Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Try to forget

Submitted: January 30, 2014

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Submitted: January 30, 2014



……….. I stopped with the water bottle half way to my mouth, and sat blinking


Kellan * Chris are you still there?

Me * Yeah… sorry what did you say… I don’t think I heard you right

Kellan * okay now I’m being laughed at because I’m apparently turning red, but I asked if maybe I could take you out for dinner

Me * er… I can’t before a gig I’d throw up


Okay way to over share with him, I looked round all the guys the card game had stopped and were looking at me


Kellan * When do you get into Rome?

Me * about two hours why?

Kellan * how about I swing by your hotel and take you out tonight?

Me * sure…

Kellan * so I need to know where you’re staying

Me * sorry still a little groggy er… Hey Lukas what’s the name of the hotel we’re staying at?


“The Grand Hotel Plaza by the Spanish steps” Lukas said pulling a piece of paper from his folder


Kellan * nice hotel no wonder we couldn’t get in if you guys are taking it over

Me * you know it?

Kellan * yep… so let’s say you text me the room number when you get there and let me know what time

Me * okay I’ll see you then
Kellan * see you in while


I hung up the phone I could feel they all wanted to ask me something. I pulled the blanket closer round me and looked out of the window.


“Oh come on Chris?” Pete moaned “What did he want?”


“To ask me to dinner” I was struggling inside with Dimitri’s words and the fact Kellan Lutz was taking me to dinner. My phone beeped.


‘Damn he’s eager” Chad said tipping his head I lifted my phone.


“It’s not him” I swallowed as it came up with new message from Dimi


“Give me the phone Chris” Chad held out his hand “Please” I held it out he took it “Pete got you a new phone. We all know what Dimitri said” I shook my head


“I don’t want to do this right now” I looked at him he sighed and nodded. He pushed the phone into the pocket of his jacket Pete handed me another phone.


“I transferred all the numbers I thought you’d want, and I left out all the ones that…” I put my hand over his and smiled at him “Kellan’s’ is in there” he chuckled making me blush slightly


“Thank you” he dropped a kiss on my head and walked back to his seat. I curled my legs up and looked out of the window the sky streaked deep purple and orange as the sun began to set I had a feeling Italy was going to be intersting……………………..





………………… I pulled on my boots and looked in the mirror as the door to my room knocked. The guys were all sitting in the room watching TV none of them had said anything about Dimi or the phone message and for that I was grateful the last thing I needed was for them to remind me of that. I looked at them, and gestured to the door.


‘Hey it’s your date?” Kerion laughed “You get the damn door”


“Gee thanks pal” I took a deep breath and walked to the door. My hands were literally shaking and my stomach was in knots. I focused and breathed in and out before I pulled it open, there was a shriek and a thud behind me. I looked round at Alfie and Pete in a heap on the floor, both of them had swung back on the chairs to get a better view of the door. “Okay that’ll serve you right it’s only Dan” I laughed walking into the bathroom letting Dan in.


“So he’s not here yet?” Dan lent over Pete’s shoulder and picked up a cookie from the tray. I groaned and looked around the edge of the bathroom door


“You are kidding… you’ve come here to see …” Dan looked at me as the door knocked again


“Yep… and the others are on their way over too” he laughed walking to the door. I groaned and fastened the necklace round my neck.


“She hasn’t left yet has she?” Mike asked


“Nope we haven’t missed anything… where’s Chad?” Dan walked back in the room with Ryan and Mike behind him


“On the phone” Ryan’s tone was edged with a malicious undertone. I looked in the mirror and put my hands on the sink. “Hey you” Ryan smiled and leant on the bathroom door frame I smiled weakly at him “You okay?”


“I will be” I took another deep breath.


“Oh I picked up something for you from reception” he held out a blue box I took it and took off the card


Follow the advice inside and you’ll be fine


I turned the card over there was no name on it, I opened the box inside was a bracelet with the words ‘Have faith in your dreams’ etched on to it.


“Guys” I stepped out of the bathroom “Did you have anything to do with this?”


“Nope” they were all watching a Soccer game on the TV


“I went to get our mail and they gave me that for you” Ryan shrugged hardly tearing his eyes from the screen “Why”?” I walked over and held out my arm


“Nice” Kerion smiled “someone got it right”


“Yeah but there was no name on the card” I leant on the back of the couch and showed them the bracelet on my wrist


“So it could have been a fan or one of your friends trying to surprise you” Dan looked at me “Or some secret admirer” I chewed my lip


“I’ll Call Heidi and see if her or Miranda sent it” Alfie yawned as the door knocked “That’ll be Chad, joining the party” I walked back to the door and opened it.


“Sorry I’m a little late” I swallowed hard; this was so not Chad… Damn Kellan Lutz was standing in front of me “I got stuck on the phone” there was the shriek and the thud again.


“Oh good grief” I groaned and leant on the door Kellan looked round my arm. “Excuse my assed dumb friends” I sighed looking round again only to see Mike and Ryan on the floor this time “Oh God… are you ready to leave?” I laughed a little, things like this made me love these guys all the more


“Sure” he nodded his dimples flashing making me forget my own name and that there had ever been a Russian


“Hey whoa” Mike skidded up to the door as I grabbed my jacket and purse from the bed “Okay young lady call if you’re going to be late and you don’t do anything I wouldn’t”


“Dude Shhhh…” Ryan called out “You’ve done things that are Illegal in most counties”


“True” Mike sighed he looked at Kellan “Okay please bring back our Christine in one piece”


“Oh God Mike really” I hung my head before pushing him back into the room hearing them all start chatting and laughing him laughing


“Hey did they read you the riot act” Chad’s voice came from behind Kellan making him jump


“I should have just met you in the restaurant I’m sorry” I looked at Kellan before looking to Chad “Mike did yes and don’t you even…” I held up my finger he winked at me and dropped a kiss on my cheek


“Have fun and don’t worry about a thing okay” he whispered in my ear he squeezed my hand “Call if you need us. Take care of her okay… she means a lot to me… us” he moved away and walked into the room to the others.


“I’m really sorry about all of that”


“Hey it’s okay” he smiled walking with me to the elevator “you should have heard the crap I got while I was getting ready, my friends were like a pack of damn wolves”


“Okay that’s a bad joke right”


“Yeah, but it made you laugh” he pushed the button for the elevator “SO you hungry?”


“Oh yes, the last time I ate was… I think yesterday, but then with the flights I have no idea on a whole lot of things at the moment” I got in the elevator and leant on the wall


“Okay dinner, then we’ll see what happens?” He thumbed his jaw and my stomach did flips as he looked at me. Suddenly the smile falling off my face as Dimitri’s words flooded back, my self confidence took a swan dive. Damn I had to stop thinking about him ‘”and by the way you look amazing” I looked at him and pushed all thought of Russian’s out of my mind………






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