Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 46 (v.1) - Moscow bound

Submitted: February 01, 2014

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Submitted: February 01, 2014



................. The next few days rolled on like usual, it was so good having Miranda and Heidi around even if we did keep losing her and Alfie. I had some back up at least when the guys got on my back about things.


“I wish we didn’t have to leave” Miranda said wiping her eyes as we stood in the airport ‘It’s been amazing helping you out


“I know, and  I’m going to have to deal with the guys alone again” I tried not to cry “Maybe spring break you could come back”


“Xander’s taking me to Cozumel” She sighed “where are you going to be around then?”


“South Africa, I think. Tell Xander he should let you come see me instead, I need you to help me get dressed” she hugged me tight


“You think you’ll get to our graduation ceremony” I shrugged “I mean I know you guys done with your senior year, but…”


“I don’t know let me know when it is and I’ll see where we’re supposed to be, and if we’re off around then” She nodded “Hug the all the guys for me”


“What about if Dimi’s still in school?” she smiled a little


“Sorry who?” I made her laugh


“Alfie, Chris we have to go” Lukas called down the terminal, I hugged Heidi as soon as Alfie let her go


“Call when you get home okay?” I chewed my lip this was hard letting them go


“Jeez Chris you sound like my Mom” Miranda laughed, they walked through to security, Alfie and I  hurried down the terminal to where Lukas was waiting


“You okay?” I said putting my arm round Alfie’s waist


“Yeah, I miss her” he looked at me his eyes red and glassy from crying


“I know… but you can bring her back at spring break, then at least I’ll have one of them here” he looked at me and smiled


“True” Lukas held the door open for the two of us the same black jet was sitting on the tarmac “We’re splashing out to save you guys road tripping” I stepped onto the plane and sat down Pete was already gripping the seats with a vice like grip.


“We need to find out what the marines are given” Chad laughed nudging me


“He’ll be fine” I leant back and fastened the belt


“You mad that you didn’t get to see your Mom?” Lukas asked as he sat opposite me


“Are you kidding me when her publicist called to say she was doing some TV thing and couldn’t make the show I was over the damn moon” I pulled my hair back into a ponytail


“She hasn’t said anything about being your Mom though, so it’s all good right?” Kerion asked from behind me “I mean I keep expecting to see something in the papers saying Chris Sommers and Stephanie what’s her name are the same person”


“Hey we’re not” I snapped a little too fast


“We know… I was just saying” He sighed


“I’m sorry” I looked round at him and smiled “I’m tired I shouldn’t have bit at you”


“Well we’ve got three days before the next show” Ryan called out “Try getting some sleep when you go to bed”


“Smart ass” I laughed


“You ready for Russia?’ Chad asked as we rose into the air


“You want the truthful answer to that or the one I’ll be giving to the press?” I nodded thanks to the steward as he handed me a coffee


“Chris you’re talking to me now”


“I keep thinking Elena’s going to have done something to have us kicked out of the country, or we all get body  cavity searched at customs” I pinched the bridge of my nose as Chad laughed


“I think we’ll be okay, she doesn’t run the country and the last I heard she was an American citizen right” he knocked my arm with his elbow. “It’s one hell of a big place don’t let it bother you” he picked up the paper from his lap


“I guess” I pulled my book from my bag and kicked off my shoes curling my legs up everyone falling into little chats or kicking back relaxing for a while.


“Hey” Chad nudged me again and put the paper on my lap ‘You’d better not get sick” he tapped the photo of my dancing in the rain with Kellan “That guy will have a lot to answer for if you do”


“I’m fine, I wasn’t out in the rain that long” I shrugged


“You were out all night” He smirked


“Yes, but that was his hotel” I tapped the just visible Hotel entrance behind us. Chad inhaled and bit his lip before he looked at me


“So you and he are?”


“Chad Kroeger are you fishing?” I laughed


“Yep… pretty much” he nodded


“We’re friends”


“With benefits” Pete laughed


“Shut up or do I have to mention the blond you brought home last night that turned out…”


“Okay shutting up back here” Pete groaned


“Right we’ll get back to him and the blond in a minute” Chad smirked “you were saying” Chad pushed again


“We hooked up” I felt the color rise in my cheeks “but considering we’re on almost opposite side of the planet for the foreseeable future, what’s the point trying to have a relationship” he opened his mouth to say something “And I don’t want that”


“Good” I looked at him and frowned “Sometimes it’s more of a distraction trying to hold together what we do and what your other half wants from you…” he pushed his fingers through his hair


“Is that what happened with you and your ex?” my turn to push now “Fairs fair, you know about me” he smiled and stood up and went and fetched two bottles of beer and handed one to me before sitting back down I put my coffee down and wrapped my hands around the beer bottle instead.


“Something like that…” He sat back down and stretched out his legs “she wanted to settle down and get married and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t ready… yes I put a ring on her finger but that was more through pressure than anything else” he took a drink “She saw these guys with the wives and the kids and thought at my age I should be the same” he looked round the plane at the rest of his band.


“And you don’t want that?”


“Oh I do, but not right now… there’s too much to see and too much to do” he shrugged “And now we have you guys to look after”


“So we’re your kids” I teased “Or your excuse not to settle down?”


“Neither” he shook his head “I like going home but I get restless. She used to come out on tour but after a few weeks of the long days and living from a suitcase all she wanted was to be at home, and we drifted apart I came home after going to some press thing to empty closets and a note”


“Wow I’m sorry” I’d never heard him mention her but seeing his face now I could see even though they had grown apart he was hurt by it


“It’s okay I’ll survive” he smiled “Everything happens for a reason right?”


“Damn if that’s the case then somebody must hate me” I groaned


“Oh thanks” He pulled a face


“I didn’t mean it like that” I shook my head


“I know” he picked up the paper again and took another drink from his beer “Only something’s are in our control Chris sometimes things happen when you’re least expecting them to… and life throws one hell of a curve ball” I let out a lung full of air, that’s what I was scared about right now I had such an uneasy feeling about going to Moscow that it was feeling like a ton weight on my shoulders…………



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