Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Screen door

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Submitted: February 01, 2014



……… We walked backstage the normal hustle and bustle was going on it was strange how all this craziness was like coming home every time I was round It, it was comfortable. People running round checking things and making sure everything was ready. I opened the door to the wardrobe room with Lukas walking behind me talking details about the contract I still hadn’t signed with the underwear company.


“bout, damn time” I stopped at the sound of Heidi’s voice


“Yeah come on how slow is the driver you have?” Miranda laughed


“Oh my god… oh my god… oh my god” I squealed running at both of them the three of us were bouncing up and down and laughing all hugging each other. “How…? Who…? When…? Oh god” I hugged them both tightly again


“See Chris, I told you someone was going to be here to lace you up didn’t I?’ Lukas laughed, I turned round and looked at him


“You’re awesome” I hugged him


“Well you’ve bitched about being stuck with all of us so…” he gestured to Heidi and Miranda


“Do the guys know?”


“No, we thought we’d make it a surprise for all of you” He smirked “I’ll go tell them they need to come get changed” he walked out


“So come on when did you do the dirty with him” Miranda laughed hip checking me


“Oh god” I turned red


“It was today wasn’t it” Heidi narrowed here eyes at me. I looked up to the clock on the wall


“The last time was just over an hour ago” I groaned “now can we drop the subject” I walked to the counter and pulled off my jacket


‘Well she’s not walking funny” Miranda giggled as the door opened and the guys walked in. There was a shriek from Heidi as she ran to Alfie their lips locking faster than a jail cell door on the drunk tank on a Friday night.


“Er I think we’ll” I pulled a face and grabbed my outfit from where it hung on the rail. Kerion grabbed Miranda’s hand and pulled her out to our dressing room with me and Pete close behind. Pete scribbled ‘Do not disturb’ on a piece of paper and tacked it to the door to the wardrobe room. I closed the door of our dressing room as Miranda was hugging Kerion and then moved to hug Pete


“So when was this arranged?” I asked, sitting down in front of the mirror and beginning to put my make up on. Miranda Started to smooth the lace on my shorts.


“Well I got a call from your old phone early yesterday” she looked at me through the mirror “I thought it was weird but I still answered it, and well let’s just say it’s a good job I was still in bed because it was Chad” she started to giggle “I thought it was one of you playing a trick on me but then we spoke and he spoke to my parents and three hours later we were on a plane heading here” she grinned we got here and that Lukas guy came and picked us up from the airport and asked if we knew how to tie a corset”


“Nice conversation” Pete smiled


“Yeah remember Kuwait” I looked at him


“Oh yeah Reba” Kerion laughed stripping off his hoodie and pulling on his T-shirt


“What?” Miranda scrunched up her nose


“With the USO you sort of have the bare minimum of people to help you and none of the guys could tie my corset” I explained


“Dan could untie it” Kerion called out as he picked up a set of drum sticks and started his normal taping before the gig.


“Wait” I frowned “you could all untie them” I sighed “anyway Lukas found a solider that could do it only when she told us her name it was Reba”


“Oooo not fun” Mir wrinkled her nose


“Nope, brings it right back all over again” I took the tea that Kerion offered me


“Has she told you about the Marine that slipped his number into her pocket?” he smirked


No” Miranda looked at me


“Okay I think we’ll finish all this over lunch tomorrow” I laughed getting up “Okay you two either need to leave the room or turn round”




“I’m getting changed and I can’t use next door can I” I sighed “It sounds like there is a riot going on in there”


“Fine we’ll go annoy the others” they both got up and walked out. I stripped off my shirt and picked up the top and turned to let Miranda lace it.


“Okay now it’s just the two of us, what the hell’s been happening school was on a virtual lock down when the pictures of you wearing that ring came out and we got invaded by press?” she tied the ribbons off “I mean one minute it’s all you and Chad and then next it’s you and Kellan” She sat on the counter as I pulled on the shorts and the boots. I leant on the counter and looked at her


“The thing with Chad was the night I got the picture of Dimitri and Reba together. I lost it we all went out to a club and had a little too much to drink” I shrugged “I ended up kissing Chad in the elevator”


“Wow him and Kellan you are my idol” she grinned “did you?”


“No… I passed out but I slept in his bed” I pulled the brush through my hair “the rest was us screwing with the press that’s all it was innocent”


“Well he has a soft spot for you” she smiled “You can tell when he talked about you” I joined her in the smiling


“He knows more about my past than anyone” she raised an eye brow “Not that I don’t want to tell you guys… it’s just hard, Chad’s been there when I’ve lost the plot a few times… but the whole bands like that I mean they booted Elena to the curb for us” the door knocked


“Chris are you deccent?’ Ryan called through the door


“Depends what you call decent” Miranda laughed before I could say anything the door opened, Miranda shut up and got the glazed expression


“You like the surprise” he grinned


“Hell yeah” I nodded


“Good, we have to crash your dressing room” Ryan sat on the couch in the room




“A pipe burst” he smiled as the others walked in Miranda was beet red and I don’t think her eyes could have gotten any larger Chad walked over to her


“You must me Miranda right?” all she could do was nodded


“Oh I love you” Chad’s head snapped around to me and I looked at him “Someone that can finally shut her up” he started to laugh and bit on his lip


“Well, I wanted to make you smile and I wasn’t banking on someone beating me to it” he shrugged with a slight smile


“Yeah and you’d given us enough shit about missing the girls” Dan nudged me, I ignored him


“Thank you” I put my arms round Chad and hugged him and kissed his cheek


“You’re welcome” he looked round and seemed flustered a little “Okay where’s Alfie?”


“Banging the ass off his girlfriend” Miranda blurted out before slapping her hand over her mouth making everyone laugh.


“See she fits right in” Mike smiled hip checking her


“Oh no teasing her, because she bites” I wagged my finger at him


“Hey Chris” Lukas called from the doorway “You’ve got some guests” he stepped back and Kellan walked in


“Oh damn” I heard the gulp from Mir behind me


“Hey Breath girl” Ryan laughed standing behind her and rubbing her arms


 “Dude ass prints on the shower door” Pete called out and held out his hands


“Hey” I Gibbs slapped him


“Ow…. Chris I was just saying” he smiled Kellan walked over to me and looked me up and down


“Wow and I thought you were hot when you…” he looked round at the now silent room “Well you know” he flushed a little


‘Oh that’s not even the hottest outfit” Chad butted in


“Thank you” I groaned. Miranda slowly sat on to the arm of the seat next to Kerion not taking her eyes off Kellan.


“Damn… I'd let him bang me like a screen door in a hurricane” She whispered a little above a whisper I turned and  looked at her and started to laugh. “Oh I said that out loud didn’t I?” she slumped down next to Kerion and his under his arm.


“You’ll have to excuse my best friend… she left her brain on flight over here” I laughed. I was in a room with some of the people I’d known the least amount of time but understood and supported me more than people I’d known for years………………..



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