Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - You can do it

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Submitted: January 20, 2014




…………  I hung my head as the guys laughed at my reaction to the costume“I look mad” I looked round at the guys as the door opened and Elena walked in “I look like I should be under a street light and have a Pimp” confidence off stage was one thing I lacked


“Wow Christine you look amazing” Elena beamed at me


“See” Alfie grinned as he strummed on his guitar “We told you”


“No you asked if my boobs were about to fall out and if I the clothes were sprayed on” I threw up my arms and I can’t wear this jacket it’s like a straight jacket” I took the jacket off and put it on the chair


“Careful the puppies are looking to escape the pen” Kerion Laughed sending Alfie and Pete in to a fit of giggles to rival teen girls


“Bite me” I put my hands on my hips as the door opened again


“Hey guys we’re… Damn Chris” Mike walked in and stopped dead with Chad, Ryan and Dan all running into the back of him. I groaned and felt my face turn beet red well at least I’d match the boots and jacket.


“Come on you guys tell her she looks good” Elena walked over to them with a look on her face that rivaled beggars on the street Chad moved round his brother and smiled at me


“You do like good Chris” Chad sat down on the arm of the couch “Look at it like this you don’t have to go out dressed like that it’s for the stage” he shrugged he looked me up and down again “and you nailed the look girl”


“Yeah Chris” Dan smiled “We get the luxury of going on stage in jeans and a t-shirt where as you…” He walked over to me and put his arm round my shoulders “…well the guys in the crowd want to fantasize about you and the girls want to be you” Everyone looked at him “What? Tell me I’m wrong” They all looked at me and then back at him and murmured that he wasn’t wrong “See I’m sorry when I go to a show I want the girl up there to be hot as a dancer on a …”


“Whoa” I laughed “It’s not a dollar strip joint”


“Yeah come on guys Chris is worth Two dollars” Kerion laughed and ran as I threw an empty bottle at him and went to give chase. Dan pulled me back laughing


“Try it” Chad got up and rubbed my arms “Just one night try it and if you don’t like… well we can do something about it but usually if you try something new you get to like it”


“Or I fall down the stairs and break all my bones” I sighed as Dan let go of me Elena hugged me, Mike walked over and stood in front of Chad and spoke to him making Chad shrug his shoulders and look at me


“Have confidence Chris” he nodded


“Someone wants to say something to you” Elena moved in front of me and held out her cell phone I took it and sat on the arm of the couch


Me * hello

Dimi * damn first tell Kerion thank you for the picture and second do we get to christen those boots the same way we did with the black……

Elena * Dimitri Alexi Carpov ?? ?????????? ?? ??????? (you’re on speaker)

Dimi * ?????? (Shit) ... Chris take the phone off speaker



The guys were all laughing as I took the phone off and held it to my ear and walked out of the room.


Me * okay why the hell would you come out with that when you called me on your Mothers cell phone

Dimi * Stop laughing it’s not funny.

Me * Oh it is because all of the guys were in there, as in both bands and your Mother.

Dimi * so I look like some sort of sex crazed Russian guy

Me * Er… if the cap fits

Dimi * oh really Miss. Sommers you don’t do so bad

Me * okay it helps I have this really hot guy that I sort of fell in love with even if he can be a little bit of a hot headed jack ass

Dimi * hey Niko I think my girlfriend’s in love with you

Me * oh will you stop your body’s better than his
Niko * gee thanks Chris and you know it wouldn’t have worked out with us

Me * dumbass

Dimi * he’s walking away laughing… okay why are you walking round dressed as you are?

Me * it’s my new stage outfit… well one of them

Dimi * oh I can’t wait to get over somewhere to see you

Me * I know… I miss you

Dimi * you’ll be fine you have guys that treat you like a sister and you’ll have guys throwing themselves at you, you’re going to be fine with what ever happens

Me * yeah right we’re the support band not the head liner and anyway I only want you

Dimi * I need to go get your sister up for school


He seemed to become quiet


Me * oh yeah I need to talk to you and Nikolai

Dimi * dude you’re in trouble she called you Nikolai

Me * hey you too Dimitri

Dimi * Damn

Niko * What Chris?

