Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - F*** Him

Submitted: January 31, 2014

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Submitted: January 31, 2014



................. I leant against the door to my room, my feet hurt like an absolutely bitch but it had been an incredible night just not giving a damn about anything.


“See I told you I’d bring you home safe and sound” Kellan smiled, he put one hand on the door over my head as he lowered his head to look at me.


“Yeah, I know but it’s seven am” I grinned “and I have a show to do tonight which means, I have to sound check by eleven” I said shaking my head. Suddenly staying out all night wasn’t such a hot idea, but then the hot man in front of me was kinda out weighing that thought


“I would have brought you home before dawn if you’d stopped dancing” he laughed


“Me” I raised my eye brows “I think you’ll find Mr. Hips that you were the one that didn’t stop” I put my hands on his hips and moved them “I was holding on and going along with the whole ride”


“Well why don’t we say it was both of us” He chuckled “So tonight?”


“Oh you want the passes don’t you” I suddenly remembered the conversation we’d had when I was on the plane “Wait here” I ducked under his arm and walked across the hall and knocked on Lukas’s door, he pulled it open looking like he’d hardly slept.


“Chris” Lukas looked me up and down “Please tell me you’re not just getting in” he groaned


“Okay I won’t” I smiled “I need to get a few passes”


“Fine… I’ll get them for you at the sound check which by the way is at eleven” He reminded me


“I know that” I laughed nothing was going to bring don my mood not even Lukas bitching “And thank you” He put his head round the door and looked at Kellan and then looked back at me and smiled a little “So what Russian?”


“I don’t know who you’re talking about” I patted his cheek and walked back to Kellan “Okay I’ll have the passes at the venue at eleven” I stood in front of the door and looked at him


“Does that mean I can swing by and see you working then” he put his hands on my hips and pushed me gently against the door “You know get a sneak of what I’ll be seeing later” he reached his hand to the back of my neck and unclipped the necklace and let it slip into his fingers as his lips brushed my neck. “Damn you smell good” his hot breath in my ear had me have to brace my knees. Kellan Lutz was kissing my neck was all I could think. There was a click and suddenly I was falling with Kellan falling on top of me.


“Don’t you answer your Damn phone?” Alfie snapped throwing up his hands “Chad was ready to call the cops at 4am and Mike’s paced the floor all night in shifts with Ryan and Dan” Kellan got up and pulled me up


‘It’s my fault we lost track of time” Kellan jumped to my defense


“Dude it’s daylight” Kerion walked over with a serious case of bed head as he yawned


“I think you’d better go while I do damage control” I sighed looking at Kellan “Thank you again for an amazing night”


“You’re more than welcome” he bent his head and kissed me “See you in a few hours” I nodded and watched as he walked down the hall. I closed the door and turned to see Pete, Kerion and Alfie looking at me




“We were worried” Alfie said the tightness seeming to fall from his shoulders he walked to the bed and sat down “did you not check your phone?” I pulled it from my purse


“Yes I did and…” I held it up “See nothing” I frowned “Wait… did you guys remember to put my new number into your phones?” the three of them looked at each other with wide eyes “Oh god you’re idiots” I walked to the bathroom, and started to take of my makeup, Pete leant on the door frame


“You okay… I mean yesterday… what Dimi…” I held up my hand


“Pete I love you, and right now please don’t bring him up because” I took a deep breath and looked at him in the mirror “I struggled like hell last night to keep what he said to me at the back of my mind” I turned on the shower “I had to sit across from a guy that most of the women on this planet would love to sit across from. Only I was second guessing myself and thinking I’m not good enough” my eyes filled with tears.


“I’m sorry” he rubbed my arm “Love ya Chris” he kissed my forehead the door knocked “I’ll let you shower” I nodded and waited till he closed the door before I really let the tears streak my face…..



………………….. “Okay where is she?” Chad looked round the room


“In the shower” Pete sighed, Chad turned round and looked at him. “I think I said too much and upset her” Pete chewed his finger nails


“I’m going to smack her ass for worrying us… Is she okay? I mean why the hell didn’t she come home?” Chad held up his hands


“I was dancing” he turned round and looked at me as I towel dried my hair “I’m sorry for not calling in…”


“What did I say to you about being careful” he walked over to me, I’d never seen him look stressed until now “With all the crap that’s been going on Chris…” I put my hand on the side of his face


“I’m sorry… but for a few hours it was like when we’re onstage and nothing can touch us… nothing can worry us… I got to forget about him for a while and just dance… damn it” my eyes filled with tears again “Nothing happened other than him kissing me” Chad nodded as the door opened and Mike walked in.


“Finally you’re back I think I’m going to have to kick his ass for keeping you out all night” he sounded like an over protective Dad right now and it made us all smile, I wiped my eyes quickly on the sleeves of the robe I was wearing


“Yeah right have you seen the size of his arms… even you would ‘t stand a chance Mike” Alfie laughed “Heidi reckons he fights with grizzlies” I looked at him and started to laugh the tears vanishing instantly at the mention of the what Kellan did in the movies. “What?” I was holding on to Chad laughing at the total blank look on all of their faces.


“What’s tickled her” Lukas walked into the room


“We have no idea he said something about bears and this is what happened” Mike said shaking his head and pointing to Alfie……………





…………………. We all walked into the Stadium and looked round. It was a Soccer stadium and it was immense.


“Wow this is insane” I whistled turning on the spot


“Yep biggest crowd of the tour so far tonight” Lukas nodded 63,000 walking by us


“Oh I think I just had a heart attack” Kerion groaned, as Pete started to look green already and this was just sound check.


“You’ll all be fine” Lukas laughed “Oh Chris” he handed me 6 backstage passes “the passes you asked for”


“Thank you” I put them into the back pocket of my jeans


‘Okay let’s go… we need to get you all done and it’s nice to have you back” Joey called out as we headed for the stage


“Ladies first” Chad offered me his hand as I stepped up on to the stage and handed me a microphone. A familiar ring made me stop and look at him. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out my old cell phone and walked off the stage, my heart was thudding in my chest.


“Hey earth to Miss Sommers” I looked round as Alfie messed with his Guitar “We’re ready” I nodded and looked again to where Chad had gone and just saw all of them huddled together talking.


“Chris let him handled it” Pete smiled, I chewed my lip “Okay fuck Dimitri Carpov” I looked at Pete in shock “he’s the one that’s doing nothing and going nowhere. You’re the one singing your ass off and getting taken out by Hollywood’s hot guys”


“Okay” I had to smile. I’d always known that Kerion, Pete and Alfie had tolerated Dimitri, but to them he would always be the jock that gave them shit for being in Band. I took a breath as we started with ‘No Apologies’ the song filled me with energy as I moved across the stage.


 I looked round Chad and Ryan were watching, Chad just nodded and smiled as we broke into the next song. My voice caught in my throat and sounded like I choked as Kellan walked across the floor of the stadium with three vampires and two wolves.


“Sorry guys” I looked round “Try it again” Kellan smiled at me and put his hand on his stomach and moved his hips like he had the night before making me shake my head and smile……….


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