Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Getting numbers

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Submitted: January 27, 2014



…………. “There’s and after party you’ve all been invited to by the record company” Lukas said sliding into the seat as the driver closed the door to the limo “But don’t forget we have to be at the air base by eleven thirty in the morning, we’re leaving the hotel at eleven” he looked round at all of us “so please no getting drunk off your asses so you can’t function without 10 gallons of coffee and a bottle of Advil” he pleaded making us all try to look innocent


“You not coming to the party?” Ryan asked putting his award on the seat next to him.


“No I have some things I need to get picked up and then I have a meeting”


“At almost midnight?” Alfie pulled a face. “Dude that’s late”


“Yes at almost midnight and yes it’s late… We’ve got the shots coming in from the printers from the magazine shoot that we’re using for the USO tour for you to sign for the troops” he explained I swallowed hard.


“The ones from two days ago?” he nodded “Oh damn” it had been the first shoot we’d done for a magazine and it was extremely… well let’s just say WOW and something so out of my comfortzone.


“Lukas We’ll make sure these guys are good” Mike laughed “We’ll keep Chris away from the vodka” I flicked him the finger


“I’m serious guys this is a Military thing and it’s huge you know that” Lukas begged


“We’ll be here an hour two at the most and then go back to the hotel and tuck ourselves up in bed like good little rock stars” Dan said putting his hand over his heart Lukas opened his mouth to say something as my phone started to ring.


Me * hey Mom


I heard groans from around the car making me smile


Mom * I just saw the show honey… I’m so proud of you

Me * thanks… how’s the book thing going?


I didn’t want to start to discuss the ins and outs of the show with her


Mom * Incredible the Italians are so crazy for the books… and I’m already six chapters into the new novel you’re inspiring me so much with all that’s happening to you


I groaned and hung my head a little


Mom* you see Stephanie is getting pushed around too much by Abel and he’s pushing her for money and she gets swept up into the arms of a strong good looking Russian called DANILA that comes to her rescue in a club when Able tries to choke Stephanie.


My head snapped up and I felt my eyes get wide Alfie nudged me I shook my head at him


Mom* So I’m looking at the pictures whose the hottie kissing you tonight should I change it for American rather than Russian

Me * mom you can’t do that and he’s Canadian


All eyes turned to me I pinched the bridge of my nose I was so glad I hadn’t put this call on speaker

Mom * Oooo a French Canadian even better

Me * Mom Stop…you can’t do that…

Mom * Honey of course I can… so what’s happening with you and Mr. Canada, does he hit all the right places for you darling

Me * Mom don’t okay, just don’t. Do you know what the press would do with it if they found out we’re relate… and nothing’s going on with us


I chewed my lip


Mom * It’s your mother you’re talking to there is no need to lie Sweetie… I saw the red carpet stuff and let me tell you for the point of view of the audience there were sparks

Me * Wow… has the doctor upped your meds or something

Mom * no… I want to meet him you know…

Me * meet who?

Mom * the guy from the band your with… what is it Dollarback

Me * okay now that’s really sad that you don’t know the name of the band I’m touring with and it’s Nickelback.


I hung my head, Kerion put his arm round me and hugged me to him


Mom * oh silly me I knew it was something to do with money

Me * Mom I have to go I’m going to a party

Mom * okay honey make sure you use protection.. you do have condoms don’t you?

Me * Okay now I’m done…


I hung up the phone


“Chris?” Pete leant forward and nudged me


“My mother has no clue” I looked at him and shook my head “All she wants to do is use me to make the Stephanie character more real”


“Sorry” Pete squeezed my hands


“Its okay I’ll get Dad to try to talk some sense into her” no one else said anything as the limo stopped at another huge hotel again with a red carpet outside.


“We can get the lawyers involved” Chad offered


“I’ll see if I can get her not to tell people she’s my mother first and then we’ll go from there” I sighed “Oh and she thinks you’re a hottie which I have to say is really icky coming from my mother” the others started to laugh as the door opened.


“I’ll grab you a beer” Pete smirked as I pulled the ringing phone from my purse again, I nodded and walked over to the hall between the bathrooms where it wasn’t as noisy.


Me * you called to yell?

Niko * No I called to make sure you were okay, but I wasn’t sure you’d take the call

Me * you’re not your mom trying to play puppet master and you’re not you douche bag cheating brother so I’m good talking to you, I’ve never had issue with you Niko

Niko * I’m sorry Chris… for all this crap

Me * it’s not your fault

Niko * I know but it’s my family

Me * I won’t hold it against you

Niko * so how are you... I mean… I know you’re amazing, I watched the award thing tonight… and we all saw the kiss?


Okay was he calling to fish for details



Me * the tours going amazingly, we’re having a blast and Niko don’t believe everything you see okay

Niko * What?


I heard doors slam and a stream of Russian


Niko * Chris I have to go because I have my brother standing glaring at me. So Chris have fun okay and don’t forget not all Russians are ass holes

Me * I know and call me whenever you want and thanks Niko.


I hung up as a bottle of beer was waved in front of my face


“Did you just say Niko?’ Kerion handed me a beer


“Yep he called me to see how we were doing” I leant on the wall.


“He call to bitch about his mom?” Kerion mirrored my pose on the opposite wall


“Nope” I shook my head “which shocked me”


“You think there might be another motive?”


“You mean Dimitri?” Kerion nodded “I don’t know. I do know that as long as you guys know what’s going on then that’s what matters” I took a drink “I think one thing I’m learning really quickly who I can really trust I  linked his arm “Come on lets go have some fun for a while” We spent the next hour or so meeting people we’d only dreamt of meeting a few months before, it was like being in some insane fantasy dream.


“You guys ready to go?’ Chad walked to Alfie and Pete


“We are... but I think Chris is getting hit on again…” Alfie started to laugh as I walked over pushing my phone into my purse


“What?” I looked at them


“Were all leaving” Mike said knocking back the last of his beer “And you look like the cat that got the cream”


“Hey are you getting numbers?’ Chad smirked putting his hands on his hips. I batted my eye lashes and cocked my head


“What sweet little ole Me” I put my hand on my chest and fluttered my eyelashes “I don’t know what you mean”


“Yeah right…” Kerion poked my side “Kellan Lutz had one hand on your ass while he messed with your phone” he laughed. I took a deep breath and looked round trying not to grin wider and split my cheeks open.


‘So where’s the limo?” I pushed my tongue in my cheek as the doorman opened the door for us. Pete put his arm round my shoulders as the crowds seemed to converge a little as we stepped out. Chad moved in front of me and protectively took my hand and tucked me behind him as the flash bulbs went off. I got in the limo behind Chad the other following suit, Mike looked at me and shook his head


“Looks well… he gives you a ring and six hours later you’re getting your ass felt by some actor” he teased. I opened my mouth to say something and they all looked at me and just started to laugh. Damn sometimes it was a pain being the only girl in the guys club………………….



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