Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 41 (v.1) - held off... for now

Submitted: January 31, 2014

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Submitted: January 31, 2014




................ Kerion Put his arm around me and steered me back into our dressing room, Both bands were there and were as shocked as I was to the Marie being a part of the Carpov family “Come on let’s just get back to the hotel and you can get some sleep” Alfie said as he watched me pacing. Lukas walked into the dressing room and closed the door.


“No I want to call him” I shook my head


“And it’s been taken care of Chris” Chad said with a moan “Dimitri Carpov and his mother have had a restraining order slapped on them this morning”


“They can’t contact you, or talk to the press about you, or we can sue then for everything they have” Mike rubbed my back “Now go back to the hotel get some sleep and don’t stay out partying till seven am again… without the rest of us” I nodded at him.


Chad Stepped forward and linked his fingers with mine and pulled me to the waiting Limo. I slid in he got in with me and sat next to me and held my hands as the car pulled away from the stadium


“You’re going to have a breakdown if this carries on” I looked at him “You need to stop letting him and others bother you. how old are you?”


“Almost nineteen”


“Exactly… if you can’t break free and have fun and date anyone you want then it’s a pretty sorry case of affairs” He let go of my hands and reached for the bottle of scotch that was in the limo, he poured two classes of it “I know you want to rip into him but be the bigger person and ignore what he said” I chewed the inside of my cheek. He handed me the glass “Come on we still have ten months of rocking the world, making people smile and you seeing what life should be about, as long as you’re careful and pick the people in your life carefully”


‘So what do I do about you guys?” I smiled putting my head on his shoulder, he moved and put his arm around me, a hug was what was needed right now.


“Okay, I’ll let that one slide” Chad laughed “So you and Kellan?


“It’s fun” I sat up and looked at him “I guess we’re done screwing with the press?” he nodded with a deep sigh


“I guess so but you have to admit it was fun and I’m going to miss doing it”


“Hell yeah…” I nodded putting my head back on his shoulder “Chad?”




“Who was on the phone earlier?” I was hoping he was just going to answer me as it was just the two of us in the car.


“Your Mom” he rested his head against mine as if he was trying to stop me from exploding


“Oh god… what did she say this time?”


“Oh she thinks we’re going to be having a huge wedding in Hollywood” he chuckled “even though I did tell her you were out on a date last night”


“See… I told you she’s in a world of her own” I sighed running my fingers through my hair “When do we get a week off?”




“I want t find an island somewhere and spend a week with my I-pod and a stack of books” I looked at him “I absolutely love what I do…”


“But it’s all the shit that flies along with it” Chad tapped his glass to mine “I’ll get Lukas to book something for you but as a warning, if it’s somewhere really good you might find four Canadians and their families tagging along” he nudged me as we pulled up to the hotel. “Now go get some sleep because I’m going to do the same thing”


“But you didn’t go out last night” he stepped out of the car and we walked in together.


“I know, but I was waiting up for someone to get back from a date” he chuckled “See you later Chris” he kissed my head and walked to reception as I headed for the elevator…………….




…. I could feel a warm breeze on my cheek like I was lay on a beach and the ocean air was warming me. I slowly opened my eyes, no sun just rain hammering on the glass of the window.


“I did call and you didn’t answer” I jumped at the voice ‘I’m sorry” I turned over to see Kellan lay next to me on top of the comforter “Your friends let me in” I sat up and rubbed my eyes


“How long have you been here?” oh I sounded like a female Barry white with how rough my voice was


“About ten minutes” he smiled “I didn’t want to wait till tonight”


“Are you always this forward?” I got out of bed and pulled the curtains closed before I opened a bottle of water and drank half of it


“When I see something I like yes” he nodded “Mom said I was the same when I was a kid… if you want I can go… Alfie said you had a bit of a rough time after we left” I put on a pot of coffee and turned and looked at him.


“You could say that” I nodded “and you can stay. I like the company… it makes a nice change”


“We heard that” Pete called form the other room, I pulled the door shut.


“You look like you need a hug?’ Kellan got up


“You wouldn’t believe surround by all these guys… how hard it actually is to get a proper hug” I smiled “They suck at it”


Kellan put his arms round me and lifted me off the floor, his face nuzzling under my hair. My back arched into him spontaneously as he held me against him. God this was scary I was feeling things that I had vowed not to for a while. I moved my head my lips searching out his I felt the cold of the wall against my back and the weight of Kellan pressing into me. ‘I don’t know why Arron came back for more’ Dimitri’s words on the –phone message rang in my ears making me stop.


“What is it?” he gasped


“I’m sorry… I didn’t… I shouldn’t… I mean I want… oh god” I moved away from him and sat on the bed


“Chris” He walked over to me “Don’t be sorry” he crouched down by me


“It’s complicated”


“Is it Chad?” I looked at him, he looked a little hurt and over excited in certain areas but still hurt in the face


“No…It’s not Chad” I got up and walked over to him


“I mean, I wasn’t planning coming here and spending the next few hours in bed with you” he got up and paced the floor “I wouldn’t say no but…” I stopped him


“I just got done with a relationship that ended really nastily, as in he’s still causing problems… he’s still calling and well you don’t want to hear the sort of things he’s been saying” Kellan looked at me I rubbed my forehead with my finger tips


“I’m sorry” He sat down and pulled me onto his lap “He’s an idiot letting you go”


“Thanks” I smiled weakly at him


“I’m serious; I think most men would say the same. You’re hot as hell Chris and I’ll admit it, I’ve already had two cold showers today and I think I’m going to need a third” I felt the color rise in my cheeks. He nudged my jaw with his nose his lips returned to my neck “But you could always come take the shower with me?” he murmured…………………



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