Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Heros

Submitted: January 28, 2014

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Submitted: January 28, 2014



……………… We walked out of the hotel and got into the limo.


“Aw” I groaned pouting and looking around the inside of the car at all the guys


“What?” Alfie looked at me


“Well I was hoping for once I wasn’t going to be the only girl squished in here with all of you guys” I looked at Lukas


“Yeah Lu, where is the blond?” Mike laughed


“Okay… on to the USO thing” Lukas laughed ignoring Mike and I “The courier dropped off the publicity shots last night and I have to say they look amazing, better than I hoped they would”


“We always do look amazing” Dan smirked


“I was talking about NeverWest” Lukas pointed over to us “And I have to say damn Chris I think you’ll have the Army… well… let’s just say I hope they keep their weapons in check” I groaned and blushed and hung my head, Pete put his arm round me and rubbed my head as he laughed


“Hey we were there and every guy in the room was turn…” Kerion held out his hands and grinned


“Okay shut up” I groaned my head buried in Pete’s T-shirt “I don’t know how the hell you talked me into it”


“Hey do we get to see these pictures?’ Ryan held out his hands “To get a reaction like this they have to be good”


“No” I looked up my face was beet red “and they might be”


“Oh now we have to with a face that red” Dan laughed


“You can’t you’re married” I shook my head


“So are some of the troops” Lukas laughed


“I’ll look at the pictures and tell you guys what it’s like” Chad grinned I put my head back down, the car stopped, I moved faster than the driver “What’s the deal with the pictures?”


“Okay everyone out” I reached for the door handle


“She was in some hot underwear” Alfie laughed I looked at him


“Thanks pal” I groaned


“Chris they were going to see them anyway and you looked good” Pete shrugged


“Fine” I sat back down


“You had her picture taken in her underwear?” Chad looked at Lukas Mike put his hand on Chad’s arm and shook his head at him before looking over at me.


“It was the Photographers idea, and by the way Chris the underwear company want to offer you a contract to model the next ranges ad campaign” I opened my mouth and closed it again as the door was opened Lukas got out all the guys were looking at me.




“You’ll be the new pinup girl” Mike laughed getting out if the limo.


“See I knew you guys would give me shit” I moaned following him, I looked round. “Wow” Okay the conversation seemed to pale for the moment. Ryan whistled there were a row of hangers with USAF painted on the side, fighter jets were lined up with guys buzzing round them.


“Welcome to Ramstein Airbase” I looked round and saw a guy in Uniform waiting for all of us.


“Col. Tanner right” Lukas pointed to the Name on the guy’s chest and offered him his hands


“Yes Sir… United States Marine Corps” he nodded, he had a naughty boy twinkle in his eye


“He’s cute” I whispered nudging Alfie


“Really he’s as old as your Dad Chris” Alfie wrinkled his nose


“So he has a cute ass” I tipped my head as the Col turned around to say something to someone he was with


“And a wedding band” Ryan laughed from behind me


“Hey let me ogle” I turned round and smiled “All I have to look at is the seven of you, this is fresh window dressing” Ryan hung his head and shook it


“Sir” another guy walked over “The flights ready and the men are on board”


“Thank you Gunny” the Col nodded before looking back at all of us “My kids are going to be so jealous” he smiled at me and then looked at Chad “and so is my wife”


“Col did you get the boxes that were sent yesterday” Lukas walked over with him


“Yes Sir” he nodded, all loaded on to the fligh”t he indicated toward a huge plane “I’m sorry it’s not a commercial standard but we do what we can” we started to follow him across the tarmac, people were stopping doing what they were doing to look and try to work out if it really was who they were seeing. “It gets pretty chilly up there so we have jackets for you guys as well” he explained.


“So what are we traveling with?” Pete asked.


“Well two Platoons of Marines and some supplies” There were two Marines standing at the foot of the steps “Sgt you have the jackets?”


