Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - hot and steamy

Submitted: January 31, 2014

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Submitted: January 31, 2014



................. OMG I was sitting across a table from a guy that six months earlier I was drooling over with my friends in the movie theatre, talking about how he could bite our necks any day and make me into his vampire queen.


The conversation with Kellan was easy; he seemed so fun and laid back. The only time the conversation turned serious was when he talked about his brother being out in Afghanistan with the Marine Corps.


“So come on, I’ve talked about myself most of the night” he leant forward on his arms “What about you?”


“What about me?” I felt slightly shy and messed with the pendant my necklace.


“Where are you from? What’s your family like?” he sat back and picked up his drink and tipped his head as he looked at me


“Okay original Wisconsin” I smiled “Just a small town in the middle”


“Yay a sensible mid west girl my Mom will be happy” he chuckled raising his glass to me I smiled at him


“But we had moved and I was living in Florida when I... sorry we” I corrected myself “were discovered in the matter of a couple of days of being there” He raised his eye brow, I ran my finger round the edge of my glass “and to say it’s been some sort of crazy whirlwind is something of an understatement. Four months ago I was a high school senior, now I’ve managed to graduate high school, made a single that exploded with three of my best friends in world and I’m touring the world for a year with Nickelback”


“Wow that’s quite a whirlwind” he smiled and leant forwards again “So how many guys put their number in your cell on the night of the awards?”


“Just one” I laughed “because for some reason I believed him when he said his was the same phone, and he convinced me to let him see mine while his hand was on my ass” I watched him smirk and hang his head a little as I picked up my wine glass “And I’ve had to put up with a heap of crap because of you have you met the jokers I live with” I pointed my finger at him


“I’m sorry” he pushed his tongue into his cheek “I thought that when I called you earlier and a guy answered that you were in bed with someone” I looked at him and raised my eye brows “Come on a guy answers the phone and tells me your sleeping… what do you think my first thought would be… I almost hung up there and then” the waiter rough the check both of us reached for it “Hey I asked you out I’m paying” he scolded handing his card over


“I’m glad you didn’t hang up” I blushed a little as I sat back


‘Me too” he nodded “Who was the guy anyway?” he took his card back from the waiter and signed his receipt


“Chad” I shrugged, Kellan’s head snapped up


“Chad Kroeger?” I nodded “Damn” he rubbed his hand over the short buzz of his hair “I got a little speechless and tongue tied when I saw him tonight” he Smiled at me “I make movies for a living and still get star struck… you ready to leave?” I nodded and he got up and held my jacket out for me to put on.


“Yeah but it’s just Chad” I picked up my purse


“Exactly… he’s a rock star and I got warned about bringing you home safe by his brother” he laughed


“They’re sort of protective” I pulled a face


“I don’t blame them” The waiter opened the door for us, Kellan stepped out first into a face full of camera flashes. I followed him to the curd where he flagged a cab, the two of were laughing as we almost fell into the taxi” He said something to the driver and draped his arm over the back of the seat “So do you want to go back to your hotel or you think this date might last a little longer?”


“I think I’m good for a while longer” I nodded, I wanted to giggle as goose bumps jumping up on my arm as his fingers brushed against the back of my neck


“Well I know a little club that you can dance till dawn if you feel like it” He’d lowered his voice and it was dong funny things to me. I fought to control the shudder that so wanted to come out


“Dance till dawn?”


“Well you may have to make a phone call and let them know you’ll be late” he sighed “But I’ll make sure you get home safely”


“They’ll be okay” I looked at him and bit on my bottom lip “Damn you’re hot” my hand flew to my mouth as the words tumbled from between my lips instead of staying put in my brain where they were supposed to be.


“Funny, I was just thinking the same thing think” he moved to face me “Are you sure if I do this I won’t be treading on someone’s toes?”


“Do what?” I frowned a little


“This” he moved a hand and touched the side of my face, my eyes closed as I felt his warm breath on my face before his lips touched mine in a light kiss that made my head spin he pulled back “Sorry… I had to whether I tread on toes or not” he rubbed his thumb along my jaw


“No toes” I breathed, my voice sounded like I was gasping for my last breath.


“So no engagement to Chad then?” he smiled as the cab stopped




“I saw the ring and the kiss the whole world saw it” he opened the door and took my hand leading me into a club the beat of Latin music spilling out while people moved with each other on the dance floor.


“The ring was actually part of a set I’d been loaned for the night of the awards, and it was Pete’s fault it was on that finger” I smiled “and the kiss was Chad being a smart ass”






“You talk about him like he’s a normal guy” Kellan ordered us two drinks


“He is” I laughed “Admittedly I was the same as you the first time we met them”


“Really?” he tipped his head


“Oh yeah… I’d just sang on a stage in Tampa” I said sitting down, he took the seat next to me and rested his hand on my leg “I’d just actually belted out ‘Side of a bullet’ and “I’d come for you’”


“One extreme to the other” Kellan laughed I nodded


“Well we finished the song turned round and Nickelback were sitting there watching and listening to us… I think we all forgot how to speak and that night Chad helped my onto the stage in boots to here” I indicated to my mid thigh “and I guess the rest is what’s gotten me here”


“I’ve heard about your stage costumes” he bit his bottom lip “Personally I can’t wait to see you live” thank god it was dark in the club he couldn’t see me blush. “Come on let’s go dance” he got up and pulled me up slipping my jacket off and throwing it along with is onto the chair “One rule we have to be touching all the time when you dance in here” he pulled me into the middle of the dance floor and pulled me against him. One hand was cradled in his while his other rested low on my back.


“Who taught you to do this?” I was almost breathless as we moved easily together


“Something I picked up” he laughed. The dancing was hot and sexy, and the music as ever was like a drug to me the movement all in the hips we were so close there wasn’t a chance even a hair could get in between us…………………….



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