Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 50 (v.1) - A visitor

Submitted: February 03, 2014

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Submitted: February 03, 2014



……… I climbed into bed and lay back under the huge down comforter and picked up my phone. I dialed and waited while it rang, the sounds of the guys in the other room strumming guitars and laughing made me feel safe and at home, after the chat I’d had with Chad, I knew from now on I had to take control and not let people beat me down… well try not to at least.


Kellan * hey you,

Me * hi

Kellan * before you say anything I’ve said no. I called my agent and told them I wasn’t going to do it


I was a little taken aback


Me * thank you, I didn’t even give you a reason

Kellan * the sound in your voice was reason enough Chris… I was curious and I went and picked up copies of the books. Is Abel a real guy?


I closed my eyes and rolled on to my side


Me * yes

Kellan * the drugs?

Me * No… that part I assure you is fiction along with the drinking, well I do drink but not to Stephanie’s excess.

Kellan * but the hitting and beatings… and the… the… I don’t even want to say the word but in my eyes it was rape

Me * that all happened yes

Kellan * Chris I’m sorry, so sorry

Me * it’s okay… I’m dealing with it, but she’s planning more stuff in the next book including the fact…


My voice cracked a little


Kellan * Chris you okay?

Me * she wants to include in the next installment that he tries to choke her to death after he’s… after he’s raped her


There was a tense silence on the other end of the phone


Kellan * and I take it that’s also not fiction

Me * I wish it was… but you have the reason why I didn’t want you dragged into this…

Kellan * Can you stop her?

Me * I don’t know, I think Lukas is working on it. All I know is my head hurts like a bitch my ass is freezing because I spent almost an hour outside in the snow talking.

Kellan * Hey you’re a Midwest girl you should be able to handle it

Me * smart ass

Kellan * made you smile though didn’t I?

Me * yes you did


I snuggled deeper under the covers


Kellan * wish I could give you a hug right now, it sounds like you need it

Me * I do, but I’m going to be okay

Kellan * that I don’t doubt with the people you have round you

Me * I’d better let you go it’s getting late

Kellan * Chris it’s one in the afternoon here in L.A.

Me * well I’m at midnight here

Kellan * well why don’t I let you go and get some sleep

Me * okay

Kellan * I have a flight to catch in a few hours

Me * Canada?

Kellan * no I have a modeling shoot to do first

Me * okay I’ll talk to soon

Kellan * sounds like a plan and sleep well.


I hung up and pushed my phone onto the night stand and lay back looking at the ceiling. The door knocked and then opened Alfie put his head round


“I wondered if you were sleeping” I sat up and shook my head


“I was talking to Kellan” I hugged my knees


“You want company?” I raised my eye brows


“Don’t ask her” Kerion laughed barging in past Alfie and doing a superman leap onto my bed making me squeal “We’re all crashing in here with you tonight” He stood up on the bed as if on stage “For one night only NeverWest fighting over the comforter” I had to laugh as Pete walked in with a huge bucket of Ice cream on silver tray.


“We called the girls and they told us what we needed to do” he put the tray down I had to smile there were slabs of chocolate, the ice cream and strawberry sauce “Personally… I think using the sauce on ice cream and  not on a hot girl is a waste” he held up his hands “but considering we don’t have the hot girl in here” he chuckled “we’ll do the girly thing… but I draw the line at facials and manicures”


“Have I ever told you guys I love you” I smiled  as Alfie joined us on the bed


“Frequently” Kerion nodded handing me a bowl……….




……………. “Damn you’re up early aren’t you?” I looked round as Mike walked into the hotel’s gym while I was running on the treadmill.


“Yeah I got kicked out of bed” I nodded looking back at the wall of mirrors


“How?” he walked over to me


“Alfie’s a bed hog”


“ALFIE” Mike choked on his water “What… what?”


“They all slept in my bed last night. They were trying to do what the girls would have done and rally round with a whole bunch of sugar. I think Pete will be like the energizer bunny and Kerion well he’s lactose intolerant with the noises coming from him last night” Mike got on the treadmill next to me laughing.


“ You’re smiling so you must be doing a little better today?”


“So far” I nodded “Chad, was awesome last night and then I talked to Kellan”


‘People have your back Chris” He looked at me “Are you going to call your Dad?”


“I can’t… not yet” I slowed the machine to a walk “I’d be done with my parents if it wasn’t for Jess”


“Chris, you can’t be your sister’s keeper. You have to hope they learn by the mistakes they made with you and make things right with her” he held his hands out as he ran


“I know” I stepped off and grabbed my towel “Do you think I should ignore that the movies being made?”


“Hell no” He shook his head “Call your Mom and let her know how you feel”


“I’ve tried that with the books and she takes no notice”


“We’ll sue the ass off her then…” I looked at him “come on she tried to get your now boyfriend to play the part of the boyfriend that kicked the crap out of you… Chris that’s beyond wrong”


“I know Kellan’s not my boyfriend?” I sighed


“You know what I mean” he groaned “I’m not going to get in your face like my dumb assed brother did last night, but Chris kick their ass before they kick yours” I took a deep breath and walked out of the gym Lukas was in the lobby talking to a guy in a suit.


“Christine” I walked over to them




“How you doing?” he asked tipping his head


“I’m good so far” I smiled “I need to shower though”


“Sure” He nodded “Oh Chris we have the Underwear shoot tomorrow”


“You’re kidding” I swallowed hard “I’d better get back in the gym” I looked back at the door where I’d come from.


“You look fine” Lukas laughed “But I need you ready to leave at 7 am”


“Sure” I nodded “Mike said I should try calling my Mom to try to get her to stop”


“No I’ll handle it” Lukas added quickly “You do what you do best” he gently pushed me to the elevator “Oh you have a press conference later today as well so let the guys know for me” I nodded, I pushed the button on the bank of elevators and stepped inside. I walked into my room as the maid walked out and smiled at me


“I’m back” I put my head round the connecting door “Oh and Lukas told me to tell you we have an interview later today…”


“Er… Chris come here” Pete called out


“I’m sweaty and I need to shower” I pulled the band from my hair


“Chris” the tone in his voice was harder. I walked across my room, and pulled the door to the other room open and stepped inside


“What’s the…”


“Hi Chris”……….


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