Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 54 (v.1) - Facing the fear

Submitted: February 04, 2014

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Submitted: February 04, 2014



............. I walked in to the hotel and looked to the right toward the bar at the sound of Chad singing. I walked in there and I put my hands on Alfie’s shoulders making him jump he looked up at me and smiled.


“He gone again?” I just nodded, He moved over and I sat down next to him.


“Drink Chris” Mike handed me a glass of Jack. I took it and watched as Chad sang with Pete playing the guitar for him. The hotel bar was enthralled with the impromptu show that was being put on I took a drink and looked at Lukas across from me.


“Thanks you” Lukas smiled and braced his elbows on his knees


“I’m sorry he couldn’t be here longer”


“It’s okay, we seem to have this understanding” I smiled “Was it your doing?”


“I thought we needed someone with you, and come on we’ve all seen the huge bill board of him in underwear so why not Kellan” Lukas laughed “and anyway wasn’t it easier having someone you knew working with you”


“Yes it was” I had to agree with him on that. “I hope the pictures turn out alright”


“Chris I don’t think on that part you have anything to worry about” Dan winked at me “You did good girl”


“Hey Chris” I looked up at Chad “Welcome back… now get your ass up here and help me out a little” he held his hand out to me from across the bar.


“I think that’s your cue” Mike laughed getting up and taking my hands, he pulled me up. I walked over to Chad and Kerion.


“You know, you’re going to have to pay us for all these unscheduled sing fests we keep having” I laughed as Mike put a stool down for me to sit in between Chad and Pete.


“Okay… I’ll pay you in Kind” Chad smiled and wiggled his eye brows at me


“I think she’s all kinded out” Pete laugh “Well for tonight” I looked at him “Sorry” he kissed my cheek


“Okay… well before we descend into a topic not up for discussion” Chad laughed “your choice of song Chris”


“And it doesn’t have to be one of ours or one of yours?” I asked


“Nope free reign” He held up his hands “hell I was doing ‘all summer long’ before”


“Okay” I nodded “it’s one I haven’t done for a while so you will have to bear with me” I looked at Pete. “Glitter in the air” he nodded and started to strum softly as I started to sing. No one said a word; I closed my eyes and let the song wash over me. I looked round as I came to the end of it.


“Wow, that was different” Chad smiled at me “Nice job” I nodded and took a sip of the drink Mike had given me.


“Okay now I’ve got that out of my system” I laughed “Sex” I looked at Chad, making him choke on hs drink and Mike burst out laughing


“Not right now…” he used the line that I’d used on stage with him a few days before “Maybe later” I flushed for some reason and Caught Ryan hanging his head and Dan looking at the ceiling of the bar. I shook my head and we both started to sing.


We went through so many songs I’d lost track, but this was the perfect way to relax after today. I looked up laughing as we sang ‘So Hott’ my voice caught in my throat choking me. Chad looked at Pete then at me and then followed my eyes to the back of the room. I slid off the stool and moved through the bar and out into the lobby and looked round, Alfie and Lukas came out behind me


“Chris you okay?” Lukas put his hand on my shoulder


“I swear…” I trailed off as I saw who I thought I had “Wow balls after all” I murmured, my hands clenching and unclenching by my sides.


“What?” Alfie pulled a face


“Nothing… I’ll be back in a minute you guys go back to the bar” I walked over to the elevator and got in


‘Something spooked her” Alfie said looking round


“I think she’s just jumpy right now with everything she’s got going on” Lukas shrugged“Come on” the two of them walked back into the bar………………………






………………. I paced in front of the elevators on my floor and waited the ding of the elevator reaching the floor made me jump as the doors opened.


“Are you insane?” I snapped “Are you totally crazy and plain stupid. There are people down there that wanted to rip your brother apart this morning… and you walk in here like you own the damn place”


“I wanted to see you Chris” Dimitri shrugged “I wanted to…”


“To what turn the knife a little more or pull it out altogether so you can stick it right back in again Dimitri” It took everything I had not to lash out at him with more than my words.


