Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 55 (v.1) - Partial closure

Submitted: February 04, 2014

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Submitted: February 04, 2014



………… “You ready for bed?” Alfie yawned getting off the bar stool and pushing his bottle across to the bar tender


“I’ll be up in a while” I smiled at him “I’m not tired” he nodded and put a comforting hand on my back before he walked away. I ran my finger round the edge of my glass.


“Well you’ve done it” I looked at Chad as he slid into the stool Alfie had vacated


“Done what?” I frowned


“Stood up to one of the things that was hurting you the most” he took the last of his drink and held the glass up to the bar tender “I’m proud of you” I glanced at him and them looked back at the glass




“Feel better for it?”


“I think so” I nodded “how do you do it?”


“I thought Kellan has been giving you lessons” Chad laughed I groaned “Sorry but you say these things and I have to give a comeback”


“I know” I turned on the stool so I was looking at him “How do you know who you can trust when you meet people?”


“I don’t know. I tend to go with my gut” he shrugged dipping his finger into the whiskey and rubbing it on the edge of his glass making it hum “I think it gets to a point where you’re lost to a degree with so many people wanting a piece of you and most of them for the wrong reason” he turned so he was facing me “The people that really love you are the ones that will do anything and go above and beyond to protect you… I mean when you were at school would Pete, Alfie or Kerion stand up to the jocks that gave them shit” I shook my head “Yet look at the way they react to Dimitri and his brother showing up to annoy you. Hell they chewed me a new one when they thought I was using you” he laughed turning back to the bar and lifting his drink to his lips.


“I hadn’t looked at like that” I nodded


“Your friends and your cousin, they’re the same. You can see with the way the two guys watch you’re every move when people are round you and the girls well I wouldn’t piss you off if they were around they’d rip my balls off and use them for earrings” I started to laugh “You have something special Chris we saw it in you, raw and untouched. I told you this the other day, I saw a lost girl that just needs some help” he put his hand over mine on the bar and squeezed it “You’re not that little girl any more Christine” he lifted his hand and clipped my chin “You’re a stunning woman that now has the world and most of the male population at her feet, Yes you’ll stumble but there will always be people ready to stop you breaking your face” he smiled “I’m going to bed, we have sound check in the morning” he sank the rest of his drink “You coming?”


“I will, I’m going to make a phone call first” I nodded as he got off his stool


“Okay, night Chris” he kissed my cheek “Love you”


“Love you too” I smiled and watched him as he walked away. I pulled my phone from my pocket and dialed home.


***Hi this is the Sommers residence we’re not in right now but leave a message and we’ll call you back***BEEP***


***Dad it’s me… I wanted to talk to you but I guess the time difference makes it hard right now… I’m sorry for not being the daughter that you wanted, and I’m sorry that I actually thought for a slim chance at least one of my parents gave a damn about me… I don’t blame you; you’d been left to raise two daughters when all you really understood was how guys worked… I mean being stuck in a locker room has to have some mind altering properties right? I’ll come to visit Jess but right now I can’t have a relationship with either you or Mom… I just can’t. Please don’t make the same mistakes with Jess, Love her and listen to her if she needs you if you can’t handle what she has to say then get her to call me. don’t turn your back on her, I’ll always be there for her… I have to go its three in the morning and I have an early start… Bye Dad***


I hung up the phone and sank the last of my drink and slipped off the stool. I was exhausted I wanted to crawl under the comforter and sleep……………………..

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