Accent in the Spotlight

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Chapter 57 (v.1) - All the right reasons

Submitted: February 05, 2014

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Submitted: February 05, 2014



............... There was total silence in the limo before Kerion started to laugh making everyone look at him.


“Oh Karma’s such a bitch” he was almost crying with laughter


“Damn Chris, that could have been…” Alfie trailed off realizing what he was saying “Sorry”


“It’s okay, I know what you thinking’ I patted his hand


“Does he know?” Pete asked trying not to laugh like Kerion


“Miranda’s not sure she’s trying to find out”


“Wow that’s… Damn” Alfie whistled


“Okay… sorry to have to ask this” Mike said looking at the four of us “But what are you all talking about?”


“The girl that Dimitri was cheating on Chris with is pregnant” Kerion managed to get out before dissolving into a fit of giggles “Oh serves the bitch right” he wiped his eyes on his sleeves the limo pulled up to the arena and the guys started to get out laughing and messing around, Ryan and Chad hung back.


“You okay?” Ryan asked looking at me


“Yeah… I guess…” I nodded “It’s a shock that’s all… I know this sort of thing happens, but if Elena’s sent him away before he got to find out about this then its wrong” Ryan and Chad looked at each other, and sighed then looked back at me.


“You’re still using this too much Chris” Chad tapped his fingers on my chest over my heart


“No… I mean, he should know. He has a right to know if he’s going to be a Dad… I feel sort for him” I shrugged


“Oh we’re so taking you out to a field and shooting you” Ryan groaned “Remember last night, and the things you said to him about he couldn’t break you anymore” I nodded “He’s pulling at the heart strings Chris, and that’s only going to hurt you at the end of it all” He stepped out of the car, I looked at Chad.


“If you want to talk to him then do it” Chad sighed as he pushed his hand through his hair “But I will not let you go there alone, one of us will go with you” he was firm as he said it “and don’t use your phone to make the call okay” I nodded “Come on” he got out and waited for me I linked his arm as we walked inside and I went in to our dressing room. Alfie and Kerion were playing Rock band and Pete was sitting on the arm of the couch laughing at them.


“Hey Pete can I borrow your phone please?” I asked quietly


“Why?” he looked at me and frowned


“I need to make a call without leaving my number” he cocked his head and thought for a minute before throwing it to me. “Thank you” I walked out in to the hallway and leant on the wall in between the two dressing rooms and dialed.



Dimitri * what Pete?


At the sound of his voice I wanted to hang up, but the good in me knew I had to tell him he was getting screwed by his own Mother.

Me * It’s not Pete

Dimitri * CHRIS!


He sounded shocked


Me * yeah, it’s me

Dimitri * what you forget to say something last night?

Me * no… I said everything I need to. I heard something today that I don’t like

Dimitri * well sucks for you doesn’t it


There was hatred in his voice but something stopped him from hang up the phone on me


Me * no not really, it doesn’t affect me, it was to do with you

Dimitri * what?

Me * can we meet? I don’t want to do this over the phone

Dimitri * I guess


The curiosity in his voice had traded places with the anger


Me * well I’m at the arena, can you get here?

Dimitri * everything on your terms Chris is it?

Me * fine you know what, I was trying to do something that I think is right but screw you

Dimitri * Chris, I’m sorry I can be there in twenty minutes

Me * There’s a black tour bus at the side of the building I’ll in there

Dimitri * fine


The phone clicked, I took a deep breath and walked back into the dressing room were a fierce game of the Nickelback version of Rock band was going on and my guys were kicking Nickelback’s ass. I walked over to Lukas and Chad who were watching and laughing and I put Pete’s phone on the counter.


“You call?” Chad looked at me I nodded “When?”


“Twenty minutes” Chad looked at his watch and stood up and pulled on his jacket


“Okay what are you two up too?’ Lukas narrowed his eyes at us


“We’re trying to find something for my Mom’s birthday” Chad smiled as he grabbed my shoulders and turned me to the door and pushed me gently “We won’t be long” I walked out with Chad following me.


“What did he have to say?” Chad caught up to me


“I just told him I’d heard something that I didn’t like?” I chewed my lip


“And he agreed to meet you?” I nodded ‘Does he have a temper?”


