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Chapter 42 (v.1) - My Girls

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Submitted: February 01, 2014



...............I ran out of the elevator and into the waiting limo. Scrabbling to put up my hair in a messy bun, I groaned as I noticed my shirt was inside out


“Sleep well” Mike asked pushing his tongue in his cheek; all the guys were looking at me


“Fine” I nodded


“You look a little flushed” Chad said putting his phone in his pocket “and like you dressed in the dark” there was a bunch of sniggers running around the car


“I knew, I was running late” I shrugged


“So when did Kellan leave?” Alfie was trying not to smile


“Just after I got up” I looked out of the window and tried to control the urge to break out into a huge grin.


“Nice he came to see you?” Lukas pushed his tongue into his cheek. “and he def…” Saved by the ring I pulled my phone from my purse.


Me * hello

Miranda * okay so when were you going to tell us about the Lutz?


I couldn’t help but break in to a huge smile getting to talk to the girls


Me * tomorrow

Heidi * you have to be kidding… you actually went for dinner with him?

Me * yes I did and no I’m not kidding

Miranda * okay is he as hot close up?

Me * more so

Heidi * you kiss him?

Me * yes


There was a shrap intake of breath at the other end of the line


Miranda * OMG YOU’VE…

Me * will you shut up


My Cheeks turned beet red and I started to laugh


Heidi * okay Mir’s hyperventilating here Chris. I think you’ve killed one of your best friend

Me * Tell Xander I’m sorry his girlfriends dead


Everyone looked at me Kerion’s jaw dropped


Miranda * so come on spill it

Me * er… no

Heidi * where are you?

Me * Italy

Heidi * no as in where are you sitting...? one sniff of a hot man and she loses her damn brain

Me * in a car riding in the rain to the venue

Heidi * see she’s in there with all the guys she can’t give details

Miranda * okay, well you just answer the questions that we ask

Me * I’ll try


It felt so good talking to my best friends again, and the way it made me relax


Heidi * okay so did you… you know?

Me * Yes


There was a shriek at the other end


Miranda * oh you cow… I’m so jealous right now

Me * gee thanks, but you still love me

Miranda * Yes we do… okay you know the Calvin Klein ad he did?

Me * yes

Miranda * was it padded out?

Me * OMG really… how many times have you watched that commercial?… and no there was no padding in the photo


“What are you talking about?” Dan asked wrinkling his nose


“My bra in the underwear pictures” Damn that was thinking on my feet, they all looked at each other and started debating the whole Padded bra versus un-padded


Heidi * Damn I’m looking at that man in a whole new light now and I have a really silly grin on my face

Me * me too

Miranda * so okay I have to ask this who was better Kellan or Dimitri

Me * You really have to ask that?

Miranda * yes… come on Chris, we all know what it took for you to trust ass hole douche face turd bag from Hades, and that you and he we’re hot and heavy


I looked down and pinched the bridge of my nose.


Me * I miss you guys.

Heidi * I know and it sucks that Jackson and Xander got to come out and we didn’t

Miranda * any chance you’ll come home for Christmas?

Me * Nope, we’re in Afghanistan for Christmas

Heidi * damn not only does she tour with hot guys, gets to sleep with Kellan Lutz, she’s also surrounded by guys in uniform…

Me * Sorry… and we didn’t sleep

Miranda * okay, she’s officially trying to kill us now

Heidi * Chris you’ll be fine remember you have friends that love you no matter what others do

Me * Okay you’re going to make me cry in a minute

Miranda * Oh stop… we do have one piece of gossip for you

Me * okay…

Miranda * Dimitri’s been suspended for fighting

Me * So

Heidi * According to Niko He’s going to be sent to Russia to his Grandmothers to finish school

Me * Wow what’s Reba going to do without her fuck buddy?


For once I actually didn’t care


Miranda * oh she hit on Niko and Xander at a party last week…

Heidi * and she knocked her on her skinny ass.

Me * I’d have liked to have seen that

Heidi * oh it was awesome… Chris everything’s changed since you came here everyone gets on and there are no Band geeks and Jocks now, people just get on

Me * good I’m glad of that, hey if I get you both tickets, Do you think you could come join us for a while?

Heidi * I’ll get to see Alfie s hell yeah

Miranda * oh god I can hear the bed springs already but well come see you.

Me * Good I miss my girls because you give good hugs not like some Canadians and Band geeks, I could mention…


There was a lot of rasied eyebrows

Me * Oh shit I’m in trouble now… I got to go

Heidi * okay we love you and give Alfie a kiss from me

Miranda * yeah say hi to the guys, and Xander said to say he loves ya

Me * Love you too say hi to everyone for us


I hung up and looked round at the guys


“We don’t give shit hugs” Kerion groaned


“I was kidding” I smiled


“She was talking about those bear hugs the Lutz dude gives” Dan smirked


“Yeah but when those hugs leave ass prints on the shower door” Pete grinned turning his head to look at me as the car stopped “Nice to see you smiling properly again Chris” he climbed over me and got out.


“Just be careful and don’t lose this over this” Chad tapped my heart and then my head and got out. I sat there for a minute and let my thoughts calm down.


“Hey come on you have to get to wardrobe early if we have backstage guests” Lukas put his head back inside the Limo, I hadn’t even thought about Marie I blinked at him “It’s okay Maries gone” he gave me as warm smile “And I do have someone that can lace up those fiddly corsets for you” I laughed and took the hand he offered as I got out. “Come on” I nodded something felt different tonight like a weight had been lifted and I was free truly free…………



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