Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Our first time

Submitted: January 21, 2014

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Submitted: January 21, 2014




.................. The next few days were spent rehearsing with and without the help of Nickelback, we were in and out of each other’s rooms like it was a Station taking the chance even at breakfast in the hotel to work on tweaking certain parts to make it perfect. I was talking to Dimi every day even if I had to try a few times to get him, but with the time differences and the fact he was playing Baseball it was hard to remember when was the best time, but I made sure I called Jess every morning before she went to school and I always answered when she called when school got out to tell me how her day had gone.


I was poured into the red boots and the rest of the outfit and my hair falling half way down my back as I closed my eyes running through the songs in my head. Kerion was sitting on the floor his head between his knees his drum sticks beating a steady rhythm on the carpet, Alfie paced the floor his fingers working the imaginary chords for songs, and Pete was trying to read but he hadn’t turned the page in almost 30 minutes and looked decidedly green, the door knocked and Lukas and Elena walked in.


“How’s everyone doing?” Elena looked round at us


‘Excuse me” Pete got up and ran for the bathroom his book dropping to the floor. I bent and picked it up closing it and put it on the table. I couldn’t form words right now my throat was tight


“Nervousness is a bitch” Lukas smiled “Well it’s going to be a huge night for all of you”


“No Shit” Kerion mumbled only loud enough for Alfie myself to hear making us both smile a little. There was a knock on the door and Lukas opened it one of the crew was standing there with a huge bouquet of flowers I walked over and took the card from it as Elena took the flowers


“It’s from the guys back home” I looked at them and read the card


You guy rock we all know it and we love you


Miranda, Heidi, Xander, Jackson, Niko, Dimi.


“Nice” Alfie looked over my shoulder “Wish they were here to see this”


“At least they are all thinking of you” Elena smiled as she put the flowers on the table


“Five minutes to go guys” the stage manager put his head round the door “Make your way to the stage” Kerion banged on the bathroom door with his drumsticks from the position he was in


“Pete stop puking and get your ass out here” Alfie offered Kerion a hand and pulled him up from the floor


“We’ll leave you alone for a few minutes” Elena steered Lukas to the door “We’ll wait out there for you” she pulled the door closed as Pete came out his toothbrush hanging out of his mouth. Looking pale he put his toothbrush back into his bag and then faced us with a nervous smile


“Well this is it” Alfie Sighed as he linked his fingers with mine and Pete stood on my other side and held my hand he reached for Kerion’s as the four of us made a circle together “This is our chance to do what we love”


“Oh yeah” Pete nodded the paleness lifting from his face and his normal color was coming back but edged as we all were with anticipation and a slight tinge of terror.


“If we we’re good enough to catch the attention of Nickelback so it must mean something right?” Kerion looked round and chewed his lip


“No it was my boots” I laughed nervously trying to give us something else to think about, the guys all started to laugh “But seriously” I squeezed Alfie and Pete’s hands “I love you guys like brothers and this is one crazy fucked up ride I never want to get off”


“Amen to that” Pete laughed “We ready to go kick ass?” the tension easing in all of us


“I’m ready to try to get down the steps in one piece” I was suddenly swamped in the middle of the three of them in a hug


“Come on” Kerion was the first to let go and he opened the door stepping back and letting me walk out first. There was music playing and you could hear the crowd singing along as they waited it was already louder than anything I’d ever heard before.


 The excitement in me was now vying with the nervousness. Each of the guys walked by me and dropped a kiss on my cheek as they walked onto the stage in the darkness, the adrenalin started and my heart was racing as I pushed in my ear pieces.


 “Hey you want a good luck hug” Chad was standing with the rest of the band at the bottom of the steps I had to walk up behind the stage


“I don’t know” I smiled as they all hugged me.


“You’ll be fine let the music work for you” Chad took my hands and squeezed them, I nodded and started up the.


 There was a slow drum beat From Kerion which started to get faster before the guitars added to the mix. This was it balls to the wall was the way it had to be. I glanced round and back down the stairs Elena was standing beaming at me with all the other people that had made this possible.


 I took the microphone that was being held by a roadie and stepped out on the big beat to a flash of sparks and I was lost in the whole thing. The walk down the stairs seemed a breeze as I stopped half way and carried on with the song. Each of the songs rolled and the crowd seemed to be as into it as we were, I looked at the looks on the faces of Pete, Kerion and Alfie and knew I was utterly in love with doing this. It seemed to be over so fast as we took a bow in front of the crowd and the feeling made the hairs on my arms stand on end as we walked off the stage and towels were put round us. I wanted to leap around and scream that we’d done it the four of us all hugged each other and laughed like we’d just been on the biggest scariest ride in the amusement park and loved it and wanted to do it again. There was a cough and we all looked around at the judges on what we’d just done


“You were a little flat on the first song” I felt my face drop as I looked at Chad who started to laugh I wiped my face on the towel “I’m kidding you guys were perfect” there was a groan and a sigh of relief from all of us


“Now watch how it’s done” Mike laughed as he took his guitar from his tech.


“Dude, you’ve got to follow us and that’s going to be tough” Pete grinned making everyone laugh


“Okay you guys go shower and change and you can stay or head back to the hotel” Elena walked back to the dressing room with us as Nickelback started to play.


‘We’ll stay” Kerion smiled “This is amazing” he couldn’t grin any wider than he was even if he tried. Elena smiled and nodded as she dropped back to walk with me


“Dimitri has called three times while you were on stage” she patted my cheek “I promised him that next week he can fly out here” I hugged her “I know you miss him as much as he misses you”


“Thank you…” she turned to walk away. “Elena”


“?? ??? (yes honey)” She tipped her head at me


“Do you think we’ll make it?”


“What the band… I know you will” she walked back to me “ You have what it takes and you have an advantage with having the backing of those people that you do…You and Dimitri…” she Looked a little on edge as she spoke “I hope my son knows and remembers how to swallow his pride and to face up to the fact he’s with a very special person and not just let other things rule his head” she kissed my cheeks “Now go get yourself cleaned up” she walked away leaving me standing in the bustling hall with the dulled sounds of the band as the only noise around me. Sometimes Elena spoke like there was impending doom around the corner I was p[raying I was imagining it because the last thing I wanted was more damn drama in my life……………….



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