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Chapter 56 (v.1) - PREGNANT

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Submitted: February 04, 2014



…………….. “Morning” I walked into the room set up for all of us to eat in everyone looked at me


“Wow, I really thought we’d have been throwing water over you to get you out of bed” Chad laughed pushing his plate away. “What time did you end up going to bed?”


“About twenty minutes after you left” I poured a glass of juice and sat down next to Pete as Lukas walked in with Kerion.


“Ahhh good you’re all here” he smiled “Album”


“Excuse me?” Pete frowned at him, Lukas sat down

“You guys need to get an album done and out” Mike butted in, we turned to look at him


“Can we do that while were touring?” Pete questioned


“Yes… it’s harder but you can do it” Lukas nodded


“When?” I looked round at them, this was exciting but nerve racking, what if no one brought it and we bombed


“Well we have another week here in Russia” Lukas flipped open his laptop and tapped away “and then we do the shows back at Ramstein before going to Afghanistan for Christmas” he looked back at us “After that you guys get two weeks off”


“Do we get to go home at least for a couple of days?” Alfie asked


“Sure, but it can only be for four days at the most” Lukas said firmly “Chad’s offered the use of the recording studio he has at his place” Lukas looked at Chad


“It’s easier; I have six bedrooms you can all stay there.  No one can interrupt and these guys are still close enough to help out” he pointed to the others


“Canada” Kerion tipped his head


‘Well Yes I’m Canadian” Chad laughed “and the house in just outside of Vancouver”


“Awesome” Alfie beamed “Can’t wait”


“Sounds like a plan” I nodded getting up. I slipped my arms into my jacket “I’ll wait for you guys in the car” I picked up my purse and walked out


“Okay what did you say to upset her?” Ryan poked Chad “You didn’t get in her face again did you?”


“No she was fine when I left the bar… I asked if she was going to bed and she said she’d be up when she’d made a phone call” he shrugged as they all looked at the door that was closing behind me


“Who did she call?” Kerion asked quickly “I hope to god it wasn’t Dimitri”


“I don’t know” Chad shook his head. They all looked at each other and scrabbled to their feet running for the door tying to find out what I’d done the night before.


I slid into the warmth of the waiting car as my phone rang


Me * hello

Miranda * okay I tried calling you a zillion times last night

Me * so I had something going on

Miranda * Oooo did it involve a sexy man?


I started to laugh


Me * One track mind or what

Miranda * hey my best friend’s knocking boots with Kellan Lutz, I think I have the right to have a one track mind when I’ve actually spoken to him and got a hug from him


There was a giggle from her at the other end that meant trouble



Me * hey Mir you’re going off into one of your states again

Miranda * sorry… okay… again you said no padding right?

Me * Miranda… and no, there was no padding all well blessed in a large way.

Miranda * WOW….


There were a couple of deep sighs


Miranda * sorry… so what were you doing that you couldn’t tear yourself away from to talk to me if it wasn’t the Lutz?

Me * Well first hold on I’m sending you a picture


I forwarded the picture of me with Kellan from the photo shoot the same one I’d waved in Dimitri’s face. There was a squeal and a thud on the other end of the phone


Me * Mir you there?

Miranda * Damn you woman… that’s so damn hot it’s like soft porn

Me * oh jeez Miranda, it’s not….


I hung my head I could always count on her for the best comments


Miranda * just wait… Hey Xander what do you think to this?

Me * don’t give it to him……

Xander * EW…. Good god I need to boil my eyes and bleach my thoughts… that’s my cousin

Me * told you not to show him


I was laughing like an idiot


Miranda * okay maybe the wrong person…wait… hey Jackson Soft porn or EW?



I groaned and put my head between my knees as my best friend called over her brother


Jackson * Damn I need a cold shower and I want to be him… wait that’s Wisconsin and the Vampire guy

Me * Gee thanks Jackson

Jackson * you never looked like that at school damn girl

Me * well I think I’d have been suspended if I had turned up looking like that

Jackson * true… so you dating him?

Me * can I just talk to Miranda a minute guys please

Jackson * so that’s a yes… Ha in your face Carpov Chris upgraded


There was a sound of whooping and hands slapping in a high five in the background



Me * Jackson

Jackson * Sorry, here’s Mir

Miranda * Hey… I’ve taken you off speaker what’s wrong?

Me * Dimitri came to the hotel last night

Miranda * wow did he get his ass kicked


The shock in her voce stopped her happy tone in its tracks



Me * No, the guys were in the bar and didn’t see him but I certainly unloaded on him… I don’t think I really gave him the chance to say anything

Miranda * nice

Me * I didn’t cry in front of him, but then I was still on a high from the afternoon


The guys pilled in the car and looked at me, I smiled and shook my head at them


Miranda * Sex drugs and rock and roll

Me * No, you have to take the drugs from the equation

Miranda * you and Kellan again?


Okay for a brunette she was really blonde sometimes


Me * no Chad
Miranda * Say what?

Me * I’m kidding, yes Kellan

Miranda * Oooo but Chris can you imagine both of them… like a really hot delicious sexy stud filled sandwich YUM

Xander * HEY

Miranda * Ooops

Me * you’re crazy

Miranda * no your cousin’s holding out on me till winter formal next week ,we’re at one of the hotels in the city

Me * okay TMI

Miranda * sorry… so you over him?

Me * Yeah… I mean god he’s still good looking and the accent’s stronger now but I can’t go back there, I won’t go back to him

Miranda * good or we’d kick your ass, so what else is bugging you… you’re not knocked up are you?


I swallowed hard and took a deep breath


Me * Hell no… I need you and Xander to do something for me though

Miranda * sure

Me * Check on Jess for me… there’s some crap going on with both my Mom and Dad and I can’t talk to them ,but I don’t’ want Jess hurt in all of this

Miranda * sure I’ll go round after school and see if she wants to go the movies or something

Me * thank you… oh what were you trying to call me for by the way

Miranda * Reba’s getting to be a little rounder

Me * what you mean she eats more than a lettuce leaf a week

Miranda * no but put it like this, her and her sister have more in common now than just screwing Dimi

Me * okay what?

Miranda * Jeez you’ve been out of high school way to long if you’re not getting the hints



Lukas started to choke on his gum


Miranda * yup… another reason for Mr. Carpov to be sent to Siberia

Me * Damn… and it’s Moscow by the way

Miranda * who cares he’s got her knocked up and he’s been sent to the other side of the world.

Me * wow… does he know?

Miranda * I don’t know, I’ve left messages with Niko but I haven’t heard anything yet and he’s supposed to be back her for formal so I’ll try to find out

Me * okay, I have to go and I’m sorry I missed your calls yesterday

Miranda * hey getting kissed all over by Mr. Lutz is a perfect excuse… we love you Chris

Me * Love you too



 I hung up and looked round the car




“It’s scary when my Name gets mentioned and then a few sentences later the word pregnant” Chad pulled a face “I want a DNA test”


“Eaves dropping is naughty” I chucked


‘Okay so who’s knocked up?” Alfie prodded my knee “Come on it has to be someone good…” I nodded



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