“On Board sir” he nodded trying not to look at all of us “And I think we should have knocked the guys out on board they’re getting a little…” he smiled


“I Know Sgt” the Col laughed he looked round at us “It was let slip that they were sharing the flight with Nickelback and NeverWest and they’ve been like a bunch of …well Marines on R&R”


“Well we’ll have to make it a memorable flight for them” Chad laughed


“Ladies first” The Col looked at me and stepped back


“Damn Chris… I think that’s the first time you’ve been called a lady” Kerion laughed Lukas groaned and shook his head


“For the purpose of this flight she’s a lady” The Col butted in “and you sound like so much my son talking to his sister”


I stepped up the stairs and into the cabin of the plane, it was stripped out with just seats along the walls and then down the center more back to back seats, none of the fancy crap you get when you’re going on vacation. The chatter that filled the cabin seemed to stop and turned to whispers as all eyes turned toward us.


“Gold fish in a bowl Huh?” Dan said putting his chin on my shoulder


“Yup” I nodded


“Ma’am” a Marine handed me a jacket “Welcome on board the flight”


“Thank you” I took it and slid into the seat. Pete was already shaking and looking flushed as he climbed over me to sit by in the middle of Ryan and I,  Dan sat down next to me “You okay” I nudged Pete


“Hell no this is way worse than normal” he shook his head and spoke through gritted teeth, a Marine walked over and crouched down


“Hi… I take it that you don’t like flying” Pete just shook his head “Here we get issued with these it’ll knock you out for a couple of hours” he handed him two pills and a bottle of water


“Thanks” Pete took them and reached for my hand and put it in a death grip. I looked at the Marine as he stood up.


“Hey you have the same last name as the Col.” I smiled, he winked at me and put his finger to his lips


“Shhhh” he grinned “He’s managed to get a 3 weeks trip just because the USO got in touch with him about you guys and my Dad is a sucker for Nickelback thanks to my Mom” I looked at him as he sat opposite me and fastened himself in “You see he’s a good Ole Texas boy really, but she worked on him” he laughed looking at the guy next to him as the Col walked down the plane


“Not giving information away are you Tanner?” the Col smiled his eyes creasing at the corners


“No Sir just filling in the young lady about the Marines” he laughed. The Col nodded and pulled something from his pocket and handed it to his son who smiled and saluted him. The Col went and strapped in next to Lukas. “By the way” I looked back at him “You guys are awesome… my sister made me listen to the song constantly for the last week” I felt my cheeks flush as the doors were closed and Pete’s grip increased and he was now squeezing Ryan’s hand as well as mine.


“Duuuude I need that to Play” Ryan winced pulling his hand from Pete “Damn you’re strong”


‘You’re mean” I laughed looking at Ryan and holding Pete’s other hand as the plane shuddered as it began to Taxi within a couple of minutes Pete grip loosened and his head fell back his breathing slow and steady.


“Damn” Dan said leaning forward and looking at Pete, I looked across to the Marine


“Damn that was fast”


“Those things would knock out a damn elephant” he laughed “By the way I’m Ryder”


“Chris” I nodded


“I know” I felt my face flush I still wasn’t used to how many people knew me now “So what did you just get given?” Okay that sounded so nosey. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture and handed it to me of him with a girl. “She’s beautiful… a girl waiting for her Marine to come home” Dan looked at me and groaned “What I think it’s awesome” I swatted him


“She is waiting but I think it’s more to kick my ass because I took these” he reached back into the pocket and pulled out a necklace with a set of dog tags on them and handed them to me. They were etched with two linked horse shoes with the letters R and A on them I looked at him. He rubbed the back of his neck and fidgeted a little


“I couldn’t find mine so I took hers” he laughed the guy next to him shook his head


Dude you’re so in trouble” His friend Gibbs slapped him


“I know Uncle Flynn said Aly should have been a Marine” Ryder looked back at him “she’s as tough as the rest of us”


“Okay so who’s the hot chick?” Chad took the picture from me, I looked at him “What…? Two words Chris KELLAN LUTZ” he winked at me,  I held up my hands and batted my eye lashes


“Er… that’s gross because that’s my Sister” Ryder scrunched up his nose and shuddered


“Oh I thought…” he shook his head and settled his head back as I handed him back taking the dog tags and Chad gave him the photograph. Ryder tucked his things away and closed his eyes. I looked round at the people on the plane there were a few girls but not many, I was sitting in the company of Heroes and it gave me chills thinking about it………………………



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