Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - What the hell?

Submitted: January 29, 2014

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Submitted: January 29, 2014



.......................... “Chris are you okay with doing your own makeup and hair?” Lukas called out as I lay on the bunk.


“I’m good with it” I moved my legs for Kerion to sit down “I do need help getting dressed though” they all stopped and looked at me


“We’d have no shortage to help the opposite way round” Dan laughed throwing Mike a bottle of water. “The Col’s son I think would…” a Marine walked in with two big boxes.


“These were left behind on the plane and they’re marked for appearance” he put them down.


“Oh thank god for that” Lukas sighed “Thank you” the Marine nodded and walked back out. “I thought these were still in Germany and then we’d have been screwed”


“What is it?” Alfie walked over to him, Lukas opened the box and handed him a photo of Nickelback


“Nice” I got up and looked over his shoulder “Wow you guys look normal on theses” Lukas opened the second box “Oh god” I saw the top picture I bit my lip


“Is that their shot’s” Ryan came over and grabbed one from the box “Hot damn girl” he handed it off to Dan.


“Guys, you look good but Chris kinda blows you away…” he got wide eyed “I mean not literally but you know what I mean” he tripped over his words I hung my head a little


‘Ew…” Kerion shuddered “that’s like thinking about my mom doing it”


“What I’m like your Mom” I looked at him


“No it’s just…” he shuddered again as Chad walked in with the Col from the Army.


“What’s going on?” he frowned as he watched Kerion and me toe to toe


“Well apparently, Kerion thinks the thought of a blow job from Chris is like the idea of his parent s doing it” Lukas Laughed


“ARGHHH I would have done better on my own with the damn snakes and the scorpions” I threw my hands up in the air


“How the…?” Chad looked round at us, Alfie handed him the picture “Whoa Damn” He turned and looked at me and then looked at the picture.


“What?” I put my hands on my hips


“Nothing” he shook his head


“We have this one as well” Lukas handed the second picture to Ryan; he just swallowed hard as the other gathered round him “Just of Chris” Chad looked over Ryan’s shoulder.


“Lukas a word” Chad handed Dan the other picture and walked out Lukas got up and followed him out.


“Chris… I think we can safely say you’ve hit the big time with one hell of a splash” Mike laughed he hugged me “nice job all of you” I smiled at him I had to admit those pictures were pretty amazing.


“Thanks” I took the pictures, I never thought I could be one of those girls you see in the magazines but there it was for us all to see Me and the Guys we’d hit the big time……………….





………………. “What?’ Lukas looked at Chad who was pacing


“What?  The pictures of Chris… don’t you think she’s…” Lukas cut him off as stopped him from pacing


“Chad she walks on to the stage in a corset and either a short skirt, shorts or pants so tight they look like they’ve been sprayed on” Lukas shook his head “Come on girls wear less than that on the beach” Chad ran his fingers through his hair as Lukas handed him the pictures again “Tell me she doesn’t look good, and tell me shots like this won’t push the record sales higher… Every girl is going to want to be like her and every guy is going to wish to god they were with her… Don’t you?”


“Just with everything she’s been through” he looked at the pictures in his hands


“I said I’d do it” they both jumped and looked at me as I walked out of the door “Yes I felt a little strange at first, but I have bikini’s that cover less. I walked over to the two of them “I’m embarrassed because it’s the first time I’ve done something like this, stage is one thing it’s a limited audience magazines are a whole other ball game… and you guys are like as close as family and family aren’t really supposed to see you in your underwear after you hit five” I smiled


“You weren’t pushed into this in the slightest?” Chad asked narrowing his eyes at me


“No… I was asked and the guys gave me some shit but… I actually like it. And they said I could back out at any point” I looked at the picture in his hands “I need to put the crap behind me and I have the best support in the world” Lukas smiled at me. Chad sighed and looked at the picture again he bit his lip


“Well as a red bloodied male Damn Chris you’re smokin” He turned his face to look at me, I felt the color rise in my cheeks again


“Okay, I’m going to go back in there and try get changed” I turned and quickly walked away making Chad and Lukas laugh


“She’s going to be okay” Lukas said looking at Chad “She’s testing the water and trying to find herself that’s all”


“As long as we don’t let anyone take advantage of her” Chad looked at the pictures “and does look amazing”


“We won’t” Lukas put his hand on Chad’s arm “Come on we have meet and greets to do and then a sound check”……………………………




……………… We were driving to where there was row after row of tents, we stopped where the tents gave way to a makeshift football field where a game was going one with two huge trucks making the end zones


“It’s a little bit different of a field from the one we did at school” Pete laughed nudging me as we watch guys half of whom were stripped to the waist.


“U-Huh” I nodded with a grin on my face


“Hey earth to Chris” Alfie waved his hand in front of my face “Oh my god are you zoning out on the half naked men aren’t you?” I just nodded again


“No you do this” Chad laughed walking up behind me and putting g his hands over my eyes


“NOOOO don’t do that…. there’s a serious football game going on out there” I pulled away from him making the Sgt that was showing us round start laughing..


“Yeah sure it’s the football you were watching” Kerion groaned “What’s the score?”


“Oh I need another girl I’m going to go stir crazy with you guys” I smiled


“Okay I have to ask” Ryan said looking at the Sgt “Why the hell are they playing with a football and a soccer ball”


“Ah it’s something we do when we play the Marines” the Sgt laughed “We blame the Col you guys flew in with apparently it was something his wife and her friends were doing when they met”


“You trying to explain Lejeune ball solider” A Marine walked over laughing as he pushed his hands into his pockets


“Yes Gunny” they Laughed at each other “Well I was there the night the Col met his wife so let me do it”


“You know the Col?” Lukas asked


“Oh yeah for twenty years” he nodded “He has this bad habit of sleeping with my sister…” I felt my jaw go slack


“I hope to god you mean they’re married” Mike laughed


‘Oh yeah they are” he nodded “Okay the rules are basically you play soccer and football at the same time, but you can soccer tackle a guy with a football and you can football tackle a guy with a soccer ball and it’s the first to 5 points” We were all looking at him as he explained it like it was a national pass time and we should know it already “Okay we were bored high school kids on the beach one day so we developed the game”


“Believe me it’s a Marine thing” the Sgt laughed “but we have a blast, Are you ready to move on, we have a bunch of Soldiers waiting to meet you guys and its okay that they take pictures with you as well isn’t it?”


‘Sure” Lukas nodded as we headed back to the Humvees


“Hey Flynn you want me to send your wife a message?” the Sgt laughed


“Dude she’s a Marine wife she’d eat you for breakfast” the Marine yelled back “Safe flight okay”


“You know his wife” I asked closing the door


“Yeah she’s a teacher at a school where my kids go” he chewed the inside of his cheek “I’m divorced from their Momma and she upped and married a Navy guy and moved to Cali, so the kids are in school on a Navy base”


“I’m sorry”


“It’s okay at least they’re still Military kids and he’s a good guy even if he’s in the Navy” …..




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