Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - What's in a name

Submitted: January 30, 2014

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Submitted: January 30, 2014



……………… The next three hours was a blast, getting to meet and greet the troops, signing the publicity picture and having our pictures taken with anyone that asked.


“Hey Chris” I looked up as Ryan called me “He’s back” he started to laugh and nodded his head in the direction of the door as the next wave of guys in uniform came over.


“It’s your friend” Alfie laughed nudging me


“Hey, if you want a sharpie moustache then keep it up” I grabbed him in a head lock and waved the sharpie in front of him


“DO you always fight like this?” A voice chuckled


“She needs chocolate it’s that time of the month” Kerion beamed as Ryder walked over with some of the guys from the flight.


“Will you shut up… it isn’t…” I flushed again, Lukas slid a photo in front of me I pulled the cap off the sharpie and signed my name


“Wow that’s some picture” Ryder grinned at me


“Thank you” I handed it off to Kerion to sign


“You think we could get a picture?” Ryder held up a camera.


“Sure” I nodded getting up


“I take it you want just Chris and not the rest of us” Pete laughed this time it was Ryder’s turn to blush “it’s okay we’re not getting in as many shots as she is” he shrugged signing the picture with a smirk on hs face


“Well she has a good ass and way better boobs than you” Dan laughed nudging him


“Lukas please you have to get me a girl to help me with this lot” I moaned, Lukas held up his hands as I walked round the table and over to Ryder and I sipped my arm round his waist he seemed to tense up.


“Dude relax she doesn’t bite” Chad called out “and we had to make sure she was up to date with her shots anyway if she does take a nibble” I shot him a look he winked at me and went back to having his picture taken with a couple of Female soldiers.


“Ignore him” I smiled looking up at Ryder, he had some of the cutest eyes I think I’d ever seen almost slate grey. He took a deep breath and put his arm round my shoulders. I inhaled the heavy scent of dust and a slight musky smell, he felt warm and comfortable and safe as his friend took a picture of us


“Thanks” Ryder blushed pulling his arm from round me “Do you mind if I give you a hug?”


“Of Course not” I nodded, he wrapped his arms round my waist and pulled me against him. I held on to him it felt so good to be hugged properly by a guy, not some quick good luck squeeze from the others, not some friendly it’s okay hug when things were rough… just a plain and simple good hug that made the kind that makes you smile. I slowly let go of him and looked him in the eyes ‘Thank you” he looked confused


“What for?”


“Doing something to me that no one has done for a while” I kissed his cheek, he blushed a deeper shade of red.


“Er… you’re welcome” He backed away “Can’t wait for tonight” he grinned, I nodded and walked back round the table all the guys were looking at me




“Okay we thought you weren’t going to let go of him” Mike chuckled as the last of the people were shown out and we were left sitting there while Lukas spoke to a couple of Soldiers “Damn Chris”


“Hey he gave good hugs and I’m sorry but sometimes you guys forget I’m a girl…” Chad raised his eyebrows at me


“I don’t think so” Chad leant over and picked up one of the photos we’d been signing and held it up


“Okay you know I’m a girl because I’ve got boobs… but you forget I’m a girl in the way that you give me guy hugs” I clicked the top back on the sharpie as we walked out into the warmth of the afternoon sun and over to the two humvees Chad got in next to me along with Ryan and Pete. “You have lipstick on your neck” I smiled using my thumb to rub it off “oh and on your cheek” Chad ran the palm of his hand over his cheek “You did good” he looked at me “and that last girl certainly had your ass firmly in her hand” he started to laugh


“Me you need to check the pocket of your pants” he said digging his hand into the pocket of the cargo pants I was wearing and pulled out pieces of paper “You got a shit load of numbers” I held my hand out as he put the paper into them My eyes getting wider as Pete started to laugh.


“Get used to it Chris it’s not only guys that get groupies” Ryan shrugged


“Damn I never… I mean I’d never” I started to shake my head “I was just…”


“I know” Chad smiled at me “Just be careful if you do keep in touch with anyone that you meet” he turned to face me “Trust me Chris people use us because of who we are”


“Amen to that one” Ryan nodded


“I know” I nodded “Nothing’s going to be the same again is it” he shook his head “I mean we’re not anonymous people anymore”


“We get to do all this sort of thing and go onstage every night but it doesn’t mean we’re not lonely… just remember even if we all give crap hugs” Chad smiled “we’ll give you a hug when you ask for it as long as you return the favor”


“Deal” I nodded…………



……………….. “Someone needs to lace me up” I walked from behind a curtain holding the corset against me “Damn I miss Marie” they all looked at me “Oh come on one of you has to be able to do this” I pleaded “I can’t go out there not secure”


“I can get them off” Mike laughed


“Well I’ll call you when I’m done” I rolled my eyes at him. Lukas walked in with a Girl in uniform


“Problem solved Chris this is Rebecca” He beamed “She knows what to do?’


“Oh I love you” I smiled at her  “You boys all need to learn this incase I’m up the creek without a paddle again”


“Yes Ma’am” she seemed a little awe struck as she looked round at the guys she walked over to me 


“So I have to ask how do you know what you’re doing?” Kerion peered over her shoulder as her fingers quickly threaded the laces.


“My mom owns a bridal store” she smiled at him


“Well you need to tell your mom she’s awesome” I said as she finished


“I will” she moved away “is there anything else that you need Ma’am”


“Please Chris all this Ma’am thing is making me feel old”


“Okay” she smiled “I’m Reba to my friends”


“Oh damn” Alfie whistled as he walked by


“Okay” I swallowed that the mention of the name “I think I’m okay now but if you can come back tomorrow night I’d really appreciate it”


“Yes Ma’am sorry Chris I’ll be here” she nodded and giggled slightly before she turned and hurried out of the tent.


“Of all the names?” Alfie smirked as he looked over at me


“I know just my luck” I laughed


‘You guys ready” Lukas asked as a guy put his head round the door “They’re waiting for you”……………..




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