Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - Really

Submitted: February 03, 2014

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Submitted: February 03, 2014



................... “Nikolai” I spluttered “What are you doing here?”


“Well I was seeing how my friends were doing” he smiled getting up from the couch and walking over to me “Do I get a hug?” I put my arms round him and hugged him. I looked round the room at the others who weren’t looking all too happy right now. I stepped back. “You look good Chris” Niko beamed at me “but then we’ve now got pictures of you in the locker room at school” he chuckled


“Is he with you?” I asked sitting on the edge of the table and looking at him.


“No ,he is here but he’s with my grandmother right now” I let out a sigh of relief ‘Chris he’s sorry”


“Sorry… did you hear what the son of a bitch…” Kerion was on his feet and in Nikolai’s face, I quickly got in between them.


“Stop, its not Nikos’ fault” I pushed them apart and turned my back to Kerion “Niko, I’m done with your brother… he used me and lied to me”


“Chris he didn’t” I held up my hand and closed my eyes and took a deep breath before carrying on


“Niko, if he’s sent you here to try to talk me round then I’m sorry it’s too late, and the fact he hasn’t got the balls to do it himself, then I’m sorry it proves what he is” I snapped Kerion rubbed my arms and Niko looked like I’d slapped him “I have no problem with you at all Niko. I have a problem with the way your brother and your Mom used me and used all of us” he looked down.


“I’d better go” he sighed “I’m sorry Chris” I shook my head as Pete walked to the door and opened it “I just…” he stopped talking and walked out of the room as Chad and Ryan walked in


“Who was that?”


“Nikolai Carpov” Pete slammed the door “God damn that family” I ran my fingers through my hair.


“I thought he looked familiar” Chad said frowning and looking back at the closed door “What did he want?”


“To bug the crap out of Chris” Kerion sighed


“He didn’t” I looked at Kerion “Niko hasn’t done anything wrong”


“Okay, so why did he just try to get you to talk to Dimitri” Alfie pointed out as I paced the floor


“Alright, I guess he did, but I told him that wasn’t going to happen didn’t I” I threw out my arms “God I can see why people drink” I rubbed the back of my neck “I’m going in the bath” I walked out slamming the door to my room. I filled the tub and stripped out of my work out clothes and got into the steaming lavender scented water. The door knocked.


“Hey can I come in?”


“Sure” I chewed the inside of my cheek and made sure the only things poking out of the bubbles were my feet and my head as Chad walked in.


“Here” he put down a bottle of beer on the edge of the tub and sat on the vanity “Don’t get mad with those guys”


“I know, and I’m going to apologize” I sighed “You know I had a dream last night that Dimitri tried to see me while we were here”




“He fell off the bridge we were standing on last night and Reba jumped into save him” I sat up a little to reach the beer keeping everything under the water that should be under it.


“At least he’s not getting to you anymore?” Chad started to laugh

“I have more stuff going on, so Dimitri Carpov is welcome to his life” I took a drink from the bottle


“That’s my Girl” Chad got off the vanity “Dinner tonight all of us okay”


“Sure” I nodded as he walked out of the bathroom closing the door behind him, I settled back into the water and closed my eyes….



……………….. “You guys ready” I walked into the living room part of the suite


“Yep” Alfie nodded everything that was said this afternoon was forgotten “You look good and smell way better than you did” he teased as Pete and Kerion walked from their rooms


“Hey, I’d been to the gym”


‘Yeah Alfie some of us have to be lounging round half naked tomorrow” Pete laughed opening the door to the suite and waiting for the rest of us


“Stop” I groaned “I’m nervous enough, at least the last time you guys were there with me” I shuddered thinking about being on my own


“We gave you crap all day” Alfie smirked as we walked out of the elevator into the lobby


“I know but it took my mind off of being half naked” I sighed


“Look at it like this, remember the reaction of all the guys when we went out to Kuwait. There were a lot of very happy smiling service men when they got a look at those shots” Kerion poked my in the ribs ‘You’ll be fine apparently we’re doing some stuff with Nickelback”


“Oh great you guys have a blast and…”


“Oh shut up” they all started to laugh


“You’re not still fighting are you?” Chad groaned getting up from one of the overstuffed chairs that littered the lobby


“No she’s stressing about getting half naked” Kerion shrugged I hung my head


“No I’m stressing about being on my own and getting half naked with strangers”


“I’ll be there” Lukas smiled pushing his phone into his pocket “and I’m sure when these guys are done at the distillery they’ll swing by”


“Oh great perfect” I smiled as we headed outside to the waiting Limo “You guys all wasted and me in not much more than my birthday suit”


‘Chris would we?” Ryan threw his arm round me and poked his tongue out


“Really… you want the truth or the sweet answer” I pushed him into the car and got in after him. My phone started to ring I pulled it from my purse and shook my head Pete took it from my hands


“Your Mom?” he pulled a face as I nodded “You want me to take it?”


‘Oh no…” Lukas took it from him “you’ll go ballistic…” he looked at me “You want me to deal with her?” I nodded he flicked it onto speaker


Lukas * hello

Mom * I was expecting to talk to my daughter.

Lukas * Sorry Christine is doing a press conference right now

Mom * tell her to call me when she’s done


Oh that was the tone that had me running for my room as a little kid, the one she used when she’d done something wrong and she wanted to lash out verbally at someone


Lukas * can I tell her what it’s about?
Mom * the call that got from a lawyer today about my books


There was the sound of liquid being sloshed into a glass and the rattle of pills in a bottle


Lukas * I can answer any questions on that situation Ma’am

Mom * I want to know where she thinks she can tell me what I can and can’t do with my work… I don’t tell her how to sing

Lukas * She didn’t tell you to do anything. Her management team agreed that what is written will do damage to a young girls career and we will not stand by and let that happen


Lukas was cool calm and collected not getting flustered, while my heart thudded in my rib cage


Mom * she should be flattered. Flattered that I used her for one of the most popular characters in modern literature

Lukas * flattered…. That’s a strange word to use. Why would she be flattered, all the pain she’s endured is out there for everyone to read about… I’m sorry as a parent I’d never do that to my children.

Mom * ungrateful that’s what she is… Everything I’ve given her, absolutely everything,  she even has a brand new car waiting in the garage at home

Lukas * Mrs. Sommers… From what I know of your daughter she’s not a person that can be brought with shiny things. She’s not a child you can buy off with a toy she is a grown woman and I’m sorry but she’s already made more than enough money to buy her own cars and homes… now I will pass along the message that you called her but please remember we will not let this rest until we stop the making of this movie.

Mom * but... I… but

Lukas * good bye


He hung up the phone we all sat looking at him


“What? Come on you hated me for being a real son of a bitch with you guys when you joined the tour” he chuckled “you have to know, I’ll go after anyone out to hurt my bands” he held my phone out to me “Your Mom wants you to call her when you can” he smiled


“Thank you” was about all I could get out right now.


“Damn who need a pit bull when we have you” Pete whistled making everyone laugh


“Exactly” Lukas smiled back………………

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