Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Opening wider

Submitted: January 29, 2014

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Submitted: January 29, 2014



................... I didn’t sleep but I watched the marines opposite us sleeping, I had such an admiration for what they were going out to do and what were we… just a bunch of people that sang and played music for a living. Chad’s breathing gave away that he wasn‘t sleeping either Mike had put his feet over my lap to get comfortable and was looking at least like he was getting some rest. I moved to sit up and shivered a little, Chad looked at me.


“Okay… so it’s impossible to sleep” he said in a low voice “Well for some of us” he nodded in Mike’s direction “I’ve been thinking”


“Whoa that could be dangerous” I teased moving to rub my neck “I’ve heard stories from times when you’ve been thinking” Okay I was not expecting to go over this here of all places


“Smart ass” he groaned “But, this thing with your Mom, how much does she know?”


“She knows I was with Arron and he wasn’t the best” I looked away from him “I made the mistake after the first time he pushed me around and called her… you know… a girl should be able to talk to her Mom about things” he nodded “Well she took that and created the Abel character and the only support I got was ‘sometimes men do things they shouldn’t’ and then the line of ‘what did you do to deserve it’”


“She defended him?” he was wide eyed “and said that to her own daughter”


‘I don’t know… Dad said she was running between flights to god knows where” I stopped and smiled a little “kinda like we do” I chuckled “But the crap I took when the first book came out. My friends in Wisconsin obviously knew I was her daughter and didn’t really know what to think about what the book meant” he nodded “So Arron and I argued about how it made him look and…” I trailed off




“I’ve told a few people a lot… I mean Dimitri and Niko know a lot and so do these guys” I nodded to where Alfie and Kerion were talking while Pete was slowly waking up “Because well they need to know but…”


“There’s stuff you haven’t told people?” I nodded “You don’t’ have to tell me if you don’t want to” he sat back “I’m sorry to pry” he looked down at his hands and fidgeted with them


“It’s okay, I guess if I can’t trust all of you then I will never trust anyone” I felt a hand rub my back


“We’ve got this Chris” Mike said his eyes still closed and he tapped my back, he opened his eyes and sat up


“Thanks” I took a deep breath “The night the book was launched and friends got copies a day early, I was taken into a field by Arron and he blew his stack about it” I looked down to my nails they blurred a little through the tears “I’d been with him 6 months and I was still a good girl” I looked round at both of them neither changed their expression “I left that field… no longer a good girl, sore, hurt and used” Mike moved so he was sitting forward matching my pose.


“He’s done that twice to you?” Mike’s jaw was clenched with anger


“No” I shook my head “it was a lot more than the twice people know about. He was a line backer for the football team he’d worked on a farm since he was old enough and I was one ten soaking wet what chance did I have to fight him off” I shrugged


“Chris no… should mean no” Chad shook his head, I glanced up Ryder and one of the other guys was watching us intently


“I know it should… but he refused to use anything as well” I sat back up so Ryder couldn’t see what I was saying behind Mike “Hence me getting pregnant”


“That’s the thing I still can’t get over” Ryan looked at me I didn’t even realize he was listening “You with a baby”


“It happens” I sighed “You know my Mom still things I was messing around on a four wheeler and fell off hence the medical bills… hell even my Dad doesn’t know I had a miscarriage. My family looks good from the outside but inside were all on our own” I ran my hand through my hair “Damn you guys….” I looked at them and shook my head “I wasn’t going to think about anything like that now” Chad looked at Mike and they both smothered me in a hug making me smile a little more. “Okay don’t lick” I wiped my cheek where Mike had licked me “God how does your wife deal with you?”


“She’s loves it” he chuckled


“Ew” I swatted him “Thanks for listening by the way” the three of them just looked at each other


“Okay folks buckle up were going down” Someone called out


“Hey Chris you need to sit with Pete” Alfie called down to me


“Hell no… I do it every time its’ your turn” I fastened the belt and linked Chad and Mikes arm


“Your Marines watching you” Chad said without looking at Ryder




“The guy that was almost falling off his seat to talk to you” he turned his head and looked at me and then glanced at Ryder “I swear to god Chris any guy to get involved with you is going to need ‘Next contestant’ as their theme”. The flight touched down and the ramp at the back of the plane was lowered and the warmth hit us like an oven. I unzipped the Marine jacket the Col walked toward us.


“We have a couple of humvees waiting to take you guys to where you’ll be staying” He smiled “Ma’am we have a bunk for you on your own”


“Why?” I tippedmy head and looked at him


“Well it’s not a fancy hotel you have to understand it’s a tent” he looked at me “and these guys are all sharing”


“Oh so I have to deal with scorpions…” I pulled a face


“And snakes” Ryder butted in as he grabbed his things. The Col looked at him “Sorry sir”


“Snakes… OOOO, okay I’m going to stay on the plane” I shuddered “I can’t do the hissy things” all the guys looked at me and smiled


“Well I can arrange for you to bunk in with these guys if you want instead” The Col cocked his head


“Well if not I want to sleep with a Marine” I sighed, “Oh Crap” I clamped my hand to my mouth when there was a clattering of weapons and people looking and grinning at me

“Really Chris… I think we might struggle with volunteers for that job” Lukas teased I pulled the jacket over my head as they laughed


“It came out all wrong” I moaned “It sounded better in my head”


“Hmmm okay” Chad nudged me “Kellan as a Marine maybe” I put my head up and swatted him


“Col did you say there was a humvee waiting” I looked at the Col and tried to ignore the hooting laughter from the men I lived with


“Yes Ma’am” he chuckled I moved to walked with him down the ramp, I got at least 4 sets of hands to help me step off, got to love the manners of the military.


“Welcome to Kuwait Ma’am” a solider opened the door to the Humvee for me “The army has been waiting for the Marines to deliver you guys”


“Competition there?” I asked


“Healthy competition between the forces only Ma’am” he nodded. I got in Kerion getting in with me along with Lukas and Pete and Alfie. The solider got in along with another one his weapon in his hands watching everything as we drove away from the plane. This was going to be one hell of an experience……………



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