Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 52 (v.1) - hung over and half naked

Submitted: February 03, 2014

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Submitted: February 03, 2014



…….. Lukas stepped out of the car at a set of apartments that looked brand new in what seemed to be an old rundown part of the city; he offered me his hand as I got out of the car. I looked up at the building and then at him


“Come on” he smiled


“I’m coming” I groaned “and by the way how am I hung-over, I want to know who spiked my drinks” I rubbed my temples


“Well that would be…” he pulled open the door for me “…A need to know thing” he laughed following me. I opened my mouth to say something.


“Lukas nice to see you again” A tall good looking guy walked over a slight accent to his voice “and you must be Christine?” he offered me his hand as I nodded he bent his head quickly and kissed it, I couldn’t help my eye brows as they rose over my glasses “We’re all ready for you” I looked at Lukas.


“This is Michael Da Silva the photographer for today” Lukas grinned as he introduced me, great not only was I  hung over bag of nerves, but now I had a hot photographer to have to deal with.


“You look nervous” Michael beamed, okay not so hot with those really over whitened teeth


“I am” I admitted snuggling down further in the collar of my jacket “I hope it’s warm in there”


“It is” he nodded “we have everything already set for you” I just nodded, I just really wished that the guys had come along to give me crap “You’ll be amazing” Michael opened the door to a huge loft style apartment. “First you have to get into hair and makeup” I recognized the guy there to do my hair and makeup from the last photo shoot we’d done. I was soon being prepped and pampered  and plied with strong coffee and Advil. The girl doing my nails was talking at a hundred miles an hour asking me a ton of questions about the tour and seeming to be digging for gossip.


“Coffee” Lukas walked over and handed me a third cup “Are we almost done?” he put a hand on the girls shoulder


“Yes” she smiled looking at her work


“Can I get dressed yet?” I asked taking a closer look at my make up in the mirror as my hair was pulled back into a messy bun It feels like I’ve been getting ready longer to get half naked that I do when it’s a show” I smiled


“Two minutes” Lukas laughed as wardrobe girl walked over with a beautiful black set of underwear and a grey silk robe


“Oooo I like that” I smiled taking the bra from her and holding it up


“Wait till you see the jewelry and the shoes as well” she smiled “Damian are we done?” she asked looking at the guy doing my hair.


“All done Julia, patience is a virtue sweetie” the guy chuckled looking at her through the mirror pushing a pin into my hair “Like a goddess” he offered me his hand to get up.


“Okay you’re insane” I giggled, the nerves were starting to amp up again as I walked toward the bathroom where I was getting changed


“Chris take a compliment you look really good” Lukas said looking up from his phone he lifted it to take a picture


“Wait till she’s dressed at least” Julia groaned getting in the way as I disappeared in to the room


“Oh Chris” Lukas called after “I forgot to tell you we have a model for you to work with” I put my head back round the door


“What?” the panic in my voice made everyone look at me


“We have someone to be with you on the picture” he said slowly laughing “I didn’t want to tell you before, you were already nervous enough” there was a ding as the elevator door opened and a guy walked in with long dark hair falling to his collar and really hollow cheek bones… great now I was really nervous and wished to god I was still drunk from the night before. I had to go out there in front of a guy that was no doubt full of himself and be touched by him” I chewed my lip


“Hey don’t do that or they will kill you off chewing off the lipstick” Julia laughed handing me the underwear.


“Sorry… I have to go out there with a guy” I whispered


“He’s hot” she laughed as I got changed “Really, really, really hot” she fanned herself with her hand. “But then look who I’m talking to, you’re touring with three really hot guys in your band” I looked over my shoulder at her as I fastened the bra


“Ew… they’re not hot” I pulled a face at her


“Oh my daughters beg to differ” she smiled


“Oh I could tell you stories about them” I shook my head and looked in the mirror “Oooo do I get to keep this” I turned and looked at the back “this is some seriously hot underwear”


“Everything you’re going to be wearing today you’ll get to keep” she nodded she handed me the shoes. I slipped my feet in and took a deep breath


“Wow it doesn’t even look like me” I murmured and tipped my head


 “I left the jewelry out there, but we can put that on when you’re heading on to the set” she opened the door. “Lukas try taking one now” I stepped out from behind her. Lukas’s jaw went slack


“Wow Chris nice” he smiled he reached for his phone


“Don’t you even” I held up my finger “if they’re drinking, then god knows who will end up with the pictures”


“Okay you have a point” he chuckled I started to walk over to where Marie was standing with the jewelry, Lukas snapped a picture anyway and tried to look innocent


“We sort of thought it would be quiet funny if your jewelry tied in with everything” I frowned a face as Julia handed me a twisted bracelet that looked like a rose stem with a red rose bud on one end and a drop of blood hanging from the other.


“This is beautiful” I looked closer at it.


“Necklace and earrings and we’re all done” Julia called out picking it up from a box, I looked at Lukas as she fastened the cold metal round my neck.


“So where’s the model” I asked hesitantly as I put in my earrings “and why do we need one?” I said more quietly so not to offend whoever it was if he was close by


“He’s waiting in there for you” Lukas chuckled pointing to the room. I turned my head to see a bed in the center of the other room.


“He’s not naked is he” I mouthed


“Does it matter if he is?” Lukas put a hand in the middle of my back “Just be sexy” he gave me a slight push


“Okay that’s so creepy when you say it” I said walking backwards looking at him shaking my head “and you’re mean”


“Why?” he held out his hands “I promise, you’ll love me” he laughed dramatically… yeah I’m sure I groaned inwardly


“You know… I swear they know nothing about the vampire I played” I stopped as I bumped into something hard and warm “I mean, come on have you seen a Cullen with fangs” I turned round and was greeted by some really cute dimples “Hey you… this was one job I wasn’t going to turn down” Kellan chuckled putting his arms round me and hugging me tightly and lifting me off the floor……..




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