Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - Dance in the rain

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Submitted: February 01, 2014



………. “You nervous?” Kellan smiled as he watched me pushing in the ear pieces


“Oh nervous doesn’t even begin to cover it” I smiled as best as I could as I shuffled from one foot to the other “This is us before a show” I looked round as Kerion was tapping on the wall with his drumsticks his head down his eyes closed “Look” I nodded in his direction, Pete walked out of the bathroom looking green, Alfie was leaning on the wall waiting for him with a stick of gum held out ready for Pete to take. “This bit is horrible, I don’t mean to be gross but” I took his hands he wrinkled his nose at the clammy feel of my hands in his “and you really don’t want to know how my stomach feels” I smiled. I looked over his shoulder and saw Miranda and Heidi watching us smiles on their face the pride in their friends all too evident. I looked back at Kellan “As soon as I step off the first step into the spotlight with the music round me the nervousness just vanishes” I shrugged


“You think maybe a kiss might help a little?” he asked putting his hands on my hips


“It wouldn’t hurt” I laughed he lent in and kissed me gently on the lips hips as the stage manager walked toward us


“Two minutes guys Chris you need to get up the stairs” I nodded and stepped back Alfie and Pete hugged me as another roadie handed then their guitars. I walked over to Kerion and pulled out his earphones and hugged him, all he gave me was a single nod and he took the steps to the riser two at a time and disappeared into the darkness. Kellan stepped back as I walked up the stairs the drum beat starting as I reached the top and I was out into the bright light again. We all came off the stage laughing and smiling Miranda handed me a towel


“Okay you guys are so much better than that night on the football field” she laughed “and we thought you were good back then”


“It’s called practice and expert guidance” Mike laughed “Nice job as usual guys” he high fived all of us.


“Thank you” Kerion smiled draping his arm round Miranda and making her groan


“Okay shower” she ducked from under his arm “I don’t let Xander hug me after a game till he’s showered and I’m sleeping with him” we all looked at her


“Bang you like a storm door in a hurricane does he?” Kellan laughed, the guys started laughing Miranda turned beet red and hid her face behind Heidi


‘Ew… I think I just threw up in my mouth” I shuddered


“Why?” Kellan grinned at me


“It’s my cousin she’s dating” I smiled


“Oh I’m sorry” Kellan shook his head.


“It’s okay I’m going to go grab a shower and change” he nodded


“I’ll watch these guys” he pointed to Nickelback as they stepped onto the stage. I walked into the dressing room, Miranda chased after me


“I’m sorry I said that about your boyfriend Chris” Miranda looked at me and chewed her lip


“Oh come… on it wouldn’t be you if you actually put your brain in to gear before your mouth” I giggled and hugged her “and he’s not my boyfriend” they all looked at me “What… I met him yesterday and yes I’ve already rolled round in bed with him…”


“And the shower” Alfie laughed sitting down and pulling Heidi on to his lap


“Yes that as well” I sighed “Okay… I never meant for it to happen, but it did, and fine if you want to call me a…”


“Hey we didn’t say a word did we and we won’t” Pete said shaking his head he walked over to me and held my hands “You’re single right… and you can have fun” He grabbed a bottle of water “If it’s good for the goose and all that”


“Okay can we stop bringing up the Russian” I groaned as Miranda unlaced my corset.


“With pleasure” Alfie nodded. I walked off and showered and got changed. Miranda had had a field day in the wardrobe room and she’d found a cute dress for me to put on. I walked up to the side of the stage where Kellan was with his friends watching the show.


“So was I right about it being better watching it from here?” I stood next to him


“Oh yeah” he slid his arm round my waist “This has to be the best show I’ve been to” he looked at me “And I have to say you guys were amazing”


“He’s after something” Alex laughed looking at me “We’ve seen him in action before” Kellan hung his head


“Excuse my friends they’re as bad as yours” he groaned.


“It’s okay we can commiserate over our friends later” I shrugged, I looked to the stage and watched as Chad walked over to his drink talking to the fans he looked up at me.


“Well I have to say it… OH My God we’re being watched by Miss Christine Sommers” he laughed, I groaned “Chris come here” he waved me over, I shook my head Mike looked at me and started to laugh “Kellan will you for two minutes get your hands of Chris and let steal her from you” Kellan was laughing and held up his hands. I shook my head. Chad pouted and tipped his head “You guys want to hear more from Chris don’t you?” the crowd started to clap and whistle. “Come on girl, you’re in prime position standing there” the stage hand handed me my ear pieces “Mike, will you grab her and get her out here” Mike walked to me as I took the microphone that was handed to me, I looked back at Kellan


“See what I have to put up with” Mike grabbed my hand and pulled me to the stage


“I have to say you are looking extremely beautiful this evening… Lucky guy to be taking you out” he looked at Kellan and smiled


“Thank you and these guys have seen me once tonight’ I laughed as I walked over to Chad


“I know, but remember the other week when we screwed with the sound Guy” Chad handed me his drink, I nodded and took a drink ‘Well I was wondering if you wanted to screw with him again” we both looked out across the stadium and could just make out Joey waving his arms


“Oh Hell yeah… you know me I’ll screw with anyone” I regretted the words as they came out


“Well okay” Chad pulled a Face “Kellan, she didn’t mean that literally” I felt my face go red


“I’m going to kill you” I laughed walking to the front of the stage and handing his drink to a guy in the front of the crowd


“S.E.X.” there was a heap of screaming at just one word


“Well not right now” I shrugged we’d agreed we were going to stop screwing with the press but it was too much fun messing around on stage


“I wasn’t offering I was meaning the song” he laughed


“Why not” I walked back to him the bass started and we did the song.


“Ladies and Gentlemen Christine Sommers” Chad called out as I walked off the stage. Mike patted me on the back


“I am going to kill all of you for that” I grinned at him


“Imagine what the press will do with it?” He shrugged “Go have fun Chris” Kellan held out his hand to me. I took it


“You want to get out of here?” he asked


“Sure if you don’t mind missing the end of the gig” I picked up my purse from the case I’d left it on


“It’s okay”


“I’ll go tell the others’ I’m leaving” he nodded and watched as I walked away. We slid into a cab in the darkness the rain still falling steadily. “So where are we going?”


“I found a cute little bar this afternoon, I thought we could go there for a while and then…” I looked at him


“Do you mind getting wet?” He raised his eye brow at me “No… I mean I haven’t done this for a long time”


“Done what?”


“Walked in the rain” I tapped the cab driver on the shoulder and got him to stop. I handed him the money and stepped out, the cool night air felt good. I felt Kellan’s fingers slip in between mine as we started to walk. “What time do you leave tomorrow?”


“We fly at noon” he sighed


“The crazy life we led Huh?”


“Something like that” he stopped me and turned me to face him as soft music spilled out of a nearby bar “You ever danced in the rain?” I shook my head “Well it sort of has to happen when you’re in a city like here in Rome” he pulled me to him and started to move me round “And it’s like some old black and white movie and you can get lost in the moment”


“Are you trying to be romantic?”


“Yeah but it’s failing isn’t it?” he laughed


“Just a little” there was a clap of thunder


“I think we need to get inside” He took my hand and pulled me across the street “And this just so happens to be my hotel”…………………



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