Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - A MOVIE!

Submitted: February 01, 2014

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Submitted: February 01, 2014



............... “See not cavity searches” Chad laughed as we got to the limo “No Elena with the FSB”


“Okay I might have over reacted” I held up my hands as my phone beeped, I pulled it out of my pocket


***New Message***Kellan***you’re Stephanie Sanders Damn Chris LOL*** 3.17pm


“Oh Shit” I chewed my lip


“Everything okay?” Lukas looked at me


“I don’t’ know” I hit dial


Kellan *damn that was fast.

Me * okay who said about Stephanie Sanders?

Kellan * well my agent got an offer to go try out for a role in the movie version, they’re going to make of ‘Rock Baby’


I put my head in my hand


Me * fuck

Kellan * baby I’m here and your there…

Me * Kellan

Kellan * I’m sorry… I went into read and met your Mom, She said she saw us together in the paper and wanted me to read for a part.

Me * Shit she kept that quiet… god damn it


I wished I could pace but being stuck in a limo that was a little impossible



Kellan * Chris are you okay?

Me * I’m not her Kellan… I swear my mother was clutching at… oh crap

Kellan * Chris it’s okay

Me * what part?

Kellan * what?

Me * what part did they want you to read for?


I already knew the answer because my mother’s mind worked in sick ways sometimes and she saw no problem in it


Kellan * Abel I think it was he’s a bit of a douche but…

Me * oh you don’t know the half of it

Kellan * is this the Russian…? no wait he was a guy working on a ranch right… I’m confused

Me * long story… I mean really long.

Kellan * I’ll turn it down if you want me to

Me * Let me talk to someone first and then I’ll get back to you.

Kellan * okay… Chris I won’t do something if it’s going to upset you like this

Me * thank you, and I swear to god there’s a really good explanation to this

Kellan * I trust you… say hi to everyone for me and I have to say that cute little tattoo is what is making me smile right now

Me * I’ll call you


I hung up every set of eyes was on me, I took a deep breath


“Well I thought it was going to well” I sighed


“Okay …so we got that it was Kellan and something about your mom” Alfie sat forward


“Apparently… ‘Rock Baby’ is going to be made into a movie” I looked around


“Shit” Mike whistled


“Oh and you want to know the best thing” I shook my head “She had them get Kellan to read for Abel”…………

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