Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Lukas is Human!

Submitted: January 28, 2014

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Submitted: January 28, 2014



...................... I groaned as the alarm beeped like it was going to explode, I rolled over and smacked it looking at the time, eight am. I sat up as Pete walked in and handed me a coffee and his laptop.


“Damn what time did you wake up?” I yawned as he sat next to me on the bed.


“Morning to you as well” He laughed “Alfie’s snoring woke me… I went to the gym and showered and I’m stressing about the flight… but we’re not going to go there” he opened the lap top as I took a drink of the coffee, smiling at the warmth as it slid down my throat “Listen to this” he opened the web browser to a page from E-online. I moved closer to him to see the screen, there was a photo from the red carpet from when Chad had come over. Pete took a deep breath and tried to hide his grin “You ready for this?” I nodded “okay the head line is ‘The ring, the looks…That kiss” I raised my eye brow and settled back against the pillows and waited for him to carry on reading. “Canadian rock star Chad Kroeger last night was giving nothing away when he turned up to the European music awards with not only his band, but also the band that’s climbing up every chart in the world right now… NeverWest.  Their lead singer Christine Sommers seems to have caught the eye of the Nickelback front man if previous pictures are anything to go by. NeverWest are opening for Nickelback for the entire length of their world tour. But the question on all our lips is what does the large art deco ring on Christine’s all important finger mean?  Chad we know hasn’t been linked to anyone since splitting from his girlfriend early last year. So has Christine tamed the rock god and reined him in for herself? We’ll wait to see if an invitation for a wedding drops in the mail.” Pete looked at me and we both burst out laughing


“You do know I’m blaming you for this” I poked him in the ribs as I put my coffee down


“How do you work that out?” he looked at me


“You made me put the ring on that finger last night” I got out of bed and walked over to the dresser “I had it on the other hand and you steamed in and told me to switch hands.


“Oh I did, didn’t I?” he laughed; I looked at him and nodded “Sorry… well not really it’s funny as hell” he scrunched up his nose. I opened the jewelry box that the things from the night before and picked up the ring.


“Just think what will get written when they don’t see me wearing it again” I pushed it back into the grey velvet of the box “Hey can you do me a favor?”


“Sure” He nodded


“Could you go grab me a bagel while I go take these…” I lifted the box “…back to Lukas so he can send back to the Jeweler?” I pouted as I closed the box


“Cream cheese” he asked getting off the bed and putting his laptop down


“Sure and more coffee” I nodded walking to the door


“Hey Mrs. Kroeger” he called out teasing.


“Oh shut up… or you’ll be a bridesmaid” I bumped into the Maid in the hall “Sorry” she just nodded and smiled at me. I walked down the hall and knocked on Lukas’s door. A tall blonde opened the door in just her underwear “Opps sorry wrong room” I said as I was horrified I’d knocked on a strangers door. Chad’s door opened and he and Mike walked out.


“Chris” Lukas hurried to the door a sheet wrapped round his waist “Is everything okay?” he moved the blond out of the way and ran his fingers through his hair. I tried not to smile she walked back into the darkened room. I tipped my head to the side and poked  my tongue in my cheek. “Jeez… yes, I brought home a girl last night” he moaned his cheeks turning red


“Hey I wasn’t going to say anything but at least we know you are human after all” I shrugged and suppressed a giggle


“Gee thanks Christine” he shook his head “Morning guys” I looked round.


“Morning” Mike smiled


“Hi” I looked back at Lukas “I was just bringing back the loaned jewelry from last night” I handed him the box


“Oh right yeah” he nodded “Thanks” Mike leant on my shoulder


“You have the nerve to tell us to behave last night Lukas” He grinned “So this was the late meeting you had… hmmm going on to early morning as well I see” I looked at Mike and the two of us laughed


“Okay shut up both of you” Lukas moved back from the door


“Hey you need to make sure you’re ready for when we leave we have to be outta here at eleven” Chad called out as Lukas closed the door giving the finger round the edge of it making the three of burst out in to loud laughter. Chad took a breath and nudged me “So you coming down for breakfast?”


“No Pete’s bringing me some. I want to make sure I’ve got everything that needs to come with me to Kuwait and the rest can go on to Italy” I said as we walked back down the hall, I stopped walking and groaned.


“What?” Mike frowned at me


“We’re heading to Italy aren’t we after we get back?” they both nodded “Well that’s where my Mom is for the next two months” I leant on the wall and rubbed my hands over my face


“Okay so I have to ask, and I might sound dumb but what’s wrong with your Mom?” Chad put his hands on his hips as I pushed of the wall and went back to my door


“My Mom is the Author of the Stephanie Sanders books” they both looked at each other blankly, I sighed and leant on the door to my room “The ‘Rock Baby’ and ‘Dark rock’ novels”


“OOOOO them, I know my wife loves them” Mike smiled like a kindergarten getting a question right on the first day, his eyes got wide “Oooo your Stephanie” He wiggled his finger at me at the realization, I half shrugged.


“My Mom took my love of singing and my middle name and her maiden name and created Stephanie Sanders” I chewed my cheek


“Having a book where you’re the main character must be cool” Chad said trying to sound hopeful “Right?”


“You’d think, but considering in the last book…”


“You had a drug issue” Mike butted in we both looked at him “Okay so I took a read when we were on vacation” he held up his hands “The boyfriend is a real loser though”


“You mean Abel the ranch boy” I said shaking my head “three guesses who he’s based on?”


“Arron” Chad shook his head


“Bingo. She changed his name but kept the initial and she had him on a ranch not a farm” I looked at the two of them


“Wow that’s fucked up” Mike ran his hand through his hair and pulled a face


“Tell me about it, the strongest drugs I’ve taken are pain killers after I broke my arm in my freshman year. The conversation I was having with her last night was her mainly talking about her new book, and how everything going on is giving her so much inspiration”


“We heard you tell her she couldn’t do something” Mike folded his arms across his chest “What was that about?”


“Apparently in this next book while Stephanie is touring Abel is trying to kill Stephanie by choking her and she get saved by a Russian whose name starts with a D” Chad and Mike got wide eyed


“Does she not know it’s the last information you need getting out?” Chad spat angrily and began to pace


“One thing you have to understand about my Mom, is she lives in her work, not the real world. She doesn’t see that writing about things that have happened to me will do any harm” I put my hand on the door handle “That’s why she doesn’t’ know most of it, I was glad she didn’t come to Spain when everyone else did. She only knows about the rape because for once she was home and the police contacted my parents” Pete stepped off the elevator with my bagel in his hand and half a one hanging out of if mouth “I’ll catch you guys later”


“Chris, we can deal with her” Chad put his hand on my arm, I just nodded at him “Hey Pete” Pete waved as he handed me a bagel and pulled a carton of juice from the pocket of his jeans and gave that to me as well I closed the door I hated feeling like all I was bringing right now was problems but they just seemed to keep coming……………..



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