Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Another call

Submitted: January 30, 2014

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Submitted: January 30, 2014



................. “What the hell is going on?” Chad hissed at them “we could hear you outside of the plane”


“Here… it’s back fired the stuff you and Chris have been doing” Alfie snapped back at him, he threw Chad my phone “listen to what she got for our favorite Russian” Chad scrolled through and hit play Dimitri’s message playing out. He looked over to me sleeping as Dan pulled a blanket over me


“He’s out of line”


“He’s a fucking idiot dumb jock” Kerion growled

“I think we need to call in the damn Marines to kick his ass” Pete suggested “I’m sure there’d be a few of them that would do it in a heartbeat” Lukas got up and took the phone back 


“Looks like I’m going to be on damage control with the press doesn’t it?”  He shot a look at Chad


“Hey this is some total Ass trying to get even with her for having a life and making something of herself… yes Chris and I have been messing with the press you all know we have” Chad said shaking his head “as long as we know the truth then screw what the press say and that Russian can go to hell” he rubbed his hand over his jaw “We need to get Chris to edit her phone”


“I went and got her this” Pete held up a new cell phone “If he doesn’t have the number, he can’t mess with her head” the cabin of the plane fell silent apart from the drone of the engines. The mood on the plane was everyone was jet lagged and on edge. My phone rang making them all jump and scrabble for with Chad getting to it first.



Chad * hello

Kellan * hi… I was looking for Christine

Chad * who is it?

Kellan * It’s Kellan Lutz… who’s this?

Chad * er… give me a minute she was asleep


Chad put the phone on mute



“Okay do we wake her?” he looked around at the others


“What… why? Who is it?” Alfie asked


“The guy that had his hands on her ass at the party the other night, the one we’ve all been giving her shit about” Alfie jumped from his seat and came over to me/


“Hey, Chris…” he shook me “Chris you have a call”


“Alfie” I groaned and squinted at him in the dim light of the cabin


“You need to forget the Russian son of a bitch and take the call” he was smiling at me “You trust me” I nodded “take the call” I sat up and looked round my eyes met Chad’s as he held my phone.


“I guess it’s sort of funny I answered this” he smirked he held it out I took  ‘Oh it’s muted at the moment” I looked at it and un muted it


Me * hello

Kellan * wow… you sound rough… some guy just told me you were asleep

Me * I was… I’m on a flight to Italy right now… we just got off a flight from Kuwait

Kellan * nice my brothers out in Afghanistan right now he’s a Marine

Me * we met some pretty cool Marines… I’m sorry who is this?


The guys all fell around laughing; I looked at them and shook my head


Kellan * oh some impression I made the other night then. It’s Kellan


I sat upright and almost fell off the seat


Me * Sorry… I’m groggy… and I have a few things on my mind right now

Kellan * oh… I’m sorry… I shou…

Me * no it’s okay


I took a drink of water and tried to not sound like a total dork…


Kellan * okay I have to just ask this so I don’t get my ass kicked… but are you hooking up with Chad Kroeger? because if you are I’ll back off

Me * No were friends…


I looked across at Chad who was sitting playing cards with Dan and Alfie and smiled at him


Me * the press have…

Kellan * its okay, I understand you walk down the street with someone and your automatically in bed with them… I get it.

Me * yeah something like that

Kellan * I’ll get to the point then because I’m being stared at for taking so damn long to ask you but… we’re in Rome right now doing press for the new movie and a few of us have tickets for the Nickelback gig

Me * Oh…you want all access passes?

Kellan * no… wait you can get those?

Me * sure… how many?

Kellan * that would be cool there’s 6 of us

Me * okay done tell me the night and where you’re staying and get them sent to you

Kellan * nice thanks…


There was a muttering of a girls voice


Kellan * I’m getting there Ash shut up

Me * Excuse me

Kellan * sorry a pain in the ass is bugging me… there was something else

Me * okay

Kellan * Can I take you out for dinner?




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