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Chapter 45 (v.1) - Miss. Liberated

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Submitted: February 01, 2014



...................... “Gotta love the sound of the rain” Kellan sighed he was propped up on his elbow his fingers tracing little circles across my back. I turned my head and looked at him

“So which one of us is going to say it?” he smiled half heartedly and lay on his back


“It’s going to be hard” he pulled me across his chest “I have to leave here and spend the next forty eight hours in Spain, then we head to England, and then I’m off to Canada for three months filming”


“I’m going the other way round the world for the next ten and a half months” I looked up at him


“I hate to say this but it’s been fun” He kissed the top of my head “I mean…”


“It’s okay I know what you mean…” I smiled as I traced the outline of his abs


“I like to see the girl I’m dating as often as I can” I sat up, he was frowning


“Kellan it’s okay…” I got up off the bed and wrapped the comforter round me, I walked over to the window “I’m a girl from the middle of nowhere and I’ve been thrust into this world almost overnight… Hell what Miranda said about you last night was what we all used to say about you six months ago when we saw you in a movie” He chuckled, I felt him stand behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. “I’d have been one of those girls in the crowds waiting to catch a glimpse of a guy like you” he pressed his lips to my shoulder “I’ve not had it easy in fact the last 2 years have really sucked for the most part and I’m still struggling with things…”


“The ex?”


“Yes” I turned to look at him “I was told… well I was left a voice mail from him telling me, I was nothing and no guy would want me because of things that had happened and…” I looked down “…he didn’t know why he’d stayed with me because the sex wasn’t up to much”


“Okay well he’s lying” Kellan pulled me closer and lifted my chin “Chris in the time I’ve known you… your fun, your talented as hell and beautiful. You’ve got a group of friends that I’m actually jealous of…”


“Yeah, but that’s just because you like Nickelback” I rested my head on his chest


“Well yeah but…” he lifted my chin again “You have people you can turn to that aren’t after you for what you have but for who you are and they love you”


“You sound like Chad”


“Yeah, well I’ve been used and I know how it hurts when people tell lies about you or misuse your trust” he rubbed my cheek with the back of his hand. “Don’t believe what your ex said, baby you’re worth more than the dumb thoughts of some Russian” I pulled back and looked at him


“How did you know he was Russian?” I narrowed my eyes at him


“I was talking to Miranda and Heidi… You’re too good for him” I shook my head and walked back to the bed “And way too hot” he followed me and kissed me “We’ve got four hours before I have to get up and go to the airport”


“For old times’ sake” I laughed as he tugged off the comforter


“For finding new friends” he murmured as he bent and kissed me………..




……………… My phone started to ring as I walked into the lobby of the hotel, I had a heavy feeling in my chest that Kellan was gone, it had been an amazing few days, I wasn’t going to miss him just because of what we’d done, but he just got me without judging me.


Me * what?


I felt tired and drained emotionally


Alfie * okay that’s two nights in a row that you’ve ditch all of us and never called in

Me * I’m sorry and I take it you drew the short straw in having to call me

Alfie * nope, I just wanted to make sure you were okay and I was the first to the phone

Me * I’m getting in the elevator right now I’ll be upstairs in a few minutes… please tell me there is a pot of coffee brewing


I hung up the phone and watched the numbers light up with each ding of the elevator. I pushed open the door to the room


“Have fun last night” Heidi laughed. I dumped my purse on the dresser and flopped on the bed with my arms above my head


“Yes” I nodded


“So are you seeing him again tonight?” Miranda walked in from the other room with two cups of coffee and put one on the nightstand next to me “and is that a hickie?” I jumped up and looked in the mirror to look at my neck, but the neck of the dress fastened right around my neck I looked in the mirror at Miranda. “See that is a sign that you had more than a good time” Heidi high fived her


“Maybe” I smiled


“So?” Heidi Sat on the bed next to Miranda as I picked up my coffee


“So what?”


“Are you seeing his Sexiness again tonight after the show?” Heidi giggled “Damn I can’t believe you hooked up with Kellan Lutz of all people”


“I just got back from the airport. He’s on a plane on his way to Spain” I shrugged they both looked at me


“So?” Mir frowned


“So nothing...  He has to do promotional stuff to do for his movie right now… He’s busy and I’m busy” I twisted the bracelet round on my wrist


“Are you okay with it?” Heidi sat up “I mean after what… what Dimi did?”


“I’m fine” I nodded “Really”


“But it’s Kellan” Miranda did an overly dramatic faint into the arm chair and started laughing.


“And he’s hot as hell and yes in a way… I guess I was trying to prove a point with the Dimitri stuff and I went further with Kellan then I would have or should have if I hadn’t been treated the way I had by… ” I chewed the inside of my cheek “and you know what I don’t really care”


“Wow Miss Liberated” Heidi giggled “Wham, Bam, thank you Mr. Lutz” I picked up a pillow and threw it at her


“Jack ass” I flopped back down “He’s sweet… but I guess he’s going one way and I’m doing my thing”


“Fair enough” Miranda nodded. “I just wished you’d got some pictures of at least his ass naked” she sighed. I got up and walked toward the bathroom and pulled my phone from my purse as I walked passed it and threw it at her.


“I did”…..


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