“He can, but he’d never hit me” I shook my head as we got to the tour bus


“Well he’d better not or he won’t know what’s hit him” Chad pulled open the door and stepped back for me. I paced the floor as he made a pot of coffee “You don’t have to do this Chris, you don’t owe it to him or her for that matter” he was trying to be the voice of reason. He poured the coffee into two cups and leant against the counter


“I know I don’t” I stopped pacing and looked at him “But if you had a kid, or were going to have a kid, don’t you think you should know about it?” He sighed and nodded. The door knocked Chad walked over to the couch and sat down. I took a deep breath and opened the door Niko and Dimi were both there. I stepped back and stood by the table


“Hey” Niko smiled at me and hugged me as he got on, he stalled as he saw Chad sitting there. Niko looked at me and shook his head and went and sat down as Dimitri got on. He raised his eye brows as he saw Chad sitting drink his coffee


“Had to bring him did you” I opened my mouth to say something but Chad was on his feet


“No she didn’t. I told her she wasn’t going to meet you on her own” Chad snapped “After what you’ve done to Chris you’re lucky someone hasn’t torn you apart” I put my hand on Chad’s arm and shook my head he grabbed his coffee from the side and sat back down


“So… you wanted me here what is it” Dimitri looked at me


“When was the last time you spoke to Reba?” I picked up my coffee and took a drink


‘Why?” he seemed to roll his eyes


“D just answer her” Niko bit at him as he braced his elbows on his knees and rubbed the back of his neck


“Three weeks ago” Dimitri leant against the counter top opposite his brother “Why do you want to know, I’ll admit I fucked her and she was good” I heard Chad grind his teeth and the nerve in his cheek was twitching. Dimitri narrowed his eyes at me expecting a reaction to what he’d said. I held in the fact I wanted to empty the entire scalding pot of coffee over his lap and looked him in the eyes


“So you haven’t talked to her since you got here?”


“No” I looked at Niko he chewed the inside of his cheek and looked away


“You’re kidding me… you know?” I snapped “… For god sake Nikolai”


“Know what?” Dimitri demanded


“Mom told me not to say anything” Niko shrugged “I told her it was wrong, I told her that you had to know, but she told me I’d be living here as well if I said anything”


‘Jesus your fucking mothers is priceless” Chad chuckled shaking his head I looked at him


“Not helping” he held up his hand and shrugged


“I’ve tried calling Reba, but I can’t get through my cell works for family only on outgoing calls and believe me the Russian coverage is shit” Dimitri rubbed the back of his neck “Why?”


“Do you want to do this or do you want me to?” I looked at Niko


“Chris will you just tell me” Dimitri caught my arm and tugged me round


“Hey” Chad was in between us in a heartbeat “Don’t touch her” Dimitri held up his hands and stepped back.


“Reba’s pregnant” Niko blurted out. Dimitri’s eyes grew wide ‘Remember the night after we got home from Green Bay…” he shot me a look and then put his eyes on his brother “You and her hooked up”


“I remember” Dimitri nodded, I felt a warm hand rub my back and I glanced at Chad standing next to me, he gave me a slight smile. I looked back to Niko and Dimitri


“She thinks that was the night” Niko swallowed hard “It has to be yours because she wasn’t with anyone else… so she says”


“And Mom knew?” Dimitri’s voice shook a little


“She overheard Reba on the phone to the doctors while she was waiting for you to come home from practice and Mom confronted her” Niko sighed “I’m sorry D”


“Fuck” Dimitri slid down the cabinet doors and buried his face in his hands “What a mess” his voice broke. I crouched down and put my hand on his arm. “You must be loving this” he looked at me his eyes red and watery from the tears “I fuck you over because I can’t deal with this he gestured round him and at Chad “Karma’s a bitch right”


“Amen to that” Chad muttered


“Go home Dimi” I stroked his cheek “Go back to her… don’t mess this chance up… please try to make this work” I tried not to cry as he looked like a little lost kid “Get a place with her and don’t let the baby suffer for your mistakes… Forget what happened with us” I swallowed hard “One of those things we put down to experience and have to deal with” I pressed my lips to his forehead “Don’t let your Mom kill this” I whispered as he broke down sobbing I wrapped my arms round him and held him. He wasn’t the same guy I that I thought I was in love with he was the broken one now and I was the one rebuilding my life……………………



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