Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - All hell again

Submitted: January 31, 2014

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Submitted: January 31, 2014



………… “Okay guys thank you” Joey shouted “See you tonight” I walked to the side of the stage Chad held up his hand for a high five,


“Nice croak in the middle Chris” he chuckled picking up his guitar


“Oh Shush” I groaned “Hey who was on the phone?”


“No one important” he shrugged walking backwards on the stage “You have someone waiting for you” he pointed to Kellan.




“Chris no buts” he turned round giving me nothing but his back to talk to. I so wanted to stamp my foot at him but I held back


“God” I hissed through my teeth “It’s my damn phone” I muttered as I walked down the steps.


“Chris let him handle it” Pete touched my arm


“I know” I sighed “Do you know who it was?”


“Chris I was on stage with you. Now stop worrying” he turned me round so I was looking at Kellan who was talking to Kerion and Alfie “Look at that piece of ass right there and tell me what the name of your last boyfriend was”.


“I have no idea” I chuckled “And do you know how gay you just sounded”


“Yes I do and I regretted the words as they came out of my mouth” Pete started to laugh “I’m going to go see Marie and see what new stuff she’s got for us”


“Tell her I’ll be back there in a while” he nodded and put his fingers in his mouth and whistled Alfie looked round


“Marie has new stuff” Pete called out as he walked away from me walked away


“Okay Chris you’re good to go…. we read him the riot act again” Kerion chuckled as he walked by me and jerked his finger over his shoulder in Kellan’s direction.


“Gee thanks”


“They thought it was funny as well when I asked them if they knew why you’d died laughing when I mentioned Bears” Alfie cocked his head to the side “You could have told me he’s in Twilight”


“Dude your girlfriend has a poster of him on her bedroom wall” I laughed “I’m going to have to call her you do know that?”


“Hey the only thing I see when I go in Heidi’s room is her naked” he held up his hands


“Okay TMI” I walked over to Kellan “Thank ou for making me choke up there”


“Me what did I do?” he winked at me


“Brought your friends” I looked at them OMG I was the star struck one now.


“What it’s only like you with Nickelback” he pointed onto the stage where the guys were talking to Lukas. I nodded. “You need to meet my friends” he put his arm round my waist and pulled me over to them. All I could think of in my mind was ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Get a grip Chris, get a grip.


“You are Amazing” Ashley grinned at me “Wow”


“Er… thank you” Talk woman you sound like an air head, I was mentally Gibbs slapping myself.


“Oh I have something for all of you” I pulled the passes out of my back pocket and handed them out “Watching a show from the floor is one thing doing it from the side of the stage is another” Kellan’s thumb was looped in the back loop of my jeans his hand resting flat on my ass.


“This is Awesome” Alex smiled at me “I’m sorry he called you before I got the chance”


“Dude back off” Kellan laughed. “So do you want to come grab some lunch?”


“I would… but I really need to get some sleep someone kept me out till seven, and an hour up there kinda needs energy” I poked him in the ribs.


“So that’s where you were” Taylor laughed “You sneaky son of a bitch”


“We were dancing” Kellan protested as Nickelback started to play. I groaned as they started with ‘Next Contestant’ I turned round and held out my arms. Chad Shrugged at me and his voice shook as he laughed “You okay?”


“Yeah, personal joke” I smiled shaking my head “Sorry”


“So I can’t tempt you out for something to eat? He turned me to face him and put his hands on my hips


“I would, but I have to go see what our amazing wardrobe woman has found for me now and then I need to sleep for…” Lukas walked over


“Chris the underwear company has sent the contract for you. I’ll have it ready for you to sign in the dressing room” he looked at Kellan “Keeping this one out till…”


“Lukas shut up” I laughed as his phone rang he pulled it from his pocket


“Well let’s see what she wants” he held it up for me to see the caller, I in haled sharply as I saw Elena’s number and name on the screen, he walked away


“Problems?” Ashley asked cocking her head


“I hope not” I sighed.


“We’d better let you go” Kellan said letting go of my jeans “And I’ll see you tonight”


“Yep” I nodded “Nice to meet you guys”


“You to Chris” Ashley laughed “Kellan we’ll wait outside for you” he nodded


“I’m looking forward to tonight”


“You keep saying”


“Can I take you out again after? I mean tomorrow we leave to go to Madrid” I started to walk with him across the floor of the stadium.


“That sucks I’m here for three nights and then we’re on to Milan”


“So we’d better make the most of tonight then” he touched my cheek,  my heart felt like it was racing out of control and I was waiting to flat line as he looked me in the eyes “I’ll call you this afternoon” he brushed his lips against mine. “Sweet dreams” he walked away. I took a deep breath and walked backstage as Mike came off and looked at me with a smirk.


“See you got a groupie after all” he teased as I pushed open the door to the dressing room the guys already going through a box of things for them like it was Black Friday


“Hey Marie I missed you” I smiled going to hug her


“Humph… I heard you had a good time regardless” she turned away, I looked at the guys Alfie shrugged


“Marie is everything okay?” I put my hand on her shoulder


“Yeah fine… Here” she handed me a new embroidered corset and my lace shorts. She braced her hand on a packing case and took a deep breath “Chris can I talk to you” she pushed off the box and walked to the door and waited for me


“Sure” I put down the clothes on the chair and walked out with her, the guys had fallen silent and were watching us intently. I closed the door as we stood in the hallway


“You’ve changed” she rounded on me


“No I’m still in my clothes” I frowned


“No YOU”VE changed” she snapped putting her hands on her hips


“I only saw you five days ago how’ve I changed?” I held out my hands “Marie what’s going on?”


“All the stuff with you and Chad, and now you and that actor guy you’re getting a reputation Christine. Dimitri was right about you” She sneered at me


“What? There’s nothing going on with me and Chad there never was, and I’m single so I think I can date who I want and how the hell would you know all about Dimitri being right?” I bit back at her, tired and cranky Chris wasn’t nice considering I’d only had two coffees


“I’ve spoken to him and he filed me in on some of your history” she tipped her head and stared me down


“Hey my life is none of your business” I shook my head at her


“It is when my god son’s involved” my mouth fell open, well that was a slap in the face right there “You’ve broken his heart”


“Really… we’ll tough shit he was the one screwing around on me, and you think I should put up with that” I put my hand on the door


“You’ve gone from one guy to the next and you lie on your back for all of them from what Dimitri said, even his own brother” I raised my hand and slapped her the sound resonated across the hallway




Hey knock it off” Mike and Ryan ran over “What the hell’s going on?”


“I think I just handed in my notice” Marie looked at them “I can’t work with cheap little whores” She glared at me and walked into the dressing room slamming the door behind her.


“Chris” Ryan turned me to look at him


“Did you guys know?” I paced the floor as Lukas came over with papers in his hands. Alfie and the others came out of the room the sounds of banging and slamming filling the air behind them


“Did we know what?” Ryan frowned


“That Marie is Dimitri’s Hag of a god mother”


“What?” Lukas looked at the door and then back to me


“Yeah… I just got informed that apparently I’m a whore and I’m the one in the wrong” I was trying to control my temper “I’m sick and tired of being labeled something that I’m not”


“Chris” Kerion put his hand on my arm


“Give me my phone. I’m going to call that Russian son of a bitch and tell him exactly where he can shove his damn stories and his whining and bitching” I gritted my teeth “And damn him if I want to sleep around then I will” Alfie sniggered making me calm down a little “Okay maybe not… but god damn him why can’t the Carpov’s just Fuck off”……



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