Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 53 (v.1) - Hot... Oh so Damn Hot

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Submitted: February 04, 2014



........... “You’re kidding” I looked round at Lukas who was whistling and looking at the ceiling. I couldn’t contain the smile, I looked back to Kellan all the nerves vanishing as he grinned at me, he was stood there in just his underwear looking tastier that Turkey at thanksgiving.


“Nope… I’m right here” he smiled, he moved the beads that hung from the necklace and I struggled to with hold the shiver that wanted to run through my entire body “There’s a vampire theme here I feel” he chuckled. He dipped me and put his mouth on my neck, Michael was already clicking away with his camera.


“Nice guys” Michael called out “Keep it fun… for now” I don’t know how long it was but I was laughing so hard with the things Kellan was doing. Lukas was messing with the stereo in the corner of the room, he hooked up his phone. I stopped and looked at him as the sound of our song flooded out.


“Oh come on” I groaned “Do you know how unsexy it is to be doing this listening to myself singing”


“No leave it” Kellan laughed grabbing me round the waist and falling back onto the bed with me.


“Lukas change it” I laughed. Michael Stood up and walked over to where we were on the bed


“Okay we want more sexy… more Hot” Michael he smiled, okay the butter flies were now back, I looked at Kellan, it was crazy to be like it I’ve seen this guy naked, but that was when we were alone not in a room filled with people. The room was filled with the sound of Pinks voice as ‘F****n Perfect’ began to play, I looked at Lukas he smiled


“Someone said it was your song?” he called out as Kellan sat up and moved behind me and moved both of us to the edge of the bed, he wrapped one hand around my waist putting it flat on my stomach to hold me against him. He slid one of the bra straps down over my shoulder and bent his head to press his lips against the skin. MY eyes closed and my head rested back on his shoulder. The heat from his body actually giving me goose bumps this felt so good I forgot about everyone else in the room.


“Okay More passion guys” Michael’s voice called out. Kellan got off the bed and moved so he was hovering over me as I lay back my hair splayed out over the bed.  He looked at me like he was going for a replay of what we did after getting soaked in the rain, the intensity in his face explaining hell of a lot as to why he always looked so damn good in photographs. My hand went to his hair as he moved his head to kiss my stomach, my back arching in response to him.


“Hot Damn” Ryan’s voice choked out bringing me suddenly back to my senses “I think I went blind”


“Okay thank you guys” Michael grinned as he got up from the position he was in “Kellan, I think for once you weren’t the star of the shoot” Kellan stood up and offered me his hand


“This time I’m good with it” he laughed he stood behind me and wrapped his arms round my waist “The things I had to think about to stop from taking you here and now” he breathed in my ear  ‘I’m sorry”


“It’s okay, I could have lost control as well” I sighed my breathing returning to normal finally. I looked at all of the guys watching us. Mike and Ryan we’re smirking as they watched, Dan was standing back talking to Chad as he ran his fingers through his hair and looked like he was deep in thought about something, Kerion was snapping pictures and sending them to god knows who as Pete and Alfie stood with Ryan and Mike.


“Well, we had to come after Lukas sent the pictures” Alfie Chuckled “But damn Chris” I felt the color rise in my cheeks.


“I’ll get dressed” I pulled away from Kellan slowly “I can move right?” I smirked at him


“Yes you can. I’m thinking of my grandmother right now…” he pushed his tongue in his cheek as Julia came over and handed me the robe back and a robe to Kellan as well “…And how the hell I’m going to have to deal with the images of this afternoon on the flight to Canada tonight”


“Tonight… no lay over?” I said all too quickly he closed his eyes and shook his head.


“Go get changed” he sighed, I nodded and walked away.


 Wow this sucks I was so hot for him right now and he was leaving. I changed and walked out all the guys were laughing and talking and looking at the big screen as Michael went through the pictures. Comments coming off them as to which they should use.


“Wow Chris, I almost didn’t recognize you with clothes on” Chad Smiled as he put his arm round me “You okay?” I nodded “We’re all going to go get some food” he turned me to looked at him “The car will be waiting for you when you’ve been to the airport” I looked at Kellan, he zipped up his jacket and offered me his hand.


“You go Chris” Lukas Smiled “We’ll see you later” Kellan’s fingers laced with mine as we walked over to the elevator and stepped inside. The doors closed and his lips found mine eagerly, my hands pulled down the zipper of his jacket and my fingers searched for his warm bare skin under his shirt.


“Damn Chris I wasn’t… I mean I didn’t… Oh hell” his mouth crushed mine again as the doors opened making us both spring apart in case anyone was on the other side.


‘When’s your flight?” I asked as he pulled me out to the street where the car was waiting


“I have an hour to get to the airport” he shrugged as the driver opened the door for us. “I just couldn’t say no to the chance of doing this with you” he smiled touching the side of my face “It’s crazy”


“You were the last person I expected to see”


“Nice surprise?” he asked coking his head, I nodded “You still need that hug” I was grateful that he didn’t bring up my mother and the movie.


“More than you know” I nodded again as the door was closed he pulled me onto his lap and wrapped me in his arms. I felt his lips on my neck as he moved his hands to un-do the belt on my jacket letting it fall open. “We really shouldn’t?” I groaned as his thumbs pushed under my tank and drew circles across my hips.


‘I know we shouldn’t” his breath caught in his throat as my teeth grazed his neck “I can’t do the long distance thing” he moaned.


“I don’t’ want that either” I said shaking my head slightly, My jacket ended up on the floor of the limo followed by my shirt


“It’s wrong… just the physical” he pushed me back in the other seat and reached for his belt as my nails raked over his abs


“So wrong…” I agreed as I pulled him down to me and pushed his jeans down with my feet. Pent up emotion anger and frustration from having to deal with my Parents and seeing Niko killed any will power I had to resist… what’s the song I’m trying to think of… Ahhh I got it Animals began playing in my head making it so much hotter…………

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