Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Sprayed on Costume

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Submitted: January 20, 2014




.................... We got to the end of the two songs the second one turned out better than we thought it would considering it wasn’t totally finished. Dan was on his feet his fingers in his mouth whistling loudly and Mike and Ryan applauded


“Nice job guys” Ryan called out making the four of us literally beam with pride Chad walked over to the stage and took the steps two at a time


“Well, I think we can say your voice is back to how it should be” he actually looked relieved “Only a few miss hit notes but I think we can put that down to nerves” he pushed his hands in the pockets of his jeans “I think you should wait till we’ve done our sound check then we can get some lunch and go over a few things”


“Sure” that was all I could think of saying as he looked at me as I nodded. I was in front of a guy that 2 months ago was in my eyes a rock god and now he was normal, he really was just a normal guy that gave me a dose of cotton mouth when he talked about how he liked my voice.


My phone started to ring as I walked off the stage The rest of Nickelback were already getting ready to go on stage as we headed back to the dressing room that actually had our name on the door making the guys have a silly five minutes taking pictures of themselves by the sign. I answered the phone with a grin on my face


Me * hey you,

Jess * Mom and Dad said I could call you as soon as I got up and I just got up

Me * I’m glad you did I miss you


I sat down on a sofa in the room and listened to my little sister



Jess * I miss you as well, Daddy said you should be in England now, have you met the Queen yet?

Me * yep we landed here a few hours ago and I think she lives in a different city. I’m not in London and I don’t think she’ll be going to go see Nickelback

Jess * oh… well she’s crazy… everyone should see Nickleback

Me * I know who’d miss Nickelback right


She made me laugh


Jess * Because then she’d get to see you and the rest of NeverWest… Oh I’m getting a ride to school today?

Me * okay from who?
Jess * Niko and Dimi


The excitement in her voice was  an indication of how she felt about the guys



Me * okay how come?


Jess went quiet


Me * Jess?

Jess * I got into a fight with some kids about you and they we’re picking on me about you we’re gone and not coming back and you weren’t a rock star

Me * you know that’s not true right I’ll be back in a month… and I’ll get someone to send you pictures so you can show them me on stage okay

Jess * I know and that would be awesome… but Dimi called to make sure I was okay



The thought that my boyfriend and his brother we checking up on my 7 year old sister made me want to cry. I knew she had Xander but for them to go that extra mile was a reason to not regret doing this


Jess * and I told him what had happened so he and Niko are taking me to school and helping the gym teacher with the sport day today

Me * see you have big brothers like you always wanted

Jess * I know you need to marry that hot Russian piece of ass

Me * Jess where the hell…

Jess * I heard a girl say that about him when we went for dinner at the weekend… Dimi didn’t like her she was a skank I think Niko called her


I blinked at the choice of colorful language my sister had picked up in the space of a few days



Me * okay I think I need to talk to those two about the things they say round you

Jess * I have to go Mom’s shouting me

Me * okay and I love you

Jess * I love you too I’ll tell Dimi I spoke to you

Me * okay have a good day at school


The phone disconnected Alfie put his arm round me and hugged me to him, I hadn’t even heard them come into the room


“You okay?” Kerion asked as he opened a bottle of water


“Yeah two Russians we know are teaching my sister stuff she really shouldn’t know” I laughed the door opend and Lukas walked into the room


“You’re sounding awesome again” Lukas came over to me “I need you to go to wardrobe so they can sort you out with the new stage stuff we got in for you”


‘Sure” okay this was the fun stuff getting to wear things I could never dream of affording


“Hey we do still have the FMB don’t we? because they are Chris’s alter ego” Kerion laughed ducking as I went to Gibbs slap him, the boots were the one thing they’d always given me crap over


“Yes we do still have the thigh high boots” Lukas laughed “But new ones”


“Awesome” I smiled heading door before I closed it on them guys. I walked to the door marked Wardrobe and went inside, thirty minutes later I walked into the room where the guys were sitting and waited for the barrage of trash talk


“Damn” Alfie choked “Is that stuff sprayed on?”


“I feels like it” I looked in the mirror at the skin tight jeans and the tight black corset top and red leather Jacket.


“Where did they find a red cow for those boots and how tall are you now?” Pete walked round me like a freak in the circus


“I know” I nodded ‘If they want me to walk down the stairs on these I will kill myself” I lifted the four inches spikes I was on


“They need training wheels” Kerion pulled out his phone and snapped a picture “I got to send this to Dimi and please tell me you are taped into that top because you look fit to fall out”………………





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