Me * what the hell have you been teaching my little sister

Niko *oh she told you about the skank thing

Me * Oh yeah and apparently I should marry my hot Russian piece of ass

Dimi * I’ll talk to her

ME * No the two of you need to think before you open your mouths round her she loves the two of you


Chad walked out and pointed to the stage I nodded



Dimi * we will don’t worry about it… I love ya Chris

Me * Love you too

Niko *what about me?

Me * you’re okay I guess, hey, say Hi to everyone for me will you

Dimi * we will… talk to you later


The phone went dead and I walked back onto the room and handed Elena her phone back she smiled at me and nodded. I went back out and up and on to the stage where Chad was talking to one of the roadies. He handed off one of his guitars and looked at me


“How’s Dimitri?”


“He’s good” I nodded as I went over to the front of the stage and touched the Microphone stand


“Okay, before we go to lunch…” he came over to me “it’s not the outfit that’s getting to you is it?”


“I don’t know” I shook my head and took a deep breath before looking at him


“You’re caught up in the whirlwind and you’re realizing right now what you’re going to be doing right?” He took my hand and lead me over to the drum riser and sat me down, he sat next to me.


“It’s everything I could ever want we could ever want” I looked at him “I mean year ago I was a knocked up, knocked around band kid from a small town in the mid west” he raised his eye brows. I knew he only knew part of what had happened to me but then no one other then myself knew the full extent of the truth, I jumped in quickly before he got a chance to ask about the statement I’d just made “now look I’m in England, I look amazing even if I do say so myself” he started to laugh and nodded at me “And I’m going to be touring with a band that I’ve loved forever”


“Thank you” he laughed “and yay It’s finally sunk in hasn’t it” I nodded “Chris if I or the others for that matter thought for one minute that you or the rest of NeverWest wasn’t capable of doing this we wouldn’t have risked all the time and a hell of a lot of money on you all, and there’s no way in hell we’d have given you some songs for yourselves”


“I keep thinking I’m going to wake up in a minute and be in my bed and this is all some crazy dream” I got up and walked across the stage and ran my fingers over the microphone again “I’ve had to fight of things I want I might have looked to have the perfect all American Family but I I’ve had to face so much crap that this just seems too good to be true”


“It’s not, it’s a lot of long hours hard, hard work and living out of a suitcase” he sighed “You go to all these different places but don’t get to see them. You live and long to get on here” he tapped his foot on the stage before getting up and following me back to the front of the stage again “You do everything to stand here and make people feel good it becomes like a drug you need it as much as you need air to breath” the smile spread across his face as he looked across the arena “As soon as we heard you.. and I heard you sing that was it we were going to make it happen for you guys” he looked away from the arena and at me “I promise you, that you have our backing on everything, Personal life and professional”. He hugged me tight I hesitated before I hugged him back after all it was still Chad Kroeger of all people


“Thank you” I nodded the weight that had been sitting on me seemed to lift and shift away


“You want to screw with the sound guy” he smiled I looked at him as he let me go “Hey Joey can we check it again” he called out


“Sure” Joey called back from the sound desk Chad put his arm around my shoulders and carried on grinning “Oh hell no not both of you”


“Come on this is why you get the big money” Chad handed me a spare mic


“Yeah right” Joey grumbled


“You do your new one I’ll start on Far away” I nodded. I closed my eyes and let the music run through my head as everything else fell silent. I was almost done with the song before realized I was alone on the stage and the lights were all down apart from a single spot light Everyone standing round and listening to me as I finished it there was whistling and clapping from the crew and the bands


“See I told you that you can do it” Chad called from the side of the stage “Now go change and we’ll go get lunch”……………



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