stage manager came hurrying over.


“Go, go, go” he hustled us to the side of the stage Alfie nudged me and pointed to the second stage. Chad was standing there with Mike. 


“What they doing?” Kerion said as he walked out on the stage I shook my head as I looked at the others they just shrugged at me before they took there guitars and stepped out into the darkness. I watched as Chad and Mike were cued from the floor.


“Okay We have the pleasure every night of their company” Mike beamed as a cheer went up from the crowd


“And god to we love them…” Chad smiled a lot of whistles and Catcalls came from the audience “It’s my honor to introduce one hell of a hot and I truly mean hot band… NeverWest” They walked away on the other side of the stage.


The music took me to that happy place again making the nerves vanish, by the time we took our bow we had everyone on their feet. It felt so different compared to a normal gig but so good at the same time. We hurried off the stage and changed back from the stage costumes into the clothes we’d arrived in and were shown back to our seats. Lukas leant across us and handed me the earrings and bracelet back.


“Awesome job” he nodded “Even if that ring I think stole the show”


“Thank you… and I just forgot to take it off” I shrugged looking a the ring before I poked Chad in the arm “And you”


“What?” he poked his tongue in his cheek


“How much innuendo can you put into two sentences?”


“Oh Chris he wanted to do more” Mike laughed pushing his brother back in the seat “I had to reign him in”


“Thank you for that” I shook my head at Chad who was grinning from ear to ear


“Oh and Chris” I looked back to Mike “The ring”


“I know beautiful isn’t it?”


“No the finger”


“Oh that was all his idea” I pointed down the row to Pete who was wide eyed looking round at the stars in there.


“Didn’t you notice…” he looked at Chad “Move seats let me talk to Chris”


“No what if the camera pans round” Chad frowned at him


“Then she’s sitting next to your already married brother” he laughed “now move your ass” Chad moved letting Mike slid into his seat next to me. “You didn’t notice that” he grabbed Chad’s left hand and pulled it across him “he got an new ring too” I groaned “and believe me I’ve been asked twice in the damn bathroom by reporters if you two were engaged already” I looked down at the ring on my finger.


“Shortest engagement ever… the ring’s on loan” I started to laugh making Mike Laugh as well. Lukas shot us a shut up look. I turned away from Mike and tried to compose myself.


 I looked up at a German singer that was on the stage to announce the award for best international rock group. We waited while the nominations were read out including Nickelback. He opened the envelope and announced them as the winners. The guys all got up and hugged each other before they hugged all of us Chad took my face in his hands and planted a quick kiss on my lips and hugged me.


“Well that just got beamed round the world” he whispered he moved away and walked up on to the stage.


 I almost wanted the ground to swallow me right there and then as the sound of ‘Burn it to the ground’ filled the theatre. I could feel my face was beet red, and I knew it would be a huge ‘I warned you it wasn’t anyone’s business but mine’ to Elena and Dimitri.


“Okay for acting the sexual tension is ridiculous” Pete chuckled as he lent in to me


“Yeah right” I swatted him “your all hot and horny because you have Taylor Swift sitting in front of you… you’re getting confuddled with that” I linked his arm and hugged it “Tonight has to rank up there with one of the best ever”


“Not bad for 4 band geeks Eh?” he said nodding in agreement .


“No not bad at all…………….



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