“Hard faced aren’t you Chris” he bit at me


“I wonder what the hell’s made me that way” I got in his face “I’ve had to deal with arrogant ass holes that knew how to hurt me” I pushed him in the shoulder “I’ve had to deal with the sniggering and talking behind my back when you were screwing Reba and everyone could hear her screaming your name” the color drained from his face “Ahhh you see, you didn’t think I find out all this stuff” I laughed “Remember Dimitri I still have friends that actually give a damn about my feelings back in Florida”


“I didn’t want to…” he started to shake his head


“No guys never do, do they? But when it’s offered on a plate they can’t say fucking no” I turned my back on him “You know what hurts more than anything is that message you left me on my cell phone. I could handle you cheated… I could handle getting pictures of you and her together” I wasn’t going to tell him I got wasted because of it and kissed Chad to get my own back. I felt him right behind me “but the things you said about why Arron would come back for more” I spun round to face him “That I can’t handle, because I’m damn sure in the times we were together you didn’t complain about sticking this…” I grabbed on to the front of his pants making him catch his breath “in me… you didn’t push me away, in fact you wanted it every chance we were alone” I watched the nerve in his cheek twitch I let go of him. “Because of you I doubted myself. I thought I was nothing after I heard that message”


“I was angry with what you were doing”


“It makes no difference that you were angry, you said it Dimitri… those words came out of your Fucking mouth so you must have been thinking it” I shook my head and stepped back


“You… you were all over Chad” he struggled with his words “I saw the pictures” I started to laugh he looked shocked


“Do you believe everything you read…? You believed that I was getting married?” I smiled “You’re a dumb ass… I had fun… sorry we had fun making the press believe something that wasn’t happening… Chad and I even told your mom what we were doing, and she still choose to believe the photographs and chewed my ass for them” I leant against the wall


‘What about that actor?” Dimitri looked like he wanted to blow his stack at me


“Kellan?” I pushed off the wall as he nodded, I circled him “No those pictures you can believe” I added a slight purr to my voice. I stopped behind him and pulled my phone from my pocket and scrolled to a picture from the shoot earlier that Michael had sent me. I put my arm round Dimitri from behind over his shoulder showing him the picture of Kellan kissing my neck “Because damn he’s good, and he came back for more”  I breathed in his ear. He pulled away from me and spun to look at me “I think you should leave and just remember that I didn’t want us to end” I pushed my phone back into my pocket “But I wasn’t going to be someone’s puppet again, to be twisted and kept in a closet… Yes I’m a selfish bitch if you want to call me that… because I’m thinking of me” I thrust my finger into my own chest “I’m doing what I want to do… I’m doing what’s right for me instead of everyone else and you’re the one I need to thank for thank that, for breaking me, for pushing me to make the right choices for ME” I moved over to him and kissed his cheek “I can’t be broken any more Dimitri” I said lowering my voice “The damage is done and I am what people have made me”


I stepped back and pressed the button of the elevator, the door opened immediately. I looked at him and held my head high, he swallowed hard and brushed passed me and hit the lobby button. The doors closed and the whir of the motor filled my ears as the elevator descended. That was the sign for me to breathe again; I slid down the wall shaking. I felt arms wrap around me from holding me tightly.


“That took some guts” Chad murmured pressing his lips to my head


“It took everything to stay in the damn stair well” Kerion growled


“You heard” I looked up to see all of them in the hallway around me


“We heard” Alfie nodded as he rubbed my hands “Just remind me again how you think we’ll leave you alone if you’re spooked” he laughed I smiled at him


“Niko… came in and told us where Dimitri had gone” Pete added


“I think we need to get this girl down to the bar and get her something stiff” Lukas laughed “Next time you find some asshole stalking you, you call security” I nodded and let Chad and Mike pull me to my feet. They’d stayed back to let me get it all out and get it all off my chest and for that I loved them more